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#11 Re: [Spar] Status Check on Sun Jul 08, 2018 7:48 pm

The Primera verses the Tercera. Both men had entered their resurrected states, and both seemed to be in perfect contrast of the other. Thor hardly showed any changes, but his power had increased. Wolfgang's was more noticeable, far flashier than what most Espada's Resurrecion tends to be. The Jackal was proud of his true form, but this wasn't the time to marvel. He needed to take this spar seriously, he simply needed to treat Thor with the respect that he deserves. The Jackal's Cero blast did as intended, but the damage was a little tame. He was treated to an insight into what makes Thor all the more confident. And that was the fact that he retained his high speed regeneration capabilities. Many Arrancar tend to discard such a basic ability for power. And while basic, high speed regeneration can prove to be a life saver. In the case of Thor, there wasn't much to worry about, unless Wolfgang cut his head off.

The Jackal had prepared himself for what Thor had to offer. And as such he paid very close attention to Thor and his movements. The cards that came as part of Wolfgang's ressurreccion maintained their position around him. Where he went they too went, unless he willed them otherwise. In any case Wolfgang's Cero connected with the man, but the damage was almost nonexistent. And watching Thor create some room between himself and the Jackal. Throughout this whole exchange though, Wolfgang realised one thing. Thor abilities was much more suitable for these conditions. Nevertheless the Primera decided to persevere, because this was only just getting better. As Thor unleashed the two magma balls at Wolfgang, the primera responded in kind. Through his dark mass creation, Wolfgang used the dark teal coloured energy. And shaped it into two large hollow like hands. The hands seemed to be attached to the Jackal's own, but their movements did not rely on his own hand movements.

The first magma ball was met by one of the large hands that Wolfgang created. The hand with its palm opened caught the ball. And by applying pressure, the ball was destroyed causing magma to leak and fall to the ground below. The Jackal watched out for the second magma ball, while doing the same as what happened to the first one. The cards which positioned themselves around the Jackal soon spread out. While two thirds of them stayed close to the man. The Jackal tucked the pistol in his left hand into its holster, leaving it to charge. Thor sent another earth construct at the Primera, prompting the man to react to Thor. The Jackal took hold of a three cards in his hand. The idea was to send the cards hurling, and have them slice through the rock construct. The Jackal thought better of it, knowing that Thor would not stop there. As previously observed, Thor was the type to lead a relentless assault. That much was proven to be true, while Wolfgang remained reserved about his abilities.

In any case, Wolfgang performed a sonido, managing to evade the large rock that was sent hurling towards him. And almost as if on queue, Thor appeared on the right of the man and attacked. The Jackal performed a certain defensive measure simultaneously to Thor attacking. His left hand which held the cards came round, while the Jackal shifted his body weight. His movements appearing most natural and instinctive at the same time. The end result was Thor punching into a large ten feet by ten card from the Jackal's deck. The collison between the two forces caused a tremendous shockwave in the area. Both men at the centre of it all, with a wall(Card) standing between them. A large crater was created below them, while the sand whipped violently pushing outwards and away from them. The Jackal had managed to stop Thor in his tracks. Both that wasn't the only thing that Wolfgang did. The other two cards that was held by the primera had long since slid away. The pair taking up a position on Thor's right and left, meanwhile three more which remained close to Wolfgang attempted to box the man in. Should the Jackal be successful in trapping the man inside the box of cards.

Then Thor would be subjected to a most violent explosion while trapped inside. The explosion was on the level of a level 88 Kido spell. But should Thor had escaped before the Jackal was able to trap him. Then the primera would cease his attack, intending not to make the man any wiser about what might have happened. Meanwhile though the primera remained as vigilant as ever, ready to respond to Thor.
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#12 Re: [Spar] Status Check on Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:35 pm

The two magma balls that were aimed at the man would be stopped, as the Primera would use his energy manipulation to create two hollow-like hands to stop it. As for the large rock that was hurled at him; the Jackal would sonido away, ultimately evading it. The punch, however, which was aimed at the man, would collide with a large wall made out of a single card that expanded itself. The collision itself was so powerful that a large crater was created below them. This scenario reminded Thor of the unstoppable force paradox, or in other words the irresistible force paradox. Where an unstoppable force would be an immovable object. In this case, Thor was the unstoppable force, while Wolfgang was the immovable object.

As the collision was made, the third Espada would go on to turn his right foot a little bit to the side, as a sharp rock shard would shoot itself from the ground behind of the Primera, aiming to impact itself on his back. Soon the man, would go on to release his cards as they would position themselves in such order; the front, the back, left, right and above Thor. Knowing that he was obviously trapped and something bad was going to unfold, the Espada would immediately activate his armour. He would not stop there as he would use his earth manipulation to encase himself inside round an earthen shield. With that...came the blast.

