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#21 Re: [Private] Cannibal Corpse on Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:26 am

Colbolt Nagito

Mei's 4th Squad
Mei's 4th Squad
Nakita took a deep breath standing a few years from the spider and geralt fighting  wincing some feeling the damage finally start kicking in past her Adeline as her left shoulder down to her hand was burn in places bleeding. She used what she had and the Adeline just pushed her more over "Geez I am out of shape."She whispered to herself watching the spider not stand a chance against geralt . She winced feeling her legs reform on her back as the spider was destroyed.  Normally, by the time she brought out her spider, her opponent never really stood a chance being worn down while she was in a okay state to continue, but then again most of her opponents weren't battle harden like geralt and didn't notice the battle field. most tend to not pay attention.

She watched him move over to her and examine her before more or less calling a truce. he could utterly destroy her, one thing she knew the white wolf wouldn't mind as the geralt side did show his care explaining how if they went on she would be in a worst state "Honestly, I think I am a bit rusty with battle. Its definitely been awhile since I have actually enjoyed fighting...And I think I had about two more attacks in me before I would pass out from the damage I took to hold out for my spider."She said  between deep breaths slowly moving her arm "geez those cannons I was not expecting."She commented
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#22 Re: [Private] Cannibal Corpse on Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:18 pm

Geralt would listen to Nakita, and instead of saying something in response to what she had just said, he would pick her up. "Battle rustiness is common among everyone, to be honest. You'll soon grow out of it; don't worry." The man said as a ten by five sized flat rock would unearth itself from the ground. Gently placing the female on it, the man would speak, "don't move. This would be quick." With that he would go on to point his finger at her wounded area as he would release some nanites to it; he would proceed to do this to all of her damage affected areas. The point of this is to make Nakita heal quicker - as she had no regenerative abilities -  making the wounds heal naturally would only take days or weeks. Stroking the females face gently, Geralt once again spoke looking into her eyes, "just rest. Your wounds are a bit too deep, but you'll be back again in your full strength in a few hours. The nanites know what they are doing."


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