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Haru had heard rumors about the new leader of the committee also being one who fancies their weapons on the slightly larger side of things, as his full bring power equated to that of a shapeshifting broad sword with some nifty abilities. But the rumors were enough to get the lazy silver haired fullbringer off his rump, and request a training session. Of course the fact that Natasha, his new boss was easy on the eyes didn't hurt much. Of course as it stood right now Haru was far too scared to say something like that to her face.

Haru had made his way to the Committee training room, the simulation system that was used to train the combat members of the committee without the risk of drawing unwanted hollow attention, or causing any kind of collateral damage to the city itself. Messing with the control panel while he waited for his boss to arrive, Haru had settled on a large flat grassy area with just a couple of tree's and a large rock off in the distance. It looked like something straight out of a shonen fight seen with little to no cover, which would allow the silver-haired full bringer to take full advantage of his mobility.

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Natasha had been hoping to get along more with the people of her organization and she was finally getting those chances. It seemed the more the word of her gathered the more people seemed to be reaching out to her. She also tended to reach out to a majority of the others, as well. Anyway, it seemed word had spread to a member by the name of Haru, one she hadn't particularly spoken to yet, and she would find it impossible to deny his request for a training session. Natasha would never deny an individual to increase their ability to fight for the greater good of human kind. So, she would obviously accept and the scheduled day had finally come.

The green haired beauty would waltz into the simulation room surrounded by wide open space and a few plants. This would be the first time Natasha had set foor in the simulator and she had to admit, it was a magnificent idea. Upon further inspection, she would come across a boy still messing with the controls for the room. He had obviously thought long and hard about the arena style to have to his advantage. Natasha would grin as she walked up to him, "Smart boy. I appreciate a man who is willing to plan ahead and plan smart. Anyway, I am Natasha. It's a pleasure to finally meet you."

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Haru would turn towards the door as it opened, revealing the green haired maiden who now ran the most powerful collection of humans. His Purple eyes measuring her up as she entered. She had taken in the scenery that he had chosen, and complimented him on his choices, as if he had some kind of brilliant plan behind his choice. "Haru Glory, at your service, and trust me. The pleasure is mine."

"As you are probably the more experienced, and definitely the more powerful of us, so how do you wish to do this M'am" Haru would say with a slight bow, his body tense waiting to see what Natasha was going to do.

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Natasha would watch as the boy before her seemed a bit tense about the whole encounter when he was the one that asked for her aid. She would tilt her head as he bowed, which was something she could never get used to. Growing up where she did there was no bowing, but she wouldn't express that aloud. It was still a form of respect and she wasn't willing to take that away from anyone. Natasha would stare at the boy before she would find herself walking closer to him and around his being in a circle.

"Haru Glory? What an interesting name. Well, Haru.. May I call you that?" Natasha would wait for an answer as she would stop in front of him to look him in the face. Green eyes would stare at his features if he so let her, "Are you afraid of me?" She would ask quite bluntly with her head tilted. This time she would attempt to make her voice sound a bit more filled with emotions of concern, although it wasn't something she was good at.

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"Yes M'am" Haru would respond to Natasha's question, his eyes following her movements as she paced around him like a predator sizing up their prey. Then came a question that Haru would never expect, was he afraid of her, he would look like he had been slapped by the very words. As soon as Haru found his words again he would speak, keeping his voice as level as possible while he did so, "I hadn't ever thought of it, in fact thinking about it now I wouldn't say that I am, we are part of the same team after all, so there is no reason for me to fear you. If that wasn't the case I would probably be absolutely terrified."

While that whole exchange went down The silver-haired swordsman would not relax his guard, not knowing whether she was going to announce the starting of the training or whether she would just rush into an attack to try and catch him off guard.

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Natasha would stare with green eyes fixated on the boy in front of her. Her expressions softening as he spoke about not being frightened of her. "That's good. Your head is in the right place. We are all here for potentially the same reasons. I am here specifically to protect us as a people, as an organization, as a race. I'm here to help others reach their goals and the goals of our organization. When you asked me to come train you, I was glad, overjoyed in fact. I believe we all need to be om the same page and in order to do that, we need to all get along and work together." Natasha would turn away from the boy before smirking.

