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#1 The Neko and the Inspiring Teen on Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:05 pm

Winderlin was walking around the city of New York like he normally did on any given day. But this time he was heading to a very specific place and to a place he normally tries to avoid or hates being called to. But before he did any of that he did what he does on most saturdays. He stopped at his favorite café. The line was a bit longer than it normally is which somewhat irritated Winderlin’s nerve a bit but he patiently stood in line before remembering he got a free drink of his Starbucks App. He stepped out of line and unlocked his phone typing 060218. He quickly went to the app and customize an order for himself. It was a Trenta shaken tea with a splash of pineapple and a bit of lemonade and added fresh lemon slices and he decided to get an old fashioned donut and lemon iced cake both heated up. It took a bit longer then he wanted but when the barista notice Winderlin the entire staff asked why the change of drink and he shrugged before thanking everyone and leaving.

He made it to the Committee headquarters shortly after only taking a few bites of his cake and sipping a bit of drink and still holding the donut. He was looking for a particular person. He felt that he should start getting use to all members here. ”TOSHINORI!?? Winderlin started to shouted looking for the young teen.

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