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#1 [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:16 am

Accelerator sighed slightly, eyeballing the Committee building he had only seen in passing prior to today. It was a nice building, technologically sophisticated, pleasant aesthetics all around, New York City was certainly what he considered as being his pace but.. He was still unsure to some extent. Regardless, he hoped that whoever would greet him would entice him to join their little group here, otherwise he would be on his way to Bogota to see what they had to offer him. Accelerator knew in his mind what he wanted from this, a chance to protect the human world, sharpen his skills and abilities, and to form some alliances he otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to form.

With that being said, Accelerator's biggest concern was the extent to which whatever faction he joined was going to try to limit him, and stifle his freedoms. Accelerator for years was a man who embraced freedom of travel and movement, and he had lived all over the world by this point. Accelerator, for lack of a better term, was a nomad. He was hardly willing to sacrifice that status willingly, and he wasn't fond of the idea of being tracked either. This was a complete and total fucking drag if one was to be honest, but it was what it was..

Accelerator sighed, and let his Reitsu waft through the air as one would, hoping to bring someone outside to greet him.

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#2 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:40 am

New York city, the biggest city Aria has ever really had a gallery in. The city held so much in it's boundaries for nearly anyone of any wants. There was always something to do. Aria was humming walking towards the Committee headwaters ready to report in for the day and see what was awaiting for the young Fullbringer. She came to a stop noticing a strange reitsu coming from a strange fellow standing in front of the headquarters. Aria didn't like the feel of the reitsu as she allowed her left hand to slide into her messenger bag grabbing the hidden paintbrush inside. She used her free hand to push her strawberry blonde hair behind her right ear as her Blue eyes watched the figure.

"Um, excuse me? Is there something I can help you with?"asked Aria standing a few feet behind Accelerator holding a curious expression on her face tilting her head to the left watching him closely.

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#3 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:57 am

Natasha had already been at the Committee headquarters, it was almost as if she lived there. She left after everyone else and she arrived before everyone else. So, it was safe to say she had definitely known of everyone who walked through the door that day and everyone who hadn't. She knew everyone by their Reiatsu that she had conversed with recently and she knew some traces that she hadn't met yet. Anyway, the point was when she felt Accelerator outside of the building, she knew it was someone new, someone strong, and someone to take caution of for the moment. Moving to the window, she would notice young Aria wandering up to speak to the man. Oh boy. That wasn't good. So, Natasha would hurry her way out of the building not stopping to speak to anyone, but not making herself seem concerned.

She would finally wander her way out of the building in her normal getup as she looked between the two walking with confidence. "Hello, Aria. Glad you made it safe today," Natasha would say with less emotion than she should have for a caring boss, but it didn't really matter. She would turn towards the male before extending her hand hoping he would take it. "My name is Natasha, Leader of this fine organization. I'm sure Aria has already asked and as much as I dislike repetition, Is there anything we can help you with?" She would smile lightly, which was most uncomfortable for her, but she didn't want to seem rude with her first impressions. If possible, she would rather just have a friendly chat with the man instead of starting a fight in the middle of the city, which was less than she could say for her Vice Chief of Research.

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#4 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:42 am

Some chick appeared behind him. She wasn't exactly powerful, and her random appearance annoyed Accelerator immensely. He didn't turn to face her, he simply sighed. "I don't know who you are, but goodbye." Behind her towards the right was a telephone pool which his regokinesis had begun to pull out of the ground. He would swing it at her like a ball bat, knocking her away presumably so that he could confront someone who was not some kind of random jobber. This was what he needed to do for his sanity sake, so she was going to have to get over whatever idea she had showing up here. Anyway, time to deal with someone who perhaps wasn't a some fucking weak loser..

Accelerator glared as the leader of the establishment peaked out of the building. He began to use his control vector control to abuse vibrations, which allowed him to quite easily slip through the walls of the Committee meeting to greet the woman. "Well hello there Natasha.. I don't know who Aria is and I don't really care, but I have a rather unique interest in joining this lovely faction of yours.. Any way you could make room for a lone wolf like myself? I only have a few expectations and demands for my alignment.." Accelerator would let his rather immense Spiritual Pressure fill the room. "I think I could be a helpful enough weapon to make it worth your while, yeah?"

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#5 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:01 am

Aria blinked hearing movement to the left of her Looking over at the telephone pool before she blur past him landing behind Natasha re straightening her dress "Yep I tend to make it safely...Besides that rude introduction."Said Aria sweetly to her leader "Very rude indeed... But not my business to judge.Some people have strange ways going about things I guess...First time that ever happened."She said allowing her annoyance to bubble back to her sweet self. Personally she was a bit surprised to even have a freaking telephone pool swung at her...Who the hell does that anyways to a simple question.

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#6 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:06 am

As Aria had a telephone pole at her, Natasha couldn't say she was all that surprised or all that happy about it. However, it seemed that Aria had handled herself just fine and even managed to form a few sentences about her annoyance for this man's introduction. This would amuse the committee's leader, except she wouldn't show that upon her rather concerned looking face. Something much more.. adorable had caught her eye, even as Accelerator seemed to phase through the walls.

