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#1 [Private] Finally! Another Woman. on Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:17 am

Well she had already met Ika, who had been quite a bit of help lately she had to admit. She had heard about him and his little training sessions or spars or whatever he wanted to call them around the organization. She didn't believe that when they had met that he would be of any help to her, nor did she think he would be anywhere near her organization as much as he was. She had also already met Geralt, who was everything she had expected him to be and by no means was that anywhere near charming. He had threatened her and then left. So, she decided it was about time to meet another one of her so called peers. This could go one of two ways or perhaps even right down the middle.

Natasha had asked for a meeting with the Captain Commander of the shinigami. She hadn't had any sort of quarrels with them, however she still didn't completely trust them. Then again, she didn't really seem to trust anybody much at all, unless they were of the same race as she. So, she had called for the meeting to be in a small cafe of sorts secluded from the masses. It was very cozy and decorated in a sort of light, cabin manner. The tables looked as if they were the trunks of trees sliced out and the chairs were just the same, obviously much smaller. Natasha had ordered a coffee with a bit of cream and barely any sugar. Now, she was just to wait.

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#2 Re: [Private] Finally! Another Woman. on Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:38 am

Akane wasn't used to the gigai that had been provided to her, it helped her blend in at least, hiding her spiritual energy from any hollows that would inevitably be drawn to it. The strangest part though was coming back to the human world after so long, it didn't seem like too much had changed really, but it all seemed so foreign. Regardless, she gathered her thoughts as she strolled into the cafe where she was told the leader of the Committee would be waiting for her. Taking little time to find her in the thankfully rather empty shop, the red-head would carefully walk up and offer a polite bow to her new acquaintance.

"You must be Natasha, it's good we get to finally meet" taking a seat opposite before properly introducing herself, "My name is Akane Makishima, Captain Commander. I'm glad we could meet today" Mostly, because it finally gave her the chance to get out of her office and away from the others, a nice relaxing meeting sounded great, she could only hope things would go over smoothly here, the Gotei did need all of the help it could get after all.

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#3 Re: [Private] Finally! Another Woman. on Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:50 am

It didn't take very long for the shinigami to show up as could be heard by the light ringing sound the door made when opened. Green eyes would look up to be met by a young looking.. woman? Her hair was bright red and her eyes were dazzling. Natasha was taken aback by the woman, especially as she politely bowed to her, which again was odd to her. Still, she wouldn't comment on the bowing because she was becoming more and more used to it as she began to realize quite a few people were accustomed to it.

The woman would take a seat as Natasha hadn't expected her to do so easily and she would introduce herself. Yep, this woman was definitely who she thought. However, she was so much different than Natasha pictured her to be. She expected someone older, stuck up, traditional, and not so bright. It was a nice change from all the sausages she had met. Natasha would straighten her posture as she would break her gaze and reposition her eyes on the woman's face. Clearing her throat the green haired female would speak, "Ah. Yes. As you already know, my name is Natasha, Leader of the Committee. Feel free to have whatever you'd like." Her voice wasn't the most cheerful, nor was it anywhere near high pitched. However, it wasn't dull of emotion like it normally was.

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#4 Re: [Private] Finally! Another Woman. on Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:31 am

The Captain Commander was certainly the youngest person to ever take up her current rank, generally it took years to even begin talking with someones zanpakuto let alone master it completely. While she did lack some of the experience in leading that some of the other captains would have. Mostly she had been given this position because of the sheer power she held. Regardless, she was also pleasantly surprised that there was someone her own age who had been given a position just as important as her own.

"Thank you" She nodded, ordering herself a coffee despite not really being a big fan of the stuff, it would be rude to turn away a gift after all and thankfully it wouldn't be too long until her order arrived. "So.. I understand you wanted to meet today? Might I ask why?" She couldn't really be sure, after all it was the first time she had ever been aware of The Committee until recently, so it was going to be hard to figure out what they might want.

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#5 Re: [Private] Finally! Another Woman. on Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:39 am

Natasha would nod as the Captain Commander thanked her and she would take a sip of her own coffee. The woman would order and soon enough it would come out. Then, the question Natasha had been waiting for would come out of Akane's mouth. Green eyes would look up from the drink she had been running a spoon through and towards the one that she was beginning to realize may relatively be around her age. Then, she would lean forward placing her arms across the table top in front if her.

"If I'm informed correctly, a shinigami's goal so to speak is to purify hollows, souls, and things of the like. This helps with the protection of balance and peace and whatever. As we're both well aware, you all, for the most part, have been around for more years than us humans can fathom, which means you all have more experience than we do. Our goal at the Committee is to protect the living humans, which in turn helps the shinigami anyway," Natasha would speak before she would lean back crossing her arms over her chest. "Well, recently, we've run into some trouble with a group called the Apostasy. They're a group said to be dedicated to the "living dead" so to speak and if they're smart, they will have already looked to the Espada to help them. I personally turned them down and now I fear they're after my organization. Now, I'm not asking gor you to fight my battles alongside me, however I am simply asking for an alliance of sorts." The woman would stop before sighing and taking a sip of her coffee once again. She wasn't sure what would come of this meeting. She wasn't sure how this Captain Commander would react. So, she would give her time to think over all that Natasha had just brought to light.

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#6 Re: [Private] Finally! Another Woman. on Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:04 pm

Akane would take an idle sip of her coffee and nod at the other woman's first statement, she was right of course, the shinigami existed to keep the balance. "Of course, and a part of that was to protect the human world. Times change I suppose, it seems humanity has learned to better defend itself" Though that might have always been the case, Akane was hardly an expert in the history of Soul Society and their doings, in fact she was really a few years younger than Natasha herself, so maybe the Committee was older than she could have thought.

The next bit was troubling though... apostacy? That didn't sound good, and she certainly didn't need another group of wrongdoers to worry about in their current situation. It was good to hear that the Committee was going to work against them however. "That is troubling... More-so if they plan to ally with the Espada" Though that group was going to be in a similar trouble to the Gotei, well unless their numbers had been bolstered since the last conflict. "Well, I think this would be beneficial for everyone, an alliance is better than I could have hoped for" When she had arrived, she was expecting a spiel about saying out of the living world, that they were no longer needed. "Our numbers are not what they used to be, so I can't promise absolute protection. But if we can help in any situation, I will see to it we do whatever we can" Akane would place down her drink and offer a hand to shake in some form of agreement.

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