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#1 Meet and Greet with Hell on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:24 pm

Natasha had been in her office when she recieved a message of someone wanting to meet with her. From the looks and the feels of things, it wasn't someone that she would enjoy sitting down for tea with, nor would she trust this person so willingly. She would take the time to ponder the situation and she would hesitantly accept. Then, she would take a bit of her spare time to sort through a bit of information and she would make a quick stop to speak with a friend.

The time had come and she would find herself walking down the streets of New York, as she wasn't stupid enough to meet the man at the committee headquarters. She knew that wherever she went this man was sure to come looking for her. Natasha would find herself dipping off into an alleyway before she would stop and lean on the wall of a building. Her reiatsu would flare and flicker as she awaited the evil that wanted to speak to her.

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#2 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:18 pm

Geralt had requested a meeting with the female who runs the organization called "the committee" in the human world. Apparently, the female didn't accept it at first, due to the fact that there was no response given to him confirming whether she accepted his request or not. But after a few hours of patience, Geralt received the message notifying him that the female had accepted the offer of meeting him. Though, for some reason the female had intended to meet him elsewhere, rather than him coming and meeting her in the committee headquarters. It was not that it bothered the man; it just felt quite strange.


The man observed the female leaning onto the wall, as her rieatsu flared and flickered like crazy. Guess this was her way of letting people know that she was in town. Be that as it may, Geralt would walkup behind - keeping a distance of few feet - he would speak, "rather interesting place for holding a meeting, don't you think?" He said quite-out-loud, grinning from ear-to-ear. "I'm Geralt Barlog. The leader of Apostasy." He paused for a second only to continue, "and you must be Natasha." He took yet another step forward, "getting to the point: I'm sure you're wondering, what the hell is Apostasy, and what it has to do with you? Well, to put it simply: Apostasy is a group dedicated for the living dead. And I'm here to know, if you're interested to form some kind of alliance with us or not."

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#3 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:19 am

She would notice him the moment he had arrived, though she would keep her reiatsu flickering about as she looked the man up and down. Green eyes seeing him from but a few feet away and that was exactly how she wanted it. She would listen as he asked her about her choice in meeting place, "Well, I certainly wouldn't want a complete stranger in my house, now would i?" Natasha would speak absolutely dull and her body would continue to lean against the building. The man would continue to introduce himself and every word he said was sketchy. Natasha didn't like this feeling.

However, she had prepared well for the encounter, as the little friend she had visited earlier was none other than the lead of her Combat Division. Of course, she didn't want to waltz into a blind meeting alone and figured she should bring Accelerator, who was hiding off somewhere out of sight, as a bit of protection. Besides, she figured he needed something at least a little exciting to do considering he was quite the hothead. Anyway, she would look at the man with the most dumbfounded expression before placing her fingers on the bridge of her nose and squeezing. She would take a deep breath before dropping her land and glaring at him. "I'm not interested. I'm really astounded that you though we, a human organization dedicated to protecting people like us, would form an alliance with a group of what? Zombies? Demons? Beings that attack us? Whatever the case, I assume this is over now, Geralt," her voice had hardened when she spoke this time and her eyes definitely told that she was ready for him to leave.

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#4 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:59 am

Geralt would listen as the female would go onto reject his offer. Honestly, he expected that the female would give such an answer beforehand. Though, still, he hoped that she would somewhat be sensible and come to a conclusion without just rejecting the offer simply because he was a sinner. Sighing, the man would shake his head and he directed his gaze at Natasha, "here I thought I could make friends rather than enemies. How stupid of me." He paused for a second, "Humans still haven't evolved enough to accept great opportunities even when it presents itself." Geralt said, meanwhile carefully manipulating a coin using his right and. Said coin danced between his fingers, appearing in and out of sight. This woman might come to notice that there was more than a few things that was quite odd about the man.

Placing the coin on his right thumb, the white wolf would go onto snap his thumb upwards as the coin would flip over. Catching the coin in mid air using his left hand, the man would immediately place it on the top of his right hand as he would go onto reveal the result. "The scarred side." He let his voice trail off as he looked at her, "tough luck, woman. Seems like chance wasn't on your side today." With that his spiritual pressure blasted outwards, shattering the glasses and cracking the building in the vicinity. This was far from over...

