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#1 [Open] New York Blues on Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:54 am

The last place that the Kishima saw himself being in was New York. Even with the Kanto region he was born in being a typically populous region and tourist attraction, it was still surprising to see everything being so... busy. Instead of trying to look around and see what this bustling city's got to offer, though, Sakata's sights are settled in the innards of a book, and he's seated comfortably at a Barnes and Nobles, just near a window. From the looks of it, he's not all that aware--like, at all, but he's just that when you look at things from a spiritual spectrum.

He keeps a good "eye" so to speak on his surroundings, constantly ensuring there's nothing off-putting like a sudden spike in pressure from a Hollow or some other anomaly. 'Til then, he keeps himself invested in the novel resting in his right hand. He's just wearing a black button-up with short sleeves over a white t-shirt, paired with simple blue jeans and some blue Nikes. Aside from his incredibly untidy hair, he fits the part of a civilian well.

Or so he hopes.

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#2 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:16 am

She was fairly bored that day and every book on her shelf she had already finished reading and rereading. So, she figured it was time for another book to read in her moments of silence. The young teen would find herself wandering the streets of New York becoming more aware of how to navigate through the masses and blend in with the people. However, she wasn't sure just where everything was, so she would walk into the first book store she came across. Barnes and Noble.

Ochako woukd enter the shop not necessarily paying attention to anyone else or anything else in there. She would begin her journey through the isles not discriminating between genres, except the history, biography, and things of that nature. She was more interested in the made up stories, the ones that came from the imagination. She was moee interested in the ones that were directed towards her age group, but she didn't mind to try new things. At this point, she was simply browsing, but she had a few books in mind just in case.

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#3 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:28 am

After some contemplation, Sakata withdraws himself from his seat. The brunette stands up fully and closes the book in his grasp, starting to saunter off at a steady pace. He takes his time with his amble through the place, up until he finds the isle he'd gotten the book from. 'Not for me.' The Kishima justifies to himself as he opts to pick out a different one this time around. Sakata slips past Uraraka within the fiction section, casually shifting his stare about as he paces along.

Finally the male stops a few paces from her, pushing the book back where it belonged in the space between another two. His hand lingers elevated before him, fingers tracing along the spine of each of the various novels in contemplation. Similar to her, he's looking for something to read, though what specifically garners his interest might be different. In a brief lapse of attention to his outside surroundings, the male murmurs something to himself.

".. Maybe something with detectives."

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#4 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:51 am

She hadn't noticed him there, until he passed her. His presence was much more outstanding than anyone else in the vacinity now that she thought about it. She could feel his power now and her brown eyes wouldn't stop glancing at him. However, he hadn't seemed to even care that she was around at all. He was far too caught up in looking for a book to even notice a girl like herself. Besides, she wasn't anything too special.

She would stop glancing only to begin staring at him, especially as he stated something about detectives. Ochako didn't want to interrupt him, however she was very interested in knowing who he was. "Hmm.. it's a little difficult to find a book with detectives in it I've come to find out. I mean, sure, you can find good mystery books, but a book specifically about detectives. There is a a little something called "The Detective's Guidebook" it's supposedly a humorous guide to being a detective. Uhm.. I think I'm actually more interested in finding a book that relates to history.. like "The Nightingale" or some such. I haven't read it yet, but I should read more books I can really learn from every now and then.. ya know?" Her voice was soft and she seemed to be trying to pretend she was collected. While on the inside, she was a nervous wreck, however she would smile on the outside as she ran her finger along the books in front of her.

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#5 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:44 am

The male briefly feels a gaze on him, and instinctively shifts his to hers for a moment--only to avert it shortly after. He insists on continuing to quietly find where the book was originally positioned, seeking out the shelf that he'd found it on about two hours prior when he'd first picked it. As she seems to start speaking, the Kishima blinks for a second, peering at her out of his peripheral.

He listens to her explanation.. surprisingly intently. Especially for his seemingly dismissive nature. 'Eh? She's pretty well-informed.' Sakata muses, maintaining that rather blank demeanor he had on his person while listening to her explanation. When she does finish, Sakata awkwardly offers an understanding nod of his head, finally speaking up. His own voice is about as youthful as his features, having some semblance of bass to it but not quite.

