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#11 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:12 am

The female would bring out a shield of her own as she would go onto block the strikes aimed at her. As such occurred, Geralt observed a pocket dimension opening behind the female as a cannon would place itself to her left. With that, it would fire a blast towards the man. Instantly raising his shield up, he would let the blast impact on his shield, cancelling it. Unfortunately for him, as he put down the shield another blast would be launched at him, which would impact on him directly, sending him flying backwards.

The white wolf would land on ground with a hard thud. He honestly didn't think the female would be able to land a blow on him, but here he was all bloodied and bruised. His clothes were scattered as fresh wounds could be seen. Especially the large and bloody cut on the middle of his chest.

Standing up Geralt would crack his neck left, then right as he stretched himself a bit. He could feel the nanites in his body already acting up as the smaller wounds/cuts that he had suffered where already healed. What's left was the larger wounds that he had received and he knew that those wounds would also heal themselves in due time.

Stomping his foot on the ground, the white wolf would raise a thick layer of rock dust covering a full area of hundred feet in all directions. This was essentially in intention to blur the line of sight of the female. Thankfully, the white wolf had heightened senses as he would pinpoint the females spiritual pressure only to launch twenty two by two sized rocks at her in Bala speed. If she somehow dodges them, she would find a five by five sized boulder coming at her from her right looking to impact her and give her a cero worth of damage. Geralt would follow it by prędkość bogaing to her left, wherever she was, swinging his axe to her thigh area wanting to cut her up.

Techniques used:

Nanite Manipulation: Geralt's very bloodstream is primed with trillions of nanites, and due to such, he's able to regenerate any part of his body at will. For an example: if his arm were to get severed, the nanites inside him will reattach it in a matter of seconds, or completely grow him a new arm

Earth Manipulation: Geralt has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth, create walls/pillars and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

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#12 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:52 am

As she would finally land a hit on him, Natasha would grin releasing to her final state. She was pissed off and she was ready for this to end. She wouldn't necessarily be able to handle pulling things out of her dimension much longer, so she would just make it a habit to take out everything she could. As Geralt seemed to be picking himself up off the ground, her triple fuck off cannon would come falling out next to the cannon behind her to the right. Just after that, a fuck off balista would find itself falling out next to the cannon on the left. At this point, she was ready to begin her little antics, but would freeze watching Geralt heal. Was that something his kind could do? Like the espada? No, the espada didn't heal that quickly. What was that? She would find herself distracted before she would watch him stomp. Dust would rise from the ground blocking her view leaving her with a sigh as she would lower the visor from her head to her eyes. Trying to block her sight wasn't going to mean anything at this point.

Her canon again would shoot off two cero level blasts at the multiple sets of rocks coming in her direction potentially destroying them all, while simultaneously hoping Geralt would be caught in the blast. Then as the larger rock came at her, the canon would fire off its last cero level blast breaking the rock before it even reached her. Leaving the triple fuck off cannon to aim for Geralt shooting 5 bala level blasts at him as Natasha pulled out one pistol from her belt behind her. Whether he would come close up to her or not, she would fire off a total of 3 rounds from the one gun. If he managed to swing his axe at her, she would use her shield to dodge the swing at her hip before firing off 3 more shots aimed for his head. If he had been forced to stay at a distance, she would fire off her balista at him.


Sword= 1 post cooldown
Hammer= 1 post cooldown
Big bomb Canon= 3 posts cooldown
Double fuck off canon = 3 posts cooldown

Shield = In use
Fuck off canon= In use

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Balista
Description: Shoots Cero Level spear once per post

Ability Name: Triple Fuck Off Cannon
Description: Shoots 5 Bala per post.

Name: Visor
Effect: Much like the Cyber Eye 2000, it has night vision, acts like adjustable binoculars, infrared, meteorological data, decode computer information, discern the what other people are race wise (shinigami, vizard, etc.), flare suppressors, perceive how strong people are in the same fashion, detect spiritual pressure in a three mile radius (because it is not meant to last a person's lifetime, there are some limits to it compared to the Cyber Eye).

Name: Pistol
Effect: The gun(s) are made with special material that can block zanpakutou and harm spiritual beings, as well as the bullets for them. Each clip holds up to 12 rounds and the bullets are explosive, but not much (a mere six inch area of effect) and are as strong as a standard bala. They are accurate up to 100 yards. Max of two per person, up three clips per gun (not counting the one in the gun, so you would have a total of four clips for each gun.) Both guns are also semi-automatic. That cannot be changed.

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#13 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:36 pm

The females canon would shoot off two cero level blasts at the multiple sets of rocks that came at her. In which, would ultimately destroy the rocks then and there while Geralt would prędkość boga out of the way in a nick-of-a-time in order to avoid the remaining blast impacting on him. The boulder that came at the female from the side would also be destroyed while the canon beside her would go onto shoot five bala level blasts at the sinner. Bringing his shield upwards, the white wolf would let the blasts impact on it cancelling them.

