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#1 Ika spars with Hagane (1-1 vs 1-3) on Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:45 pm

It was a bright sunny day in the Gotei 13 and Ika was looking to spar with the son of his fathers most trusted guard. Hagane was a big motherfucker like his father, and Ika was always one to try a new challenge. In truth, there was no one quite like Hagane in the Gotei 13 at the present time. Tanks were such a rare and unique type of fighter, and Ika wanted to see how he would fair against them. At this time, Ika was the Captain of squad two, and Hagane was the captain of squad eleven. Lighting a cigarette as one would, Ika awaited the approach of his challenger.

Of course it didn't take long, and he wasn't hard to hear. Hagane was a loud cunt, and a tink, tink, tink was heard wherever he decided to wander. From the sounds of things, he was wandering over to Ika. It was probably a good time to get ready..

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