Thor may not be the most versatile Espada, in fact he was not much versatile at all ability-wise. However, compared to other Espadas his defense capabilities were top-notch. This was proved as the blast erupted, yet another shield would activate in order to protect Thor. This shield, unlike the others, was transparent. The shield itself would form around him in a sphere-like shape as it would go on to do what it was intended to do. Be that as it may, blast would completely destroy the sphere-like shape shield only to collide with the earthen shield Thor encased himself with. The blast would also crack through the said shield, ultimately destroying it, as the force would now impact on Thor. What was interesting about this is the fact that the remaining force that hit Thor would do him no damage in whatever way. Not because of the armor that had generated over his body, but due to the blast being in a weaken state when it directly hit Thor. Most of the power of the blast was depleted when it hit the first two shields, in which, the force was not powerful enough to go through Thor's armour.

Bending his left arm by the elbow, aiming it at the Jackal, the third espada would swing his fist down. At that instant, a massive wave of magma would be blasted outwards towards the man at full force. Sonido'ing towards the man's left, Thor would aim a punch at the mans jaw, if it was successful he would follow it by kicking the side of the mans leg attempting to trip him and make him fall down. If that were to happen, Thor would use his magma manipulation to form an axe in his hand as he would proceed to strike it at the fallen mans chest area.

If by any chance, the Primera were to avoid the punch that was aimed at his jaw, Thor would instantly unleashes a crimson and azure coloured, smoke-like miasma, outwards from him in every direction in hopes of burning the Jackal. Taking a step back, the Espada would then stomp the ground, making a three by three boulder rise up, he would launch it at the man. What was unique about this attack was that when the boulder gets closer to the Primera, Thor would make it explode, in which would make sharp rock shards blast outwards in all directions, making it harder for the man to evade. Thor would then Sonido to the right of the man, stomping on the ground again, summoning another boulder, which he would hurl at the man. Jackal would most likely expect this hurled boulder to the explode as well; but it wouldn't. It would go straight at him. If the man avoids, Thor would be a few feet behind him, wherever he was, pointing his palm at Jackal, he would utter, "gran rey cero."


Techniques used:

Rustning Evig - Another layer thick of armor generates over existing armor and body The armor is able to withstand damage up to a Gran Rey Cero. Anything stronger than that would directly hit him. Coming into contact with him would directly result in the enemy getting burned. Lasts for 3 posts with 4 post CD.

Vegg av Død - A magma barrier which is fixed to his back, front, left and right side of body, and when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the barrier enlarges fully in a sphere-like shape around him, protecting him from attacks. The magma solidifies itself making the barrier more durable.

The barrier can block up to 2 Cero's worth of damage. He is able to use the ability 2 times (2 posts) in a row with a 4 post cool down.

Død Luft - Thor unleashes a crimson and azure coloured, smoke-like miasma, which, radiating outward from him, melts and burns anything which it comes into contact with. The miasma has the ability move fast equivalent to speed of a Cero. Does not affect Thor, of course.  

Affects an area of 75-ft in all directions (up, front, back, right, left, and etc). Gives the enemy 2nd degree burns. He is able to use the ability 3 times (3 posts) in a row with a 12 post cool down.

Earth Manipulation - Thor has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.

Magma Manipulation - Thor at will can generate lava through his body and manipulate it. He can shoot massive continues streams of magma from his fingertips, fists, mouth, palms, or legs. Thor is able to coat in magma in said parts and direct them outwards if he wishes in at around Bala speed. His lava manipulation have a range of 100-ft in all directions. Using his magma manipulation ability he can create magma whips, hammers, balls, axes and etc. The magma gives the opponent 2nd degree burns.


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#13 Re: [Spar] Status Check on Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:13 am

The Primera was up against it and so too was his opponent. Their styles differed but was unique. To each his own, and as before Wolfgang knew that Thor wasn't going to stop. The Tercera seemed the type to attack regardless. This meant that The Jackal was expecting nothing less than a follow up from Thor. Even before he was trapped, the Espada saw fit to attack the Primera with a shard of earth. The spiritual pressure of the Primera coming to his aid, something which had been increasing since he entered his Ressureccion state. The Jackal may not have high speed regeneration, but his reiatsu remained one of his strongest assets. And as they say, a battle between opponents of their nature, was also a battle of Reiatsu. The Primera knew his words, and as such when the shard connected with him. It resulted in a mere scratch, before crumbling to nothing. While Thor was trapped, Wolfgang smiled, while noticing Thor's reaction. As such Wolfgang too prepared himself, ready to test the capabilities of Thor's defence. Not only that but he was also ready to react and defend himself should Thor leave in good shape.