She would reach her hand into her pocket dimension before pulling out a giant sword larger than a normal human could handle. As soon as she pulled it out, she would swing it around in an attempt to strike near the boys neck. If he didn't move, she would stop. If he dodged, she would surely let him. If he pulled out an attack of his own, the training would begin immediately.

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Haru would smile as Natasha complimented him, though he would not drop his guard, which was probably for the best as she drew a massive blade, literally out of thin air swinging it hard towards Haru's head. The silver haired swordsman kicked backwards just fast enough that the blade passed just inches in front of his nose. Clutching the pendant from around his neck, Haru would activate his full bring powers, the pendant turned into the large broadsword that the young man wielded with one hand. "Okay I guess we are doing this"

Skidding to a stop Haru would flash in with bringer light keeping his body low as he could swinging his large his blade at Natasha's hip, turning the blade so that it would strike with the flat instead of cutting her deep if it hit.

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Natasha would grin as the boy so intelligently dodged her swing, even if it was just by a single hair. Green eyes would watch as the boy seemed to pull out a large sword of his own. So, that's why he wanted her to train him. Surely, he knew of her abilities or maybe it was simply because she was the strongest of the rest. Even still, she was fairly glad she would be able to give this boy guidance that he certainly needed. She would watch him come at her from below. It was a good idea, but it wouldn't get him very far.

Natasha would see the swing coming for her hip and she would block her her own blade. Green eyes shown with amusement as the woman would attempt a kick to the boy's chest since he was certainly low enough. If the kick hit, he would surely have problems perhaps some bruising and breaking considering her enhanced strength, although she would try her hardest not to completely incapacitate him. Natasha had never really been of the type to train others, so this would be training of her own.

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Haru's blade was blocked, which was not exactly unexpected, catching sight of the movement signalling the incoming kick, raising his hand Haru would catch the kick pushing off of the blow to launch himself backwards, using the force of the kick to propel himself even further Haru would flip mid air, shouting out "Empower, Silfarion" While Haru flipped through the air, his broadsword shifting into a single edged blue blade. Haru's body lightening increasing his speed to even greater heights.

Smiling as his feet touched down Haru would swing his blade three times from a distance launching off blades of compressed air with each swing watching how Natasha was going to react, as soon as she dealt with the blades either by dodging or blocking Haru would flash behind her, his improved speed making him even harder to follow as he would lash out with the back of his blade aiming a strike down on her shoulder.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Silfarion
Description: Silfarion is a blue single edged sword. While in this form Haru's weight seemingly drops increasing his agility by x2 on top of his released boosts (bringing total agility boost to x6). In this form the 10 Commandments can also fire off blades of compressed air that will strike with the force of a hado 20, and cut like a zanpakuto edge. Can not be held for more than 5 consecutive posts, after that it goes on a 2 post cooldown reverting back to Eisenmeteor.

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Natasha would find herself impressed as the boy used her kick to his advantage rather than being completely knocked down because of it. She would watch as he used it to distance himself allowing him to utilize his longer ranged attacks, however Natasha wasn't going to be brought down by such a small attack. She would dodge the attacks by moving out of their path considering they were straight shot at her. Then, she would watch him move. His speeds were impressive, but not much to be feared at her level.

The woman would find herself reaching into her pocket dimension as she was simultaneously swinging her blade around to block the attack from above her shoulder. The woman would find her free hand holding a rather large cannon blasting it once in his direction at cero strength. If this were anything but a simulation, she wouldn't have even fathomed blasting him from so close. Perhaps with his speeds, he would be able to dodge it.


Sword= 1 post left

Ability Name: Fuck Off Cannon
Description: Fuck Off Canon that can take 3 cero's worth of damage and can fire 3 ceros per post. 3 post cooldown when destroyed.

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