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#1 [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:16 am

A large rift with flaming edges would crack open just below the layer of clouds high above the committee headquarters, in New York. Stepping out from it was a large, lean built male, with milky-white hair, towering a height of exactly six feet five inches. Scanning the area around him, the white wolf would close his eyes, only to take a deep breath. Opening his eyes slowly, he would exhale it all, as he would go on to speak, "So it begins..." He would utter to himself under his breath, as he knew the flames of war was upon him.

Spinning his axe on his right hand, the White Wolf would free fall downwards. Bringing the axe forwards, holding it using both of his hands, the man would slam the axe of set on the ground as he reached the earth, resulting in a large shockwave destroying every building around him, especially the committee headquarters. A huge crater itself was created below him, while the dust and rocks whipped violently pushing outwards and away from him. The white wolf knew that the collateral damage that he had created was enough to spark attention among the defenders of the human world. Now he just had to wait.

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#2 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:03 am

It had been a normal day and everything seemed to be going rather smoothly. Perhaps, things were going too smoothly. She had a few of her people spread out on business and a few were still wandering around the building. All in all, everyone was in the same relative area and not too far away. It was quiet and peaceful, even as Natasha was filling out important information and setting up meetings. Then, she would feel a spike of familiar spiritual pressure causing her to immediately jump to her feet and towards the window.

It was too late by the time she got there. The ground would shake and rumble almost as if it were an Earthquake. Natasha would find herself stumbling and toppling onto her knees. "Damn it!" She would growl before moving as fast as she could down the stairs of the building, well most of it. The building had been hit hard. It was damaged, a large chunk had collapsed off of it, and all she could do was hope that everyone inside was alright.

Using blur to the best of her abilities, Natasha would make her way towards the source of the pressure with a face of pure anger. Green eyes were horrified at the destruction and the fear that the people had as they ran away screaming. She knew there had to be people trapped in the rubble and she knew people had to have died. Except, there was nothing she could do in this moment for them. She had to stop this foul creature. "Finally fulfilling that promise, huh? Well, I'm ready to make you pay," Natasha would speak boldly as she stood tall before Geralt. She was going to protect as many people as she could and she wasn't going to lose to this man if she could help it.

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#3 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:40 pm

The white wolf looked at his surrounding as he witnessed panic and chaos run free all over New York. He would be lying if he said that seeing this destruction didn't put a smile on his face. But be that as it may, if there was one thing the White warrior knew for certain: it was that it won't be long until other boroughs of the city shared the same fate as this one.

The female came out to the light as she would look around in awe of what had taken place. Looking at the white one she would go on to say how the man had fulfilled his promise and how she was going to make him pay for it. Grinning, the man would speak, "I'm a man of my word. You should have listened to me when you had the chance - but no" He paused, " didn't give a damn about what I had to say, nor did you want to come to good turns with me...also it doesn't help that chance was not on your side on that day." Taking a step back, the White Wolf reach for his shield, which was attached to his back, as he would go onto wield it on is left hand. "Just remember that every death from now onwards will be on your hands." He would utter in a cold tone, pointing his axe at the woman. The woman's utter incompetence was going to cost her her life, maybe even everyone she ever cared about...

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#4 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Jul 15, 2018 8:50 pm

Natasha would roll her eyed with an unhappy smile as Geralt spoke about her and how she should have sided with him. "Oh, but if you're willing to throw this big of a fit over me saying no, then I regret nothing," she would laugh noticing that Geralt would take his stance, then she would reach her arm out into her own pocket dimension. "What's with the whole chance routine anyway? Nothing in this world is determined by something like that," she would speak as she would pull out her large "fuck off sword" so to speak.

As soon as the dimension closed off, Natasha would rush towards Geralt swining her sword at the side of his hip opposite of where his shield was being held. She would take responsibility for whatever happened and the lives that were in danger due to her organization. However, she knew the one truly at fault was the one willing to take those lives with no remorse nd all because what? She had told him no?

techs and stuff:

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Sword
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

Ability Name:Enhanced Strength
Description: 6X Strength Boost

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#5 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:16 am

The female would rush towards the white wolf, swinging her sword towards the right side of his hip. Immediately back-stepping, the man who would pivot to his right, bringing the shield to the direction where the sword would impact. The two objects would go onto collide, resulting in a huge bang. The force from the sword was strong enough to push the wolf backwards, however, he would place his right foot back, in which would apply some pressure to the front, balancing the force evenly. As he did such, the wolf use his free hand to swing his axe, aiming it at the females head.