Natasha would glance between him and what seemed to be a child, even as he flared his Reiatsu and started talking about getting a place in her organization. Natasha would nod as she continued to stare at the man. "Lone wolf, huh? Well, I'm not sure about that much, but I do believe I have something that would suit someone lile yourself. But uhm.. I-I.. does.. that girl belong to you?" The woman would speak pointing towards Aria, where a small girl would find herself hiding.

The small girl would poke her head out and immediately hide it again behind something rather... soft? The child would look up only to be face to face with a.. girl. A girl much bigger than she was. A pretty girl. Misaka's eyes would sparkle before she would shake her head violently. "Shhh.. Misaka doesn't want asselerator to know Misaka is here. Misaka was supposed to stay home," she small voice held a loud whisper as she hadn't quite figured out how yet. Oh boy, this would be fun.

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#7 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:24 pm

The annoying woman had seemingly survived Accelerators attack and made it to the safety of Natasha's back, it was a pity, but other than that Accelerator had little interest in her. He just stared a hole through her briefly and dismissed her. "Go do something productive other than annoy me you weak pest.. now then.." Accelerator had no interest in entertaining this weakling further, so he turned his attention to Natasha. She had seemed to listen to him and as she was trying to find a spot for him out popped Misaka. Accelerator's forehead twitched, a bead of sweat would drip down his forehead before he would lift the floor tile up off the ground that held Misaka on it, as he deposited her into the arms of the nearby weakling. "Go entertain her, this is a business meeting." He would then look back to Natasha, "Now.. go on?"

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#8 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:04 am

Aria listened to accelerator clearly seem annoyed with her for really no reason what so ever. She was thinking of responding but felt it was best not to with the fact he was trying to stare a hole throw her only to dismiss her. Aria sighed scratching her head about to leave when Natasha pointed out a small figure hiding behind her. "huh?"she asked looking down at a small girl "Where did you come from?"she asked before seeing Accelerator quickly pick up the child before handing her to Aria...Now a temporary babysitter. Aria blinked silently a few times trying to let her mind register why she was now a babysitter out of the blue "uh alright...Um lets go see what Alex and Jun are doing and what inventions we can play with."Said Aria shaking her head snapping back to reality. "I am Aria by the way, what is your name?"She asked turning to leave to let the 'Adults' talk.

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#9 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Tue Jul 03, 2018 9:59 am

Natasha would watch the small girl as she did her best at hiding from what looked like Accelerator, but seemingly failed. The small child would find herself lifted up by the floor tile that Accelerator controlled only to be dumped off into Aria's arms. Well, she couldn't say she was all that surprised, but how could he just drop her off in some random girl's arms? Then again, she was sure that if thus child was important to him, he would certainly tear whoever hurt her to pieces. Natasha would stare at Aria as Accelerator told her to watch the child and for the leader to continue. Then, she would nod at Aria, "I try not to ask anyone for too much, but if you would accept his request, it would go much smoother for all of us," Natasha would say with a smile.

The green haired woman would turn towards Accelerator after giving Aria the order to watch the child. Her eyes would scan his person and think of all the action he had displayed upon showing up at the Committee headquarters. "Well, I would assume you wouldn't be fond of taking orders from anyone meaning a scout wouldn't be in your best interest. From what u can tell, you're not a long ranged fighter, nor are you the type to he stealthy. Taking all of this into concideration, I havw been looking for the one person to fill our Combat Division leader. However, this would give you responsibilities over subordinates, but you would ultimately be in charge. On the contrary, you won't need your people to follow you around constantly, nor will you be forced to work with anyone, unless I give the order. That you shouldn't have to worry about because I try to let the divisions do whatever it is they do without completely micromanaging them," Natasha would spill all this information out at once while simultaneously pulling her thoughts together. "Does this sound like an interest to you?" The woman had stopped to ask before she would continue that topic of the conversation.


Misaka had been found out and dumped into the arms of the woman she had been hiding behind. Her big brown eyes would look terrified as she was now in the grasp of a stranger. She would look between the pretty lady, Accelerator, and the green haired lady as her small lip would quiver. The pretty lady would talk and Misaka would look at her with a frightened face before she would say the word "play". Misaka loved to play, so of course, her face would instantly light up as her eyes would show interest.

The woman would then say her name and ask for Misaka's in the process. "Misaka's name is Misaka and Misaka loves to play!" Her voice was bright and cheery. She wasn't sure why Accelerator would come to this place, however she knew that she liked it already. This girl was nice and the green haired lady seemed nice too. Except, she also seemed kinda sad most of the time. Well, whatever. She was about to go play!

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#10 Re: [Open] Accelerator joins the Committee on Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:26 am

Misaka and the weakling began to wander off together much to Accelerators visible relief and amusement. He took a deep breathe and began to listen to the woman in front of him prattle on about what he could and could not do, noting that perhaps he would be a good fit for the combat division of the Committee. As she explained the job to him, Accelerator had to admit that the job did in fact have it's merits, and he was a little excited to explore what that job could mean for him. He took a deep breathe, looking at the ground while pondering the situation. He finally threw up an arm and began to reply. "Sounds good to me, just make sure they stay out of my way and we're done here eh?"

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