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#1 [Private] The Trainee Becomes the Trainer on Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:37 pm

Winderlin wasn’t completely sure why he had done this but he did and it was gonna be a totally different adventure for him. They had revived a new of the Committee and since Winderlin is the second scout of the Center of Capture and Control he thought it would be pretty neat to see how well this newcomer was. He waited in the in the main lobby at headquarters. It reminded him of his first day of the committee and battling with Maki and Sakota to even join this organization. Once the other male walked in, he would notice a smiling Neko male standing in the middle of the lobby wanting to greet him. He would refer himself as Winderlin and give his ranking and title here as he walked toward a room. It was the same room that he had trained with Maki in. Once in the room Winderlin thought it would be fun to tease his new friend.

”So you are the new fresh meet around these parts. It’s nice to finally meet you. Welcome to the simulator training room thingy…. to be quite frankly I’m not sure what it is or how it works completely, but even been in here enough to know that the rocks, dirt, trees, and little lake water is completely real. But I mean I guess you didn’t accept my training invite to learn about the technology and coolness of this place. Since you are the inviteee… is that even a word? I’ll let you make the first move.” Winderlin said looking at the male in front of him. He could tell that he was a little out match by strength wise but he was hoping he could make up for it in strategy and observation. He stood with his arms next to his sides and nice smirk on his face.

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After pacing the busy streets of New York a lot more than he would've preferred to, Sakata finally happens upon his destination. He enters the headquarters of the Committee, immediately gazing about with a relatively curious expression upon his youthful facial features. Sakata's mostly dressed up with black jeans, and a matching button-up shirt he's opted to leave open, revealing the white t-shirt below. Simple enough for him.

It isn't until Winderlin greets him and introduces himself that Sakata's gaze shifts away from the rest of his surroundings to the male. With an understanding bob of his head, the Kishima ultimately remains silent, following him into the training room. Once more, he begins to look around at his surroundings with a watchful eye, intrigued by the mention of it being simulation-based.

After Winderlin's finished his explanation, Sakata nods his head. He finally parts his lips, speaking in response.

The male raises his right leg briefly, arching it for a moment. Then he slams it down, stomping the ground and freezing water vapor beneath his foot. In one instant, dulled spikes of ice start to charge toward the neko male before him, growing taller as they progress. Sakata's still well within visibility as they progress, maxing out at about three feet tall.

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Winderlin confused when the male in front of him stomped his foot but that confusion quickly turned to shock when he realized that he had control of ice.. or water. This was gonna be a very strange match but Winderlin didn’t have time to think about that. He quickly raised his hands up to form a water pillar that rose him up to avoid the ice spikes and has they passed through the pillar Winderlin snapped his fingers freezing the pillar with the spikes along in them. He looked down to see a spike right underneath him. “Well Damn. I see I have to be a bit more careful, you nearly got me on that one.” Winderlin said laughing and smirking. “Water and ice, this is gonna make for a very fun match”

Winderlin quickly backflipped of the pillar and waved his arms in a spiral motion to create an air funnel to hold him up right. He hovered at the top of the pillar before air punching the piece of and going lower punching the pillar into six different blocks and hurling themselves toward the male in front of him. He landed back on the ground and quickly took water vapor from the air around him and formed a double blades sword and froze it. He knew he couldn’t play around with stranger, he meant business.

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Sakata allows silence to conquer him as he watches for his opponent's reaction, gauging what he'd do for the time being. Upon watching the pillar of water rise, the Kishima quickly registers that as one of his abilities: the usage of water. The ice darting along the ground is ultimately caught in the pillar of water as its frozen, giving Sakata the assumption that he too, can utilize water. "Huh." The brunette remarks in simplicity, keeping his analytical gaze upon Winderlin. In what looks to be a sudden gust, the ice pillar is split apart, with a total of six sections being sent throttling towards him. Not wanting to reveal the second half of his abilities just yet, Sakata holds off for now.

His caramel gaze is replaced with an icy blue visage as he decides to tap into his abilities once more, allowing what resembles a myriad of icicles forming like a crown upon his forehead, jutting upright in various directions. Sakata kicks it into high gear, practically flash-freezing the ground beneath his soles as he starts to jog off to the right. Upon closer inspection, the ice spreads out from the point of freezing and forms into a path just thick enough for the Kishima to traverse upon. He slides along the edge of it as it progresses, collapsing beneath him to provide support as the rest of it elevates into the air.

It twists and turns promptly as he skates along it, ascending around five meters into the air as he continues watching his opponent, having narrowly avoided the half-dozen projectiles propelled towards him by air. 'Something like an invisible force knocked those forward. Wind? Or is that a result of physical strength?' He continues trying to gauge the neko's abilities mentally.

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#5 Re: [Private] The Trainee Becomes the Trainer on Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:14 am

After watching this boy’s quick advancement through all the ice he knew he wasn't messing with any average Joe here. He needed to quickly and carefully. He knew that they shared somewhat of an ability together, ice. But Winderlin could do so much more than just ice. He cracked his knuckles and smiled before he decided to make this a fair fight. Winderlin raised both of his arms causing water vapor from the air and grass around him to rise up. He then snapped his right hand causing all the now created water/rain to fall onto the grass. Winderlin smiled for a second before touching the wet grass making an ice field. It gave his opponent an up as well but with his water and air together he was in his turf now.

”Pretty cool, ain't it!” Winderlin shouted as he stomped his feet into the ice slightly now becoming one with the ice itself. He slowly started to skate around the ice field before stopping at looking at the boy in the air again. ”So we have similarities... This is gonna be one hell of a fight.”. And with that statement, Windelrin began skating throwing a total of 10 water darts at the boy. He knew the boy could easily dodge them but that wasn't what his true intentions where

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Winderlin's remark about his demonstration is one that goes without a response. He simply continues to analyze the male's ability, watching as the ground around him begins to freeze rapidly as a result of the physical contact affirmed, causing the water he'd formed to convert in an instant. Part of him was waiting to see if Winderlin would try to revert the ice path that Kishima had made into a water path, to force him to fall.

On another hand, he also thought back to when the water wall was frozen with the clusters of ice in it, to prevent said clusters. Maybe Winderlin's ability could only turn water to ice, and not the other way around? Or perhaps... it was limited to his own? These thoughts are promptly interrupted as the total of ten darts composed of water are sent zooming on toward Sakata right as he begins to descend, letting his ice path slope down.

As soon as he hops off of it, his increase in speed has come to a standstill. He's quick to thrust his foot firmly into the ground, causing another cluster of ice to thrust up in front of him. It rushes forward yet again, this time easily about six feet tall, and around three feet in width--effectively concealing Sakata from this positioning. He mostly has to weave about to avoid the darts, but even then the number forces him to be grazed along his forearms and sides of his torso, assuming they possess enough force for that.

Now he waits, continuing to test out Winderlin's ability. It was important to know an opponent before going all out against them, in the Kishima's opinion.
'Let's see if he turns this into water or has to make ice of his own again.'

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