The explosion went off, and Wolfgang performed a Sonido, creating a good forty meters between himself and Thor. Still his pistol was in its holster charging up. The Primera was a little disappointed and yet intrigued by Thor's ability to come away unscathed. The Tercera was certainly an interesting foe, and was most certainly deserving of his position. As the contained explosion went off, the six cards were no more. Soon to be regenerated but not yet. Wolfgang watched carefully as Thor made his move. The man was relentless for sure, never taking a break. But something was becoming obvious to the Primera now. The man smiled internally to himself, wondering just how longer he'd be able to enjoy this battle. As Thor punched the ground and released the Magma towards Wolfgang. The Primera figured straight away that at best that was a diversionary tactic by Thor. His attack patterns was a mixture of earth and magma release. Which was often combined with the use of a Sonido, either from the sides or above. On occasion the Tercera Espada will attack from behind. Not to mention the Jackal was familiar with his weapon of choice. With that knowledge, the Primera could better predict his opponent.

And so he did as the magma came at him, Wolfgang used his dark mass creation technique. And through that a large wall of dark teal coloured energy rose up. It continued to rise as the magma came. And all that Wolfgang needed to do was deal with Thor who was already assaulting the Jackal. Following the man using his pesquisa, Thor appeared on the left of the Primera who by now had his right hand pointing his pistol across his stomach to the left. The nozzle of the weapon directed at the position where Thor appeared, and was already primed to fire. Meanwhile the structure created by the Jackal continued to rise. The magma of course collided with it, while keeping it at all. The structure rose and it will do so until the Magma was a non factor. As for Thor and the Jackal, well the third Espada was met with powerful blasts. It was well time too, released as six bullets in rapid succession as the man squeezed on the trigger. The bullets blasted forth and met Thor as he appeared and attempted to punch the Primera.

Should the bullets connect with the man, Thor will feel the pain of the blasts, and will also be sent flying away some distance. This means that Thor's follow up attack would have been halted for now at least. With the release of the bullets though, the Jackal performed a Sonido in order to take him away from his current position. Wolfgang reappeared down below, his feet touching the sands, while away from the Magma and harm. The man did something that was truly comical in his opinion. Using his controllar ability, the man generated a five sided sign around himself. The word "STOP" was written using the teal coloured energy. The Jackal had the word positioned above, in front, behind and on both sides of himself. This was to mark the end of their spar. The Jackal figured that he had shown Thor enough without having to descend into death's territory.


¬Name: Dark Mass Creation

¬Level: Ressureccion

¬Types: Supplementary

¬Effect: Dark Mass Creation allows the Jackal to gather the dark energy afforded by his ressureccion and manipulate it. This was he is capable to reshaping it to form sturdy structures for defense. And other offensive abilities as was described above in his ressureccion ability.

Range: Long
Duration/Post Usage: 2
Preparation: None
Cool Down: 4

¬Name: Revólver Brigada- Revolver Brigade
¬Level: Ressureccion
¬Types: Offense
¬Effect: Revolver Brigada is generally fired off from the pistols of The Jackal. The Jackal will unload six shots from his pistol(s) that is consisted of dark energy generated by the ability of his Resurrecion. These bullets of course share the same ability from his Resurreccion, but there is something that truly sets them apart from other similar techniques. The bullets are about the same size of a Cero blast. These bullets are of a black and teal color with card symbols decorating it which makes it recognizable of being from the Jackal. Revolver Brigada consist of dark energy as mentioned. These bullets are thus generated to be two times as fast as a Cero technique. While not unavoidable, it does lend to catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard. Upon collision with the target or even on impact, the Revolver Brigada blasts will explode covering up an area of 60 meters. The technique itself doesn’t cause a fiery explosion per say. Instead it is more like a violent shock wave that is just as effective, as it rips apart materials and the likes that it collides with. The blasts/bullets are said to be on the same level as a level 88 Hado spell(When released as a combined force. Single bullets are more like a level 75 hado spell).

→Name: Controlar→ Control
→Level: Innate Ability
→Type: Supplementary
→Effect: The Jackal while fighting tends to utilize a special kind of energy. One that is dark with a teal coloured glow to it. The Jackal is capable to creating, manipulating, reconstructing, and reshaping the energy to his liking. This energy which he has control over, can take on different states. He can distribute the energy in such a way, that he can go on the offensive and defend just as well. The potency of the energy is said to be comparable to a Cero, both offensive and defensively. The volume can be increased and decreased based on what he is attempting to accomplish. The energy can be used to augment his physical capabilities. Making his sword slashes more potent, and in some cases his strikes will become less predictable.
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