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Winderlin was rushing out of the Committee headquarters. He normally did this any day of the week because he was always tired from work but this time was a bit different. He was sent out to go and capture a child, a boy, who had been spotted near a park in New York City. He didn't know much about the case but that he was getting out of hand and he needed to take care of asap before he exposed us all and or hurt someone. Winderlin thought as he was running through the streets that there had to be a faster way to the damn park, he was like another 20 mins on foot, then it clicked. He was wearing his favorite green outfit of black ripped skinny jeans and his green ripped shirt hoodie. He threw over his hood to cover his face and quickly jumped 25 feet in the air and start to air platform through the air to reach the park quickly.

After 5 mins or so Winderlin made it to the park. He landed in the center of everything and scanned around to see if he could see anything strange or out of the ordinary. ”HELLO?? Is the any little kid he who is scared and has strange powers…. I prefer you just come out so I don’t have to force you out..” Winderlin said feeling a bit bad about what he said because you know that probably just scared the child even more.

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Aiden was on one of his usual walks. Watching the people and observing. Today however something abnormal happened. Aiden was merely walking past the park when something else appeared. Something huge that he had never seen before. It was like a black silhouette with a white boney mask as a face. Aiden had never seen anything like it before. It looked humanoid like, but if humanoid included extensive muscular curves. It's fists alone the size of tires.Aiden was petrified. He had taken fighting classes, but nothing he ever learned could have prepared him for this monstrosity. To make matters worse for him, the monstrous thing was seemingly after him. Charging right for him, its feet pressing large black footprints in the grass.

Aiden, still petrified, unable to move or react or anything. Suddenly the monster was right on top of him, about to pounce. To everyone else it seemed like just an earthquake or something believable. They seemingly couldn't see what Aiden saw. His life flashing before his own eyes in this moment. Feeling, believing, accepting for whatever reason that he was about to be no more.

As his life flashed, all he saw was glimpses of the little family he had left and that he had lost. The home he had always lived in. And emptiness. Lonliness. Regret. The desire that if he somehow did survive that he would want to do more with what he is so graciously neglecting. The gift of life. He, in that moment only wishes that he had done more, for himself, and everyone. He always walked and watched, seeing everyones' problems and issues and never for a second thinking to help anyone. Shame. All in that moment, everything he felt corrupted into shame. There was no point tho. He had no hope to survive or live on past this unexplainable occurrence.

Stunned. Paralyzed with fear. Aiden now accepted the shame and regret.. and death.

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Winderlin looked around. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for. He just knew he had some job he needed to complete which was a pain in the ass. It was always him, even though he’s the second scout and there are other people who could do this... it’s always him. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he was pretty sure that the little boy and the Hollow was something that should be taken care of. Wasting no time. Winderlin uses his air abilities to quickly run up to the beast and did a good Air Kick to the face sending the creature flying. Winderlin needing to remove the kid quickly snapped his fingers and raised his hand sending the child into a box of air and into the air.

The Hollow ruffled around a bit and made noises before he notices who kicked him. “God you things get uglier and uglier each time I see you all. But I can’t be super mean. I mean Thor might kill me.” Winderlin said joking since him and the strange became great friends many many times ago. Winderlin then sighed knowing he had to get this over with and couldn’t waste any time. He blew out a long-winded breath causing the ground underneath him and majority of the park to freeze into ice. Winderlin flared at the Hollow before it came running at him. Winderlin just chuckled as he glided along the ice to avoid the attack and rose the ice into one spike, going right through the creature. Then another ice spike formed and another and another another and another. Winderlin used all the ice from the floor to create spikes until the Hollow was covered in them. It fell slumped to the ground with all the ice shattering into shards. Most of Winderlin’s finishes were really pretty. He sighed once more, still not really happy about how this was going, he lowered the box down before waving over it to stop the air and stared at the child in front of him.

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