"... Yeah. Maybe there'll be lessons you can learn, or get inspiration from new ideas." He remarks briefly, finally finding where the book was at. He slips it where it belongs, and traces his fingers along the books once more, caramel gaze shifting about. "I personally read about detectives for fun. If there was something I'd read to learn from.. it'd be about someone.... heroic." Sakata admits, opening up just a little bit to her. It seemed that they both shared the common hobby of reading, so he had no qualms with expressing the interests he had in it.

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#6 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:40 am

She would notice that he seemed to be listening yo her fairly well, at least from what she could see out of the cornee of her eye. His head was nodding and such, which was a good sign. Right? Well, either way, she hoped he was listening to her anyway. For all she knew, he could have been listening to music or talking to himself. Anyway, Ochako was fully entraced in the topic and it had just started. She loved talking about books. She just hoped she didn't bore the poor kid.

As she finished, he would reply with his own words causing her head to turn towards him. So, he was listening to her? Good. She would smile a bit as he returned a book to its rightful place on the shelving unit. He would begin to discuss his likes and the types of books he learned from. "Heroic huh?" Ochako would move closer to him as he look turning her back to the book case and leaning against it lightly. "Just what kind of heros are we talking? Comic book heros? Firemen? Police? Nurses? Random people saving others? Or maybe people well known in reality?" The girl was simply curious and hoped he didn't mind her asking so many questions at once.

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#7 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:35 pm

His fingers quietly run along the spines of each book, coming to a pause as he shifts his gaze about. He finally shifts it back to the brunette, quietly, offering a nod in response to her acknowledging his interest in heroism. Under normal circumstance, he'd sort of have an issue with going on this long with socializing, whether it's with someone he actually knows, but reading's a well-appreciated subject for him. Even back in high school, he was a big fan of it, and it was reminiscent to speak of it.

His specific interest in heroism was no exception. He'd always held onto such a thing, ever since that encounter he had with one of those anomalies. A thing he still didn't know the name of until this day, but had grown to be frequently wary about. Surprising that he ended up here because he wanted to avoid its species in the first place. As she asks what kind of heroes he's speaking of, and lists off examples, he finds himself waiting. After she's finished listing off her examples and pretty much asking about if he was interested in them, he shrugs his shoulders. "All of them, in a way." Sakata remarks, pausing for a moment.

"They share the common trait of using their strengths to help others, whether it's selfless or for personal gain." It actually sounded like he respected those kinds of people, based on how he sounded when discussing them in specific, compared to the initially stoic tone he was offering prior.

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#8 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Fri Jul 20, 2018 11:29 am

Ochako would smile hearing that he liked to read about all kinds of heros and his reasoning behind it. She knew of a hero and she certainly enjoyed him plenty. However, she was curious about this boy for she knew that she could feel somw sort of spiritual energy coming from him. "Hmm. Have you ever thought about being a hero? Or maybe just helping people in general? I don't think I could ever live up to the expectations of a hero, but I sure would like to help people one day. I would love to be someone that people just know and can talk to. Someone that makes other people happy," Ochako would say lightly before she would find herself looking at him once again. She realized she hadn't even introduced herself yet, nor had he to her.

"What's your name anyway? I can feel you're not just ordinary like most. My name is Ochako," she would say smiling just as she normally did. She never seemed to find a day where she hadn't smiled at least once. There was so much to be happy about, if people just looked around. Life. Air. Flowers. There were small little miracles everywhere. Even this new meet and greet, it could potentially be something to smile about and be happy.

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#9 Re: [Open] New York Blues on Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:36 am

His hand runs along for some more, then lines up with another book. It's at that point that he turns it around, looking it over for a moment before glancing back at her for the time being. It's at that point that the male turns his head back, responding vocally as he inspects the outward appearance of the book. "Somewhat. I'd have to practice for whatever I have to face if I ever really committed to the idea as a whole." Sakata states knowingly, closing the book and sliding it back where it is.

He responds to her inquiry simply, at least at first. "Sakata." The brunette resonates, peering at her at that point. "... Pleased to meet you, Ochako." He remarks, showing some semblance of interest thanks to their previous discussion.

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