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The silver haired full bringer known as Haru was bored wandering around the his place of employment he stumbled across a room marked 'Research and Development' which piqued his interest. Grinning from ear to ear at the thought of the potential 'toys' behind the sliding door Haru entered into the lab to see what he could find.

As Haru wandered the lab eying the half completed projects on the tables he stumbled across one colorful device with a big glowing red button on it that just screamed to be pressed. Haru stood next to the table failing to resist the urge to press the button as his hand slowly inched its way towards it, his arm shaking with the strain of Haru resisting the urge to press the button.

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"If you push that button I swear I will paint this lab with your insides... that is a project i prefer not to bring out in this small space with tons of equipment."Said a voice as Aria walked towards him holding a antique looking paint-brush in her left hand pointing towards him as her other was resting in the pocket of her white lab coat. Her strawberry blonde hair curled over itself as it swayed behind her fast pace walk. She walked by a rubix cube looking device as she grabbed it with her free hand "you want something to play with, play with won't hurt you as badly...if you aren't use to spirit energy."She replied as her blue violent eyes shinned as she narrowed them keeping them locked on him as her brush had yet to be put down till she was sure he wasn't going to touch it.

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Haru started at Aria's voice sounded, from apparently out of nowhere distracting the violet eyed fullbringer away from the bright red button, as they focused on the bright eyed member of the R+D Department, his jaw dropping, blood rushing to his head as, barely noticing the paint brush in her hand, or the rubix cube that she grabbed up. The Silver Haired Fullbringer was completely tongue tied for almost a full minute before shaking his head violently. "Sorry, Hi, my name is Haru Glory I was just curious about what could be found in here."

As Haru's mouth started moving the blush cleared, his comfort level rising now that he wasn't quite so stunned by her appearance. "Do you think you can show me around?"

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Putting back down the rubix cube before putting the paint brush back in her pocket. She listened to him apologize and introduce himself along with inquiring about getting a possible tour. Aria blinked kinda surprise someone wants a tour as she allowed her bubbly giggle to arise a bit allowing her beaming smile to show itself as she replied"I don't mind having others in here and I am sure Alex doesn't either. However, It is best not to let curiosity kill you. some items here aren't exactly safe cause they haven't been tested since Jun hasn't been able to test them for us. I frankly enjoy company and love give tours for everything and anything along with ideas that I can possibly bring to life."She replied.

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Haru saw Aria put the cube down, as she let out an adorable giggle, her smile bringing one to his face as well. "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, I should know better than to touch things without knowing what they do." Looking a little sheepish, he scratched his head "Yeah, I would like the tour, I think it would be fun to see what kind of things that had been created here. I may also be willing to help test some things in the future"

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"Well we don't have much right now because of all that is going on kinda hard to focus and working on different weapons. gadgets. Plus Some supplies can be hard to get with the few of us in this department But right this way."Said Aria turning on her heels walking the opposite direction raising a hand beckoning him to follow her. She flipped some of her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder. She hummed lightly moving to a few door along the north wall"these are our offices. Why would we have offices you might ask? So we can feel special and have our own private space not having to feel like each other is always watching. "She said moving past the few marked with hers and Alex's names. "I am the second in command of this department by the way."She added moving to another room with a fogged glass door pushing it open with her back side revealing a room with tons and tons of shelves with boxes of all sorts of things "This is our parts storage..we have parts, and broken things here to work and hold for future inventions."She said taking time to make sure Haru was listening and taking it all in

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