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#1 [Private] Hungry Hungry Hollows[Ika/Yaksha] on Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:40 am

The roads were packed with cars as far back as the eye could see, and no normal person would've been able to get more than a few feet before finding themselves blocked in. But Yaksha lurked through the streets quietly, with a poise that made it seem like it was perfectly natural for him to pass through every car he met, and an air of what almost could've passed for entitlement; this was a place he had every right to be, and he knew it. Anyone who tried to tell him otherwise would've had as much luck telling a rock to weep. He flicked the occasional hand, sending thin scratches along car doors, and bending side-view mirrors. He could already see people starting to glare at their neighbors, all but certain where these things were coming from...and he laughed. None of them would've wanted to know if they could. On any other day, he may have lingered around, and sought out some lucky-or unlucky, perhaps. Who could tell?-soul with even just a hint of spiritual awareness, and pull his strings. But today he had work to do and places to be.

He had felt the enormous outpouring of reiatsu from nearly the other side of the town; the anguished cries of a soul preparing to turn was unmistakable to Yaksha. He was moving through the cars, almost reflexively toying with every vehicle he passed, but he had a clear goal. He had followed the string of reaitsu, and even now he could hear ragged breathing, and almost heart-wrenching whimpers. Yaksha remembered that sound; it was the sound of a soul in the last stages of losing its mind. The hunger was coming, preparing to overtake it...and around it there were two, perhaps even three hundred people, all packed in their vehicles and buckled tight. It was as good as a buffet...But for whom? There's always a bigger fish...and you hooked me. Let's see if you can keep me on the line?

He began to hunch forward, his hands slipping out from the ragged cloth he wore. The fingers on them began to waggle back and forth dangerously, while he scraped one of them along the ground; sparks flew up, hitting nearby cars and falling off, and a few of the humans began to ogle at the inexplicable flames forming. Yaksha shook his head back and forth, slinking closer and closer to the almost fully-formed hollow. "Gods...your reaitsu is almost suffocating. This close, I can barely even breathe. What kind of hollow you would've made...I would've loved to see. But this is just too appetizing for me to resist...not to mention the fact that you'd almost certainly attract too much attention. No, have to go."

The man turned to Yaksha; it was a body-builder, his entire body rippling with muscles. He seemed to have been crossed with a gorilla somehow, as thick fur was growing along his entire body; his clothing was lost somewhere within, and the first vestiges of his mask were forming, the thick whitish substance flowing over his face. He managed to whisper as his eyes rolled around in pain. "I...please...make it stop hurting."

"It doesn't stop hurting. Not even when it's done. All I can do for you is this..." Yaksha's head shot forward, and there was a crunching sound as his teeth snapped shut around the mask, crushing it. There was a sigh of relief, and the faint sounds of someone trying their best to eat politely while using just their hands.

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As Kokoro had zeroed in on the Reitsu signature of a Hollow seemingly enjoying it's daily feast, he felt obligated given his job title to at the very least, go and investigate the matter. The reason as to why Kokoro was in Tokyo was to investigate the presence of a seemingly sophisticated Hollow he had heard whispers about, and if he was being honest? He needed a break from the Gotei 13 to see the sights and sounds of the twenty-first century. Sure, he hated their overly sophisticated culture and all of the weird and uninteresting flaws that had come into prevalence because of them, but it was something he simply couldn't have anticipated ever living to see, even if it had occurred right before his eyes.

The man in question seemed to be reducing a body-builder-esque Hollow into nothing more than a quivering shell and from what Kokoro could see, he was making a meal of him. He felt no need to interrupt this process, and would wait till he had completely consumed the Hollow before he would bother sauntering his way into the mans path. Once he felt that the time was right, he would slowly begin to approach the Hollow with curiosity and intrigue etched across his face. "That was quite a display Hollow, taking down a target that appears to have been so much stronger than you though I guess I should have suspected as much. I've heard whispers of your presence but I must be honest, you've done well to stay off our radar.. So tell me.." Kokoro smirked at the man, maintaining an air of curiosity and tension. "How did you manage to pull that one off with what limited resources you possess?.. You're clearly not a simpleton Hollow as I'm used to.. So spin me an old man a yarn if you would.." Kokoro was careful not to come across as aggressive, not wanting to scare the Hollow away.. after all.. His curiosity had been peaked.

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