If the female were to dodge the attack, the man would prędkość bogs to her left, keeping some distance between them, he would swing his axe in direction of the female as a barrage of rocks would charge at her. Without wasting time, the white wolf would stomp his foot on the ground, as four three by three sized rocks would crack up from the ground only to blast towards the female. What is unique about this attack is that, even if the four rocks blasted at the same time, they wouldn't go to collide at her at the same time as well. The man would manipulate the rocks to charge at her in different ways. The first rock would charge at her directly, and if the female dodges it a rock would be coming at from her right, then from the front again followed by a rock from the left.


Earth Manipulation: Geralt has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth, create walls/pillars and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

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#6 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:56 am

Natasha would look rather angry as she was now gritting her teeth with the collision of the sword and shield. The bang had echoed out for as far as the buildings had been destroyed and she could still hear the terrified screams of people as they still attempted to flee the scene. How could she have let something like this happen? She had seen his power before, but she seemed to have let it slip her mind. Then again, they didn't have any way to predict the attack, nor to prevent it from happening. Natasha wasn't going to look for war, but it seemed it had been brought to her city, her doorstep even. However, now wasn't the time to kick herself. No, she would be kicking someone else into the dust the moment they hit the ground. She could tell her strength was superior as she felt the man sliding under her pressure.

As an axe came at her head, Natasha would duck not having to duck very far considering her height was much shorter than his own. However, she would be forced to use Blur to escape his next attack at her from the left, while also missing the barrage of rocks, just barely. Green eyes would glare as she watched multiple large rocks coming at her. She would dodge the first rock by moving to the right, then she would move forward dodging the second. However at this point, she had already gone into her secondary stage and managed to pull out her giant hammer. She would swing it directly at the rock coming for her front breaking it into pieces before using blur heading straight for Geralt once again as the last rock would miss her. If she managed to make it to him, she would swing her hammer down on him while swinging her sword simultaneously at his right side.


Sword= 1 post left

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Hammer
Description: Last 3 posts with a 3 Post cooldown

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#7 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:56 pm

The female would dodge the attack that was aimed at her head. She would then use blur to dodge the barrage of rocks as well as two rocks that came at her. Afterwards she would take out a giant hammer of sorts as she would go onto break the rock that directly came at her, as she would move towards the man, missing the forth rock.

The white wolf saw the female coming at him as she would go onto strike the hammer at him, while simultaneously aiming the sword to the right side of the white warriors body. In an instant, inches away from the sword and the hammer making contact with him, the white wolf would radiate a quick burst of energy outwards from him all directions. If the burst of energy made contact with the female it would not only send her flying backwards, but also inflict damage to her worth of two ceros. If things go the way they were intended, Natasha would not even know what hit her. If she did manage to escape what was coming at her, it would be a miracle. An act of God itself.

Assuming the attack did impacted on her, the white wolf would prędkość boga to wherever she fell, while swinging his axe down at the females chest-area through the prędkość boga. Regardless the outcome, the white wolf would go onto swing his axe at the direction of the female - the axes tip scraping the ground as it motioned - as long, sharp, rock shards would unearth from the ground to strike at Natasha.

Techniques used:

Wściekłość of Bast: A quick radial shock-wave attack and sends them flying backwards with damage inflicted on them. The shock-wave (100-ft in all directions) travels in a speed of Cero, while giving 2 Cero worth damage to enemies. 2 CD.

Earth Manipulation: Geralt has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth, create walls/pillars and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

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#8 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:08 am

Natasha was so close to getting him. She had him right where she wanted him, but that would soon be all gone. A burst of energy would emit from his body and the woman would be sent flying as she would let out a groan. Her sword had been knocked from her hand, however it would quickly disperse back into her pocket dimension. She would land feeling the burning sensation in her chest feeling a but relieved that the Committee made suit protected her so well against the damage that had been inflicted on her. Nonetheless, it still hurt very bad and she was still burnt well on her flesh. She would grit her teeth as she would soon see Geralt standing over her.

His axe would be set on coming at her chest, however she would find herself rolling away from his attack in a weak attempt leaving her hammer to disperse in her wake. Except as she would roll, her hand would reach into the ground where her pocket dimension was open and she would pull out quite the big bomb of a Canon. As she would find herself on one knee, Natasha would fire off a blast the strength of a Cero Oscuras itself at Geralt just a few small feet away from her. Inherently, this would be enough to take out the rock shards that were coming at her from his direction as well.


