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#1 [Private] Day One! on Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:56 am

It was her first day at the Committee, which she had been rather excited for until she actually arrived at the building. At that point, she had gotten lost and ended up somewhere on the complete opposite side of the building. She then ended up slipping into her division late, where she would realize nobody had even noticed she wasn't there. This should have been seen as a relief to her, but it just seemed to put her off. Considering it was also her first day, she found herself doing odd little jobs and basically anything else she was told to do.

Aftwr a while, she would slip off to take a break and find herself sitting down where she had first come in. She hadn't dones anything important that day. She had messed up a lot. She wasn't even sure who her boss really was, but she knew he didn't like her because she was weak. She hadn't even made a single friend. Was that even something she was supposed to do? Maybe, she wasn't cut out for this yet? No, she definitely wanted to be with the Committee and she wasn't going to give up so easily! She just wished she had someone to help her out, even just a little.

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#2 Re: [Private] Day One! on Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:20 pm

Looking out into the sunshine lit city of New York sat Toshinori, peering out from his private quarters window. Watching the sky and clouds, Toshinori would take relaxing breaths. The world looked so beautiful, but Toshinori knew that there were people out there who needed help. Help that he would never be able to give. Toshinori was so lost in thought that when the clock in his room rang twelve, it made him jump. Broken out of his daze, Toshinori would get up and grab his lunch box out of the fridge. Toshinori didn't need to make his own lunch, the committee offered a variety of fine chefs which he could've easily have ordered from. Toshinori just preferred his own meals to be frank.

Making his way down and through the facility of the committee, Toshinori would find himself taking the wrong turn. He stood in an open space, looking across the crowds of people to get his bearings. He was in the lodge? He didn't usually take the wrong turn, he just mustn't have been paying attention. He would get a few weird looks, but only from those who were confused about his baggy suit. Toshinori was wearing a black suit and red tie, which when he wasn't in his hero form, it was way too big on him.

Toshinori would notice a familiar face among a few people. Well sort of, he swore he'd seen her face somewhere on the committee profiles. Turning around, he would decide to make his way to the committee archives. Grabbing a few important papers, he would make his way back to the lodge, and then decide to make his way back to his personal quarters. However before he would decide to do that last part, a thought popped into his head. Perhaps he should invite new girl, for lunch of course, and to possibly have a chat.

Toshinori's body would grow as he entered Hero Form. Peeping his head around the corner to the lodge he would below out across the room, "YOU THERE!", he would call out while pointing towards the strange. His sudden voice across the room causing everyone to suddenly turn eyes on him. The new girl would probably think she was in trouble or something. Toshinori would keep paused for a few seconds before continuing to talk, "LUNCH!", he would call out. A big iconic smile would be stretched across his face the whole time.

Pulling up his lunch box from around the corner, he would hold up his other hand to his chest. "Wanna eat together", Toshinori would say in a nice light tone. If the girl accepted, Toshinori would lead her to his personal quarters.

He would open the door like a gentlemen, introducing her to his fancy large space. Open large glass windows, a huge balcony with a pool above the clouds, small plants surrounding the inside of the quarters, a clean complicated kitchen, and then everything else you'd usually expect in a normal home.

Toshinori would gesture for the girl to sit down, as he himself would take a seat. The situation would seem a little awkward, which Toshinori would hope to remedy. "If you'd like anything to eat, then make a request.", he would say still smiling. Steam would also begin to make its way off of his body, as he reverted back to normal form. "The name's Toshinori, what about yourself?", Toshinori would say opening his lunch box and beginning to take some bites of rice balls and glazed chicken.

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#3 Re: [Private] Day One! on Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:29 pm

Ochako had found the lobby becoming rather busy with bustling life and that's when she would finally start to watch her surroundings. She would see people in fancy outfits and proper dresswear. However, she was just in a normal T-shirt, some shorts, and some sneakers. What did she expect to be doing? How had she expected to get anything done looking like a normal kid? She could have at least wore a skirt or some sandals. She felt out of the ordinary, then again, she would think back to Natasha who seemed to wear outfits of death. Well, not necessarily death, but they were black and sort of on the edge of showy. The only thing proper about her outfits were the button up and tie. Ochako would sigh again as it seemed her day just kept going downhill. Tomorrow she would definitely wear something a bit more professional.

The teen found herself feeling more confident planning for the day ahead, but she hadn't really been paying all that much attention to the people around her. She certainly hadn't been paying all that much attention to Toshinori, who had already walked through the lobby and saw her like three times already. However, she would definitely notice him as his voice bellowed across the way seeming to echo off the walls around her. Her heart beat loud and fast as she was terrified of what was to come next. Big brown eyes had shot to his face and all of his muscular glory as he pointed directly at her. Out of all the people, the big, strong guy wanted her?! Was she.. in some sort of trouble? She would point at herself reassuring he was talking to her as she would look around confused before he would speak again. Lunch? What did he mean lunch?

Ochako was less scared now and more so wondering what was happening as the man seemed to smile widely. Then, he would pull a lunchbox out from behind the wall causing her heart to stop. "That's adorable!" She would shout a bit too loudly in the spur of the moment noting how much smaller his lunchbox was than he. He was like a maiden sent from the heavens. She couldnt help but accept his offer as she would follow him to wherever he decided to go. He captured her eye seemingly being quite a bit taller and quite a but older than she. Was he part of the Committee too? He certainly didn't feel like a normal human.

He would open the door allowing her inside first, except she had been stopped as soon as she entered. Her eyes would shine off the massive amounts of natural light that was entering through all of the glass windows. It was filled with beauty. The windows, the pool, the plants, the cleanliness, and everything else she could possibly see. It was all so breathtaking to her. How did he get such an amazing office? She certainly didn't get anything, except a small wooden desk. Then again, she was working under Accelerator, who she hadn't met yet but seemed... different. Then, she would shake most of it off as she was gestured to sit.

Her eyes still couldn't help but scan the room, even as he offered her something to eat for her lunch. However, she would certainly find eyes on him as steam began to come off of his body. "You're steaming!" Ochako would say a bit frantically as she would find herself recoiling back into her chair almost as if the man wouldn't know the steam was coming off of his own being. Then, she would see what was going on, but she wasn't quite sure she could believe it. He changed. He was different. Was this a joke? Brown eyes would stare at the now teen looking male, who she had to admit was quite attractive. She would stare at him remembering what was him and what is now him. Honestly, she would have been more comfortable talking to the other version of him, but she wouldn't say thay aloud. Instead, she would try to make herself look normal as she was still glued to her chair. "Oh, uh, right..." She would say putting on her so wonderfully, dazzling smile, "I'm Ochako. Ochako Uraraka." She would laugh to herself for a moment nervously, as she would clear her throat. "So, what.. do you do here?" She would ask her question hesitantly, but she would certainly keep that genuine smile on her features as her cheeks would turn a shade of pink.

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