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#1 [Private] He Looks For Trouble This Time on Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:20 pm

Japan, Japan, Japan… Winderlin rarely came here but all the time he did come here it was for a purpose. And this time was no fucking different from the rest. Like why the hell is it always him. He never seems to catch a break through any of it. He joined the committee to help people. Not to chase everyone and everything out there. Like at this point he wanted to schedule sick days or time off or just some damn vacation hours but even then hollows, sinners, other bitch things could still come and get Winderlin so what was the point. He walked around the great country of Japan and began asking around if they knew anyone by the name of Pallas. He had heard of tales and stories of this half man half horse but he wanted to see it for himself and the only way to do that was by meeting him.

He spent about an hour of just walking around and failing miserably at finding this man, like how hard could it be before he could find one person, no matter what the situation is, HE ALWAYS STRUGGLES TO FIND THE PERSON. He sighed before walking into a coffee shop and ordering him a Frappuccino because nothing else cheers him up but those delicious drinks. The coffee wasn’t completely filled with people which have Winderlin an idea. “DOES ANYONE KNOW A MAN NAME PALLAS!” He shouted in the coffee shop. He knew it was the fast way to ask more then one person.

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#2 Re: [Private] He Looks For Trouble This Time on Sun Jul 15, 2018 5:50 am


Pallas was in the coffee shop that Winderlin had walked into. Well, above it that is. He seemed to have found a place to stay above the cafe for now. Pallas was sleeping lightly when he heard a commotion below. He had heard his name. Or so he hoped since his name was not that common. Groaning as he got, slowly dressed and headed downstairs. Knowing that most of his contacts are not that stupid he wondered just who would be yelling for him. He yawned and greeted the owners who handed him his usual.

If Winderlin was paying attention he would notice some customers pointing right at Pallas since they knew who he was by name only. If he looked to the opposite side of the cafe he would see a semi short man with shockingly white hair wearing a black pair of pants, a pair of black boots, a white shirt, and a long black leather coat drinking a Mocha Frappe. Pallas would look at Winderlin once he felt that he was not a normal human and wonder if it was he who was looking for him. Should Winderlin be looking at him still he’d motion for him to join Pallas at a secluded booth at the back of the cafe. Pallas would move there and sit, waiting to see if he would be joined.

#3 Re: [Private] He Looks For Trouble This Time on Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:17 am

Winderlin after making a big fuss over this Pallas person notice a few people giving him looks and then others slightly looking in the opposite direction of Winderlin pointing at someone. Winderlin turned around to see a boy, he didn’t look too bad when it came to dressing himself. Winderlin himself had a very distinct style of dressing and it was shocking to see someone with similar taste. It reminds Winderlin that he needed to go by some more converse combat boots. WInderlin went into a deeper thought of clothes but quickly snapped out of it noticing that the boy was calling him over to a booth. WInderlin followed slipping his own drink of the cafe and took a seat.

“You are probably wondering why I called you or why I’ve been searching for you. Well, the answer is quite simple. You have tales and stories of how strong you are and I want to test that out. I’m part of an organization… In this org, I must Capture and Control beings who are lost or first discover their powers and begin to hurt others. Sparing with someone of your skill would be fun and maybe insightful for the both of us…” Winderlin says as he waves his right hand under the table for a second and slams a Water Knife on the table. “Are you in?

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#4 Re: [Private] He Looks For Trouble This Time on Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:43 am


Pallas took a long pull of his drink and watched as the person he thought was calling for him walked over and sat down. Pallas had to admit that Winderlin had good taste in clothes at least. It also seemed he was not one to waste any time either. He knew that his stories reached far and wide but he didn’t think it’d raise the attention of any organization, much less one that would want to capture or control him. Like Donovan,he was a free spirit. The man then proposed a spar. Pallas thought that was it until he slammed a water knife right down on the table. He then said, ”Are you in?”

Pallas had to admit he was curious about the knife. He’d not seen one like this before and wondered how a boy his age could have gotten it. He went to pick it up but as soon as his hand grabbed the hilt his hand felt as if something were wrong. It hurt and some steam could be seen rising from where Pallas held the knife. He quickly let it go, the knife falling to the table. ”That’s some knife you have there buddy. But I think your moving a bit fast. You see, you know my name but Ive no idea what your name is. I’d also like to know this “organizations” name before we go anywhere. I also don’t normally go anywhere unless I’m paid well or you have a just reason to. Give me what I want an maybe I’ll be kind enough to give you what you want, cat boy.”

When Pallas said the word organizations he’d use the quote fingers. He also meant that last little bit to be an insult. Weather Winderlin took it that way or not it was up to him. Pallas would wait for his response while wiping down his sore hand.

#5 Re: [Private] He Looks For Trouble This Time on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:13 am

Winderlin’s face went a little confused and he slightly cocked his head to the side for a bit. He was bit curious on the boy. Most people just want to fight or willing join. No one ever really asked questions or really cared who he was. But shocked him the most was that he tried to grab the knife. No one as ever tried to touch the knife in all of Winderlin’s life. No one ever really tried to touch his water make objects before either. It was a strange and just like bizarre but he quickly snapped out of it when he heard cat boy. He snapped his fingers causing the knife to turn into water vapor and soaked the table.

“My name is Winderlin Young.... Not cat boy.” He said as his cat ears laid down. He didn’t feel angry about the name but more hurt. “This Organization I’m in is called the Committee. We are a org that helps newcomers with their abilities, protect the world of the living from hollows and other bad guys, and we have a research team that makes new things and discover new things.” Winderlin said dipping his finger into the little puddle of water and making a water spout under his fingers. He felt like he explained himself pretty well and was now awkward so this was his only coping technique. “Any other questions?”

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#6 Re: [Private] He Looks For Trouble This Time on Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:45 am


Pallas listened quietly to what Winderlin had to say. Pallas had heard enough from the boy but still enjoyed his insult on him. Being where he was he’d be able to call cats to him and possibly get Winderlin among them should he get the chance. He was brought back to reality when asked any other questions. Pallas blinked and looked at what Winderlin was doing. It was a neat trick and all, but now Pallas was curious. He quickly finished his drink and stood. ”No other questions. But i do know of a good place to spar. Follow me if you can.”

With that Pallas would walk out of the stop an use his bringer light to get up above the buildings. After that Pallas would head out of town to an area that was just grass and no other people around. Pallas had fought here before and knew this was a safe place to spar with Winderlin. He’d wait for the cat boy to make his appearance and allow him to start.

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