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#1 [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:03 am

She had been recently accepted to join the Committee, but she had been told she missed the chance to meet everyone in the meeting. It was a bit of a bummer, but she wasn't going to let that get her down. She still had a whole city to explore, since she had never actually been to one this big in her lifetime. Brown eyes would scan the streets that were filled with all types of people as she walked and weaved her way through the crowds. However as she got further down the street, she found it harder to navigate the way leaving her to duck off into and alleyway. She would sigh wondering if maybe she had made a mistake coming to New York to fight hollows.

The girl would look up through the buildings to look at the bright blue sky. What was she thinking?! No way! She had joined the greatest group of all human-kind! She wasn't going to let a little city life get her down,  she just needed to get used to it. Except, that might have been harder done than thought.

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#2 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:29 am

Oh what a wonderful day this might be for Wolfgang. The man had every intention of visiting the world of the living for the sole purposes of sight seeing. Whenever he decided to do such a thing, he tends to come across something worth while. The Jackal was in a positive mood, simply because he managed to slip away from Los Noches. The castle tends to get boring with everyone always so uptight about stuff. A Garagunta ripped through the fabric of space in a violent manner. Meanwhile a strong spiritual pressure proceeded the arrival of the Espada. Through being absent minded, Wolfgang managed to end up in an alley. That was not the blame, but no point moaning over spilled milk now. The Espada stepped through as the Garagunta closed up behind him. His pesquisa was already activated, as he sought out spiritual beings in and around the area.

Unbeknown to him, he would have met one so early on. Normally he had to put a lot of effort into drawing them out. But this situation was absolutely perfect. Wolfgang began to wonder if the usual party animals would join him. There he was standing, and behind him was a woman that he'd never seen before. The Espada turned around and noticed the woman. His teal coloured eyes fixated on the woman, while carefully sizing her up. The alleyway wasn't the best place for a meeting, especially for the first time. On either side was a large enough dumpster. With rats roaming about living and looking for a meal. People still moved through the streets in droves. But this alleyway was perfect, for not a lot of human traffic was flowing through it. Not that most of them could perceive the Arrancar at all.

But the woman whom he was facing seemed a little different. He wondered how she would react to his presence. Strands of his teal coloured hair danced in the gentle breeze which flowed through the area. He seemed rather calm and open to just about anything. Whether it be a fight, or an exchange of pleasantries. For now the man said nothing but simply stared at the woman. Hopefully she didn't find him too creepy.

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#3 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:10 am

She was ready to at least try and set out through the crowd again when she would feel the surge of power behind her. Her body would freeze knowing the feeling of those gateways opening and closing all too well, however that wasn't the problem. No, the problem was what was lying on the other side and what could potentially come out of them. In all of those times, she had only come into contact with those of her own power level or maybe even less than that. This time, though, she could feel the presence of the one who had shown up behind her and she could barely find the courage to turn around.

With large brown eyes, Ochako would turn to see something almost human-like and she could feel her body shaking. She would stare him up and down as she couldn't find the words to speak. His eyes were fixated on her before she had ever looked at him meaning he knew she was no normal girl and her fate had been sealed in that moment. However, he didn't move, he didn't speak, nor did he try any other sort of interaction with her. He just stood there giving her plenty of time to see him and memorize his features. His appearance was quite attractive and bright for someone that seemed to strike an enormous amount of fear into her. In fact, it was enough so to calm her mind enough to actually speak a few words of her own.

"I.. Uhm.. H-Hi," she would say her voice more high pitched than usual as she swallowed hard afterwards. She could feel the heat rolling throughout her body as the fear and embarrassment rose in her. Her face would turn bright red after she spoke and a nervous laugh would find its way out of her lips as she would hesitantly raise a hand to rub the back of her neck. Wow, she had never felt so screwed in her life. She was only a teenage girl, but still.

