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#1 Doku works with Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:50 pm

Doku awaited the arrival of his old best bloke Ishii, a big bastard by any measure of the imagination. He was the only real tank one could hope to train with these days, since most Shinigami seemed to fit into other niche roles and archetypes. Nonetheless Doku awaited his arrival with his Zanpakuto drawn, pondering how exactly he would fight with the man was as much a factor of the fight as the swinging of the swords was. Doku cracked his neck slowly and rolled his shoulders knowing he had arrived incredibly early for this training session, but Ishii was likewise early on this particular occasion much to Doku's evident surprise.

"Thought you'd never get here ya big cunt." Doku smirked pointing his blade at the big bastard, waiting for him to draw and fight him. This battle was the Captain of Squad 6 vs the Captain of Squad 11 in a spar for supremacy and practice. Hopefully, that's all it would amount to.

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#2 Re: Doku works with Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:33 am

Ishii had gotten a notice about a spar that doku had wanted to have. Ishii wasn't the type to usually back down from a fight, and it would prove regardless to be a learning experience. Ishii made his way to the training grounds, spotting a certain Doku along the way. Doku would call out, as Ishii made his way into the grounds. "Thought you'd never get here ya big cunt.", Doku would say smirking while he pointed his sword towards Ishii. Ishii rolled his eyes, un-caring of Doku's statement. "Lets get this on already", Ishii would say in a deep, annoyed, and monotone voice.

Ishii unsheathed his axe, he would look at it for a moment before turning his gaze to Doku. Taking a step foward, Ishii would backhand Doku's sword out of his presence with his left hand, while also swinging his axe over his head with his right. Ishii would be aiming to cut Doku longways.

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#3 Re: Doku works with Ishii (1-1 vs 1-3) on Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:42 am

The man called for Doku to begin and he figured that was a request he could oblige. As the man unsheathed his axe and turned to face Doku, it was hard not to notice the difference in size between the two of them. Nonetheless, Doku would stand firm, at least until the big bastard would proceed to backhand Doku's blade aside and force Doku to the defensive right off the bat. Doku narrowly pulled his blade back to confront the axe, but felt himself pushed down into the ground in an instant, cratering it on impact due to the power and weight of the axe crushing his body to the ground. Blood immediately began to spew from his mouth, as he narrowly avoided being finished by using his Zanpakuto to block the blade of the axe. He gritted his teeth, noting the trickle of blood that poured from between each and every one of them, and began to look back at the man.

Doku knew he had to fight dirty, so he spat some of that horridly toxic blood into the mans face and grinned a shit-eating grin, ascending to Bankai in an instant to see if he could maybe power himself out from underneath while the distraction was present, once he had, he pointed his sword at the man and began to smile. "Come at me Ishii!"

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