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#5 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:51 am

Natasha would seem to look away all while rolling her eyes as her answer didn't seem to make this one happy at all. He would spew nonsense about making friend with her, when in actuality he could have been attempting to change her mind or persuade her. No matter, he would go on to insult human kind leaving Natasha to sigh, "If you are a great opportunity, the world has some veey low standards." Green eyes would glare at him now as he began flipping his precious coin around. She was sure that if she read comics he would remind her of some lame villain with his little half and half thing he had going on there. Anyway, Natasha wpuld watch as the coin was revealed in his had and his words would cause her to look rather annoyed.

He would release his spiritual pressure causing her to lool greatly unimpressed, even as the buildings around her cracked and the glass shattered. She would rub the back of her head before speaking in her dull tone, "Hmm. I wasn't so ignorant to choose this place as meeting grounds then. Well it seems instead of a friendly conversation, you decided to attack us. Too bad.." She would stand straight not quite ready to attack, but ready to defend if need be.

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#6 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:38 pm

Accelerator would use his vibration manipulation to appear from through the neighboring building to tap Geralt on the shoulder. "Yeah it's not your best day today eh? Get the fuck out of town before I put your head through the fucking wall." Accelerator would release his maximum quantity of Reitsu knowing full well it wouldn't match the man before him, but it would at least show him that Accelerator was a threat not to be taken lightly by anyone, including him. He was outnumbered, outgunned, and had been presumably outsmarted in this encounter. If the man did not cease his shenanigans now, he would die here in this miserable back alley way. Accelerator hoped that he understood that given Accelerator was holding a ball of plasma to his head.

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#7 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:00 pm

The white wolf observed the females reaction and attitude, and came to the conclusion that she was not only nonchalant, but very much not intimated by his presence. Before he could say something the wolf would feel a tap on his shoulder, to which in reaction, he would turn his head only to see a man standing behind him. Smirking, the white wolf would listen to the mans threat only to reply by saying, "I was wondering when you would show up." He said, as his gaze would fixate on the female once again, "so this is what the mighty Natasha has to resort to, huh? Making other people fight her battles. How utterly pathetic." The white warrior shook his head in disgust as he would go onto run his hand through his milky-white hair. The battle had turm against him, unfairly of course. But no matter, no matter. He was patient. He knew that one day he would have his vengeance; and that day was not far away.

"The foolish battle everything and everybody, however, the wise choose their battle, wisely..." Geralt uttered taking a step forward. "I shall take my leave then. But do remember: the next time we meet, I will not go into the night so quietly like today." With that the man prędkość boga into thin air. Until next time.

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#8 Re: Meet and Greet with Hell on Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:34 am

Green eyes would watch with her arms crossed over her chest as Accelerator appeared from the wall only to tap the target on the shoulder. She couldn't say it was her favorite trick of his, however it was amusing how nonchalantly he had found his way here. Better yet, she was amused at how he had tapped the man on the shoulder without so much as a notice to him. She would hear the words of the two seemingly uninterested in them both, until he would begin speaking directly to her. She would grit her teeth at his statement before speaking her own side, "Nobody fights my battles for me. I won't deny anyone who wants to fight alongside me." Her voice was colder than it had been, since a nerve had obviously been struck in her. However, she remained calm.

Geralt would speak again sounding a bit redundant in his words making her wonder if he knew how to speak properly about anything. No matter. He would threaten them once again and find hinself disappearing into thin air. Whatever. Natasha would sigh as she brought her hand up to rub the back of her neck. "Hmm. Thanks for coming. Although, now it seems we have another target on our back," her voice had flattened out once again as she spoke to Accelerator. "I can't say I'm personally too worried, but taking these threats lightly would still be ignorant," Natasha would begin her walk out of the alley wondering if Accelerator would follow her back or perhaps run off on his own. Either way, she was going to have to do some thinking on this one.

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