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#4 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:55 pm

Out of all the days for a break, today wasn’t the greatest day. Winderlin had been through so much he felt like he needed a break. Work kept holding him up, random trips to Canada, meeting parents of boyfriends, destroying an art gallery.... like the list is just long. How could so much happen to one innocent little boy? That thought made winderlin laugh at himself, innocent! He’s far from that word in his purest form. But that’s not the importance of anything. Winderlin decided to take a walking trip though the city like he normally did on his days off. It was quite fun. He ran into some locals that he always would see when he took a stroll and had small talk with them. A couple had just got married, someone broke up with their boyfriend, one saved a bank from being robbed, and a few other crazy stories that everyone was telling him. Today was uncrushable. He felt st peace and just relaxed, and being relaxed means..... FOREVER 21!!!

Winderlin began to rush through the streets of the city. He needed to go to his favorite clothing store of all time. He already knew what he wanted, more rip clothes, some combat converse boots, jeans, zipper shirts, he wanted basically everything in the store. During his rush he passed an alley that gave him a bad feelings. It’s the feeling he normally gets when he feels something strange in the air and water moisture in the air. He looked in the alley and saw a man and girl talking. He blinked for a few before walking away but then stopped. “Damn it. Why! Just fucking why!? It’s my day off, I’m not trying to help, save, protect anyone right now.... Where’s Sakota when you need him?” He whines as he walked backwards and entered into the alley. “Ummm.. Hello? Is there a problem here?”

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#5 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:37 am

The stare down continued for the Espada, his eyes observing the young woman who stood before him. For a moment it would appear that both parties were more than happy to simply observe. In all honesty Wolfgang was awaiting the typical response to his presence. Being a resident of Hueco Mundo means that he was often an unwelcome guest. Hollows had built up a reputation for themselves. As such everyone was cautious, and more often than not, most took on a purification attitude. The Shinigami were guilty of such things, often viewing Hollows as merely unintelligent beasts only deserving of death. In this moment though, Wolfgang maintained his composure, deciding not to make any sudden movements. The man cocked his head to the right while noticing the young woman's facial expression. The redness of her cheeks did well to put him at ease. But his guard wasn't down, for that could simply be a ploy.

Be that as it may, he was confident enough to walk forwards and towards the young woman. "Hi, to you too". He uttered in a gentlemanly fashion. He stopped a few meters away from the stranger opposite him. The man blinked a little while his thought process went into overdrive. He wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this meeting. The Espada suddenly performed a demonstration for the young woman. "Rawr" was the sound that escaped from him. Meanwhile both his arms rose up, his wrists bent, and his finger curved slightly to form make shift paws. The man then followed up with other sounds "Pew pew pew. Swoosh, murder, death, kill, bleed! I'm dying RAWR!!". After the final rawr the man fell over in a dramatic manner with his tongue out. A clear demonstration of someone dying, albeit in a comical and hyperactive manner.

The Arrancar picked himself up and dusted himself off. "That's normally how folks react to me, so thanks for not doing it". The man stated while looking at the woman. Just then Wolfgang sensed a new comer on the scene. His eyes narrowed a little, while turning his body. This was he was able to monitor both persons on opposite side of him. "Hold that thought, I may be proven wrong. Watch this". The man stated to the young woman before deciding to reply to new arrival on the scene. "I'm about to lop her head off, I suggest ya stay out of it". The Jackal stated in a serious tone. It may well be that he was joking, but who was to know? And this is where things could get a little more interesting. The young woman might know different, but what about the other male? He wasn't exactly privy to the antics of the Espada which occurred before his arrival.

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#6 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:21 am

Ochako would stand with her back firmly against the building, even still as he started to walk towards her. He would reply by greeting her also, but she wasn't quite aure what it was he planned to do. She knew he was an Arrancar, that much was evident from her research. She knew he was certainly powerful just by sensing it around him, especially as he moved closer. He seemed to be acting in a calm manner, so maybe he wouldn't attack her. Then again, arrancar were more human-like than the rest meaning he could be playing a trick on her just to get close. Then, he did something thst would ultimately distract and confuse her all in one go.

