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#1 Example Training Thread on Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:24 am


OOC: Open only to Amaya


Dotachin, Captain of the first squad had called Amaya Nanashi down so that they could practice their skills. Dotachin remembered that he didn't know much about Amaya so he figured the two of them sparring would be a pretty good way to get to know eachother. The place Dotachin called her too was a special training ground within his squads barracks that he used all the time. It was in this very same place that he had actually undergone Bankai training once upon a time. This training palace had a lot of history for Dotachin. He was given the rank of a seated squad member here, and even made lieutenant here. It was an honor for anyone outside of the first division to be allowed to fight in this enclosed area.

Dotachin stood up once he noticed Amaya's energy enter the vicinity. She was hear to train and he was ready to go. Today he was wearing a standard shinigami outfit fit for battle. Though both of his sleeves were pretty long, it was impossible to see that he was even holding a sword right now. Waiting on her to enter Dotachin waited with deep anticipation. "Hello Amaya welcome to the first squads training barracks. I hope you like it as I grew up training here. I invited you today because I feel like we could use a bit more face time." Dotachin gave her a warm welcome. He wasn't the type to preemptively attack another but he was ready to go.

This training area was wide enough for them to shunpo a couple of times befor they reached the other side. It was tall enough for them to have a pretty high aerial battle as well. Yamamoto the first squad captain before Dotachin had this place built hundreds of years ago but it still looked brand new for some reason. The first squad captain made sure that no one else would interfere with their sparring match. He reprimanded his entire squad to make sure that they all wouldn't interfere or attempt to watch their battle.

"Begin whenever you are ready" Was the last thing Dotachin would say he was ready for combat.

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#2 Re: Example Training Thread on Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:17 pm

Colbolt Nagito

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Amaya was originally going to train her adopted daughter on how to not stress herself, or to help her body take on more stress. She chose a simple traditional uniform were her sleeves were as long as her fingertips. She tied her hair into a bun keeping it out of the way as she needed to not have it in the way. “She needs to learn to depend on her swordplay along with her kido. A Kido is good yes but it isn’t the only thing a shinigami is to know. Amaya was fiddling with her sleeves waiting on Amelia to get out a ready before a hell butterfly flew towards her. She lifted her hand with her index finger straight, allowing the hell butterfly to land. It did just that as it relayed the message. “So it seems I am needed elsewhere…thank you.” She commented to the butterfly sending it off once again. She called one of her ranking members, telling them to train Amelia in learning to lengthen the stress on her body.

Once the member was informed she shunpo off quickly from the second division barracks to the first landing a few yards from the first squad captain “Well I do feel very honored to be in your presence, training with you along with actually being allowed in the first squad training ground, not just everyone gets to spare with the first squad captain on such good terms.” She commented smiling. “What are the terms of this battle? What types of attacks are allowed? Kido, Swordplay, and hand to hand what is allowed in this battle today? Or what I should ask is what the purpose of this sudden Spar is besides getting to know each other?” She commented wishing to know this sudden wanting to spar with her.

Amaya was not very easy to get ahold of due to all the training she had to do with her squad and the secret corps along with any mission she received. She was a busy, respected, and VERY feared woman by how many methods of killing and tortures she knew in her heard along with all the secrets she knew of a lot of things along with secrets of her past. She wasn’t one to allow anyone to know her past so easily.

She rested her hand on her hilt watching him “I will let you go first since you are hosting this spar.” She commented taking know how long his sleeves were as neither was wearing their normal uniform looks as she had a traditional even though she was not so traditional in her normal uniform.

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