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#1 Daji Rakka [FINISHED] on Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:25 pm


Name: Daji Rakka.
Alias: Voice of the Sword.
Real Age: Unknown.
Phys. Age: Young Adult.
Gender: Female.
Personality: Daji is a mature individual that has a motherly side underneath her usually calm and semi-casual demeanour. She is a respectful woman and treats others well until they give her reason to think otherwise. Her age gives her a strong bank of knowledge to call upon, she has experienced many things and lived long enough to outlive the Gotei Thirteen. This has given Daji an almost mystical stature in the Soul Society and is considered to be one of the oldest souls to remain.

She is a teacher at heart and will try to instil what she can in the next generation if she sees potential. To get her to train you can be quite the burden at times if she doesn't see something in a person immediately but to her trials are simply there to make everyone stronger. As a former-captain and one of the longest serving ones Daji has great leadership skills and confidence that makes it clear she doesn't break easy to peer pressure, especially in tough situations from experiencing a lot of major conflicts to give her good sense of tactical mind.

In her leisure time she is known to disappear and even drink a little. When she feels comfortable with her students they are essentially part of her family at that point. Speaking of family though Daji is considered quite strange and rough for a noble, even moreso than her clan but her upbringing in the slums of the Rukongai.


Height: 5 feet 6 inches.
Weight: 67 kilograms.
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style:


Durability [Very weak under her energy shell]
Hakuda [No training in any martial arts]
Kido [She can only go up to Level 40 Kido]

Ability Name: Legendary Spiritual Energy
Ability Description: She has an undefined amount of energy. She restrains most of this energy underneath Seki-Seki cloth which prevents it from fully escaping, because of her massive reserves of energy she has exceptional stamina for a fight when you require energy. Daji's large energy has a few aspects to it. The first is that it buffs her strength and speed by five boost, her reiatsu/reiryoku is multiplied by a factor of six. The second aspect is her large reserves is a hierro like shell around her. She boasts a dense shell of raw energy that can withstand incredible amounts of damage before cracking but underneath she is quite vulnerable to damage if someone were to pierce this shell. Daji's tier energy is so vast however that she must restrain it usually, meaning that she can alter her energy output. She can only handle her full energy output for five posts.

Ability Name: Katanakaji.
Ability Description: Katanakaji [Swordsmith]
Daji is assumed to be the sole user of this technique she has honed it to a point where it is incredibly potent and made up for the lack of zanpakuto, being vastly superior in some cases when compared against a zanpakuto. The applications of Katanakaji are quite broad and flexible. She has the ability to project and construct weapons, in particular swords of any sort with the exception of firearms, bombs and the like as she struggles to create them due to a disdain for them.

There are limitations and constraints for the projections naturally. Daji's projections are created from her energy. This gives them an innate property control which means that the swords appearance and physical appearance do not always show the truth. She could wield a wooden training sword only for it to be as strong and as sharp as a real sword. For this reason the strength of the blades in question come down to her energy. With the assistance of drawing from her reiryoku Daji is capable of filling the void of her energy to provide a stronger and more stable construction. The second rule with these projections is that they can be formed up to thirty metres around her however she cannot form these weapons if there is already mass in the area. She cannot create blades inside characters or objects due to this restraint. The blades do not have an upkeep for maintaining them but for manipulation and motion of them she has to expend added energy. These blades
can be recycled and re-assimilated for 30% of their original energy cost.

Daji's technique is construction of swords. She therefore possesses a vault, a small pocket dimension that is within her soul where they would otherwise be an inner-world. It is essentially an endless desert able to be filled with the weapons she makes. She is able to create replicas of zanpakuto, shikai specifically which do not give her buffs but do retain the information regarding the shikai's capabilities and techniques in itself meaning Daji can use a weaker variant of a person's zanpakuto against them. Alternatively she can craft swords herself with specific properties and abilities. This however requires her to be able to have enough to time understand what the weapon does, and then furthermore have enough time to craft it. The standard crafting time is three posts in used in combat. These false zanpakuto do not have spirits, nor can go into further forms such as bankai.

The technique's final feature is constructing the very world that is inside her. Trapping all those within one-hundred metres of her in a separate dimension for the duration of her full energy being released where they cannot escape but are otherwise unhindered. In this world Daji possesses the ability to now manifest blank ausauchi spectres with no energy and lacking her physical buffs but all wielding ausauchi. At will she can change the swords they wield to all mirror one specific release she knows of or has created as a sword. This technique doesn't have a time-limit or require her full energy if being used in a development thread with other participants and permission is granted.

The drawback of this technique is that it caused serious damage to the Shinigami's soul which made binding with a zanpakuto impossible thus it was forbidden to be taught legally. It can however be taught to those Daji decides to but that is rare because of the energy requirements it has to be effective and the harm. She can also do things such as remove a zanpakuto from a person's soul, repair a zanpakuto including a broken bankai, modify an existing one and more but all of these are not able to be used normally. They are limited to having permission from those it will affect for developmental purposes.

Name: Zekken.
Description: The school of zanjutsu that Daji is most known for. She possesses a strong understanding of fighting with a sword which is reflected in her art. They are considered very advanced and usually require Daji's asssistance in learning.



  • - Born in Rukongai.
  • - Grew up in the slums. Made a friend in a young boy called Yusa.
  • - The two were inseparable. To bring a sense of order to their shithole of a district they recruited people and made a gang that sorted out the district.
  • - They earned the name "Sparrows of Yoshida" in the name of the district. Daji was introduced to the sword from a young age.
  • - When she around the age of seventeen physically, Daji developed romantic feelings for Yusa and was able to conceive a child shortly thereafter.
  • - A few years later she began meeting with a few other swordsman and they formed a friendship. In this group they would begin working on the design of a weapon that would later become the zanpakuto. Although they succeeded after a few years of work into study and research thus creating Zanjutsu. Daji had other interests. She would develop her own technique known as Katanakaji which caused a rift between her and the group. Daji's name was stripped from her help in creating the zanpakuto after a fallout.
  • - She continued to hone her skills with the technique she created and also her swordsmanship.
  • - She later became the first captain of the tenth division upon the formation of the Gotei Thirteen. Her gang from her youth followed her to become the first members of the tenth division, earning the group the name of "Daji's Sparrows" for the duration of her leadership.
  • - She remained captain of the tenth division as one of the longest standing, serving and surviving all the conflicts over two-thousand years.
  • - Lost her grandson to the Vizard Experiments after she decided to retire the mantle of captain. Developing a strong feeling of survivor's guilt for putting him in that position. She was forced to hunt him down seeking to harbour him but was too late. Finding the younger Ika Mazi she couldn't bring herself to do her duty with the recent memory of her grandson.
  • - Officially retired the substitute captain title she was given after the vizard incident and took to travel around the realms where possible returning after the assault which took the captain commander's life.
  • - Daji remained inactive until the present.

Side Notes: Love you long time.
Roleplay Sample: Alright mate. I'll give ya a pack of durries, a six pack and a blowjob if you just ignore this thing here. Sounds like a good deal right ay?

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#2 Re: Daji Rakka [FINISHED] on Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:27 am

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