Natasha would then use her pistol to fire 3 rounds at Geralt, which also would be blocked by him using his shield. And as he went to swing the axe at her thigh, the female would use a shield of her own to block the attack. As the axe and the shield collided with each other, the white would go on to turn his right foot a little bit to the side, as a sharp rock shard would shoot itself from the ground behind of the female, aiming to impale her back. The three more rounds of bullets that were aimed at the white wolfs head would be avoided by ducking instantly. But as of course, he would not stop there as instantly as he ducked he would emit a quick radial shock-wave attack outwards in all direction.

Geralt would then prędkość boga about ten feet backwards, creating distance between him and Natasha as he would go on to whisper the word "Pochwała Horus". And as soon as he whispered such a powerful tsunami, two hundred feet in height and wide across, taking the form of horses would come from him to strike at the female. It was time to end this once and for all. And if by any miracle Natasha were to survive the huge tsunami, the white wolf would whisper the word "Pochwała Horus" as an immediate mist would cover around the area of the female, including her, in all directions. Intending on giving second degree burns to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Techniques used:

Mgła of Horus:

Act II: When Geralt whispers the word "Pochwała Horus" a powerful tsunami (200-ft high and wide across) taking the form of horses (travelling at Cero speed) will come from him to strike at his enemies (damage worth of a Gran Rey Cero). 4CD.

Act I: When Geralt whispers the word "Horus" an immediate mist would cover a of 100-ft in all direction, which would lasts for 2 posts, giving the enemy (Geralt isn't affected) 2nd degree burns. 2CD.

Wściekłość of Bast: A quick radial shock-wave attack and sends them flying backwards with damage inflicted on them. The shock-wave (100-ft in all directions) travels in a speed of Cero, while giving 2 Cero worth damage to enemies. 2 CD.

Earth Manipulation: Geralt has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth, create walls/pillars and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

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#14 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:01 pm

The miracle that would save Natasha would come in the form of a young woman bursting through from the soul society, her outfit marking her as a shinigami, in fact the most powerful shinigami. Geralt had drawn the ire of the Captain Commander and was about to learn that he had made a huge mistake. She announced herself by promptly deflecting the boulder with a well place kick, sending it spiraling off uselessly into the ground, fluidly followed with a slash into the air with what looked to be the empty hilt of a sword in his direction, launching a torrential crescent of energy to face against his own attack, which quickly overpowered the wave of force and continued onward directly towards the sinner, threatening to cut him in two should he ignore it.

Should the man somehow manage to pull of his little trick, he would find it just as useless. His first attack would dissipate as it began, vanishing into nothingness by the girl's mere presence, and his mist would find a similar fate, though by way of a explosion of unparalleled power. Akane would pull Natasha close before she stabbed the blade to the ground, becoming the epicenter of a potent explosion that would erase the mist as it appeared. Leaving only destruction in it's wake.

"Sorry I'm late, are you alright?" Akane would figure she had something of a reprieve as the dust settled, revealing the devastation she could bring. "The others will arrive shortly, we end this now"

Techniques Used:
- Kinji Rareta Jimen - 100m Radius, Forbidden Kidou Damage
- Transcendence - Cancels spiritual based attacks (Gran Rey level)
- Shinseina Mikadzuki - Oscuras Damage

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#15 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:11 pm

The tsunami would collide with the crescent wave, cancelling both of them out. As for the mist and the energy-blast, well, female would release an explosion that would render both of the attacks useless. As for Geralt, he would activate his immobile shield to shield himself from the destruction that occurred. However, the force of the explosion was too powerful for the shield to handle, resulting in it cracking and leaking through. And what was left of the explosion, it would hit him directly. Blasting the white wolf through two buildings.

His right arm felt dislocated, while fresh wounds could be seen all over his body. Standing up slowly, the man would slowly take a few steps forwards, as he gathered his thoughts. It was time to retreat. The last thing he anticipated were the soul reapers to attack, and considering how apostasy and the Espada lacked in strength of arms, it was unwise to escalate things further.

Twitching his hand, the white wolf would open rift with flaming edges as he would enter it, while the rift closed behind him. Until next time...

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#16 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:22 pm

Akane watches as the man weighs his options, she was ready to continue here but she was very aware that any of her fights would end with further destruction, it isn't what she wanted. Her foe seemed damaged, the various abilities having caused a good amount of damage. Enough, it seemed, to have him retreat. Akane would sheath her blade, the weight of her spiritual pressure slowly lifting as the wisps of gold reishi dissipated around her. She took a deep breath and turned to Natasha. "Well, I guess he didn't want to fight after all... Oh well, better to end it quickly." She shrugged, after all she was just keeping her promise to the other leader, to assist should they ever be attacked.

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