He seemed to put in an act of sorts, which would have her trying to hold back laughter half way through. The hand she had on her neck would be placed on her mouth as her lips curled into a smile. What was he doing? Eventually, she would find herself laughing aloud, but only for a few moments as the performance finally ended. Ochako would smile in an attempt to subside her laughter as the man was now on the ground with his tongue hanging out. She had never seen someone act in such a dramatic way before and she was thoroughly confused on why he had done it to begin with. Perhaps, it was a way to calm her nerves about him or maybe he was even trying to keep her attention away from something. At this point, she wouldn't even know it for she was far too concerned with whatever she had just seen.

He would pick himself up off the ground and the teen would find herself smiling at him as he spoke some more to her. "Well, surely I would have been the one on the ground. So, I suppose I should reciprocate," she would say in her usual fashion, which she had been told was far too sophisticated for a teenage girl. Even with all the picking at her, she never once decided to change herself and only acted true to who she was. Soon after her own words, he would speak as if he were about to get in some type of trouble. What was he doing? Was he just tricking her? No, not her. She would watch as another boy she had seen around the Committee showed up. She didn't know his name, but she knew she had noticed him before. He would ask if things were fine only to be met with a fear striking answer. Ochako wasn't sure if it was meant to be one by the way he had said it, but he had thanked her for not attacking him meaning it had to be. He had to have known he could take her out inmediately if he wanted and he didn't, so maybe he was just picking on the other boy. Either way, she was nervous for both parties considering what the possible outcome from the interaction could be. Her brown eyes would stare at the duo with serious intent. "Please be smarter than you look," Ochako would mumble under her breath. She hoped he knew that he couldn't defeat this arrancar and she certainly didn't want to have to try to help.

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#7 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:24 am

Winderlin really wasn’t really the happiest person in stepping in this issues but he knew he had to. The man in front of threaten to injury the girl standing behind him. He knew for a fact that he couldn’t take this person head on. He seemed way more stronger then the average person. He examined his surroundings careful trying to come up with a plan before the girl spoke to him. She told him to be smarter... SMARTER... the smarter thing would of been to ignore you and go to Forever 21 but know I came to be helpful and safe.... winderlin sighed and mumbled under his breath ”This fucking sucks.” He looked at the color and then back at the man again. ”So I do feel like if you were going to kill her, you would of done it before the whole I’m dying rawr rawr rawr show that sort of walked in on. Which was pretty good by the way. Also I’m not here for a mission just I got a bad feeling when I walked by like I always do when you things are near.... which strangely it felt worse like there was more of you? Winderlin said question the air again. He held his finger up again and could feel the feeling again but didn’t see another being or hollow.. which made winderlin think before staring at the girl. She looked fimailr like he had seen her before but he couldn’t tell where. It was puzzling him before he quickly jumped about 25 feet in the air and landed back down softly with ease.

”You are apart...” Was all he said before clearing his throat and relaizing that he shouldn’t give this stranger the full advantage on both of them. ”Sooooo... Ummmm. Instead of being weird I say let’s all go grab a bite to eat and have a conversation and maybe answer a few of my question... Winderlin, btw.” He stretches out his hand to be very civil and respectable for the time being.

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#8 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Sun Jul 15, 2018 1:42 am

The meeting between The Jackal and the young woman started off really well. The Arrancar took pleasure in hearing her laughter and watching her reaction to his antics. He was happy to see that someone appreciated his dramatic actions. The Espada smiled as she spoke once more, all the while paying close attention to what was happening around him. The Jackal now found himself awaiting the response from the young man. He pondered on what his reactions may be to the Espada's threat. Then again he may well be smart enough to not engage in combat. Truth be told, Wolfgang himself was looking forward to a nice a relaxing day. And everything seemed to be going good so far. And long may it continue would be the thoughts of the man if he were to think it.