Sword= 3 post cooldown
Hammer= 3 post cooldown

Ability Name:Big Bomb Cannon
Description: Launches Cero Oscuras, takes Cero Oscuras to destroy, 5 post cooldown once destroyed.

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#9 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:22 pm

The attack would impact on her, sending her flying backwards. As for the attack the man had aimed at her chest, the female would roll away, avoiding it. Natasha would then take out a cannon as she would go onto aim it the white wolf, only to fire it. Knowing this was not going to end well, the man would instantly activate his shield, as an immobile circular force-field would form around himself. With that...came the blast.

The rock shards that he had launched at her was disintegrate due to colliding with the cannon's blast. As for the forcefield itself, it would crack as the force was too overwhelming for it to bare. Ultimately, the blast would crack through the said shield, as the force would now go onto impact on the white wolf. Before it could do such, the man would bring his handheld shield forwards, making the force impact on the shield. What was honestly interesting about this was the fact that the remaining force that hit the white ones shield would deplete itself then and there disappearing. Why? Well, because of the fact that the blast being in a weaken state when it directly hit his handheld shield. Most of the power of the blast was depleted when it hit the forcefield, in which, the force was not powerful enough to go through breaking the white wolfs handheld shield.

The white wolf would bring his shield downwards as he would use his earth manipulation cover his hands with rocks, basically making him look like he's wearing rock gloves. Without wasting any time the wolf would prędkość boga infront of the female, in melee range, as he would go onto aim six quick punches, using both of his hands, at the females chest, abdomen and face. The first two punches would be aimed at her chest, then the man would kick the side is her leg, in an attempt to immobilize her, as he would aim another two punches at her abdomen, and finally the fifth punch at her face, while the sixth would be an uppercut aiming at under her lower jaw. The punches aimed at Natasha would be coming at her hard and fast. The rock gloves itself would give the white warrior an edge to strike more harder, in which, his opponent would receive more damage compared to a regular punch.

Be that as it may, the last uppercut aimed at under her jaw would unfold differently. In what way, you may ask? Simply, the force the man used to strike her would send the female flying straight upwards, if it connects with her that is. In which in reaction, the man would grab her by both of her legs instantly - before she was sent to the sky - only to slam her face first on the ground hard.

Techniques used:

Osiris's zbroja: Geralt can create an immobile circular force-field area around himself that could withstand damage up to a Gran Rey Cero. Anything stronger than that would directly hit him. 4CD.

Earth Manipulation: Geralt has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth, create walls/pillars and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

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#10 Re: [Event] Devil's Choir on Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:27 am

She wasn't quite sure how he had dodged it, but she knew that he hadn't moved from his spot. At first, the blast could be seen going around in what seemed to be a dome shaped, probably a forcefield of some tyoe. Then, it could be seen hitting him directly before it would dissipate showing his shield. So, it was strong than it look. No matter, she would bring out a shield of her own as he came in for a few strikes at her. She would block every hit with her shield before two canons would be dragged out of her pocket dimension behind her.

At the range the canons sat, she could effectively hit Geralt, even if he was attacking her at melee range. If he continued to strike at her or not would not matter, for 3 cero's worth of blasts would emit from the canon behind her to the left. Shortly after, a Gran Rey powered blast would also release itself towards Geralt on her back right side. Her body would still ache and throb as the burns on her were still fresh, however she would hardly be focused on that as she awaited the fate of Geralt.


Sword= 2 post cooldown
Hammer= 2 post cooldown
Big bomb Canon= 4 post cooldown

Ability Name: Giant Fuck Off Shield
Description: Stationary. Shield.
Cero: 1 post cooldown
Gran Rey: 4 post cooldown.
Cero Oscuras: 5 post cooldown.
Forbidden Kidou: Cannot Block

Ability Name: Fuck Off Cannon
Description: Fuck Off Canon that can take 3 cero's worth of damage and can fire 3 ceros per post. 3 post cooldown when destroyed.

Ability Name: Fuck Off Double Cannon
Description: Another cannon appears and once every 3 posts it can launch a Gran Rey Cero level blast. Needs a Gran Rey to be destroyed And 4 posts to bring it back once destroyed.

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