The Espada listened as the youngster said a mouthful and in that moment something stood out more than anything. It was almost as if his brain was programmed to react in a certain way. There were certain stages that simply could not be bypassed at all. He needed to address it all, or suffer from a willingness to obliterate someone. The eyes of the Espada twitched before his eyes narrowed while looking at the young man. The high jump display while random did nothing for the Arrancar. He could not get pass the statements of the youngster. "Did ya just call me a thing?". Wolfgang said out loud with his head cocked to the right. His question was aimed at the man, before glancing back at the young woman. The Arrancar pointed towards the young man while addressing Ochako. "Did he just refer to me as a thing? Hollow lives matter too ya know".

The Jackal eyes filled up with water as if tears was about to begin pouring. His lips trembled with frustration like a brat ready to cry. "Just why Winderlin btw? whats a Winderlin btw anyway? Is that even your name?". The Espada carried on with his fake tears, whaling as if genuinely hurt by the man's words. But all that came to a stop rather abruptly. "I normally kill for less than that. However, I will try not to do so today. Speaking of which though, I know of a place where creatures like btw would fit in. What say we check it out?". And why was he referring to Winderlin as btw? He knew full well that it means 'by the way'.

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#9 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:21 am

Ochako would sigh as the boy seemed to have thought through the process and figured out the arrancar was for the most part bluffing. She seemed to settle her nerves again and a smile would cross her lips once more. Maybe, the arrancar would continue to be nice now that the boy had seen through his charade. Maybe, they could all go their separate ways or maybe become aquaintances or something. She would find herself looking between the two before the arrancar would ask a question. Then, her heart would begin beating quick again and her eyes would stare at the arrancar, especially as he aksed her the same question. "Oh no. Your lives certainly matter. All lives matter. I'm sure it was just a mistake," the girl would say with a nervous smile as she tried to reassure the man that they didn't want any real trouble.

Then, she would begin to hear his voice and see his eyes watering up as if Winderlin had hurt his feelings. Ochako would stare blankly as she would tilt her head confused as to what was happening. What kind of character was this man anyway? He was so spontaneous and unpredictable. It was enough to make Ochako surpress her laughter as she was certain this wasn't a time to laugh at the man. Then, it would all stop and a small giggle would escape the girl's mouth before a hand would come up and cover it. Brown eyes would look between the two and the arrancar would keep calling Winderlin.. btw, which she hoped he was joking about because she definitely let out another giggle. Then, she would drop her hand and smile, "I wanna go!" Her voice was cheery and a little louder than expected. She would definitely do anything to keep things calm and definitely not chaotic and world destroying.

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#10 Re: [Open] Meet Gravity Girl. on Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:25 am

Winderlin was surprisedd that Wolfgang took offense to what he was saying. He was surprised that he actually cared what a human had to say it even thought about his kind. He sort of felt bad now thinking about his wording and actions he had used when he first approached this group. It wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone’s feelings but he had to do his job and that was to check on if this was gonna get daddy for someone or not. His offer to go somewhere to eat was his way of apologizing but Wolfgang had a better idea that the girl agreed with very quickly. It was strange that she didn’t even think of where this place might be or what it might I tell or anything. He was getting flashbacks to when Thor, I man he met in Canada took him to the home of Hollows many many months ago... now that Winderlin thought about it was finally a year since he had been there. He shook his head in disbelief and wondered what the hell.

“I’m sorry for my actions and my statements before. I haven’t had a good run in with your kind before, but it doesn’t leave run for me to assume you all are the same.” He said bowing his bow and rising slowly. He put a slight smile on his face and had a genuine kind tone in his voice. “I would like to go as well if you don’t mind?” Winderlin asked hoping that he could get a better side of the man. He needed to go for several reasons, to keep this random girl safe, understand how these type of beings work wouldn’t help either, but to also see if he could somewhat gain a favor from the dark side of this world.

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