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Ika Mazi

Doku watched as the mans Bankai was cleaved in two and he sat there in a pool of his own blood, on one knee. "Your Zanpakuto is a fake boy, I will not be matched nor strengthened by competing with the likes of a fake Zanpakuto. You will dwell on what you've learned from this till morning. If you are still among the living I will take you to the Soul Society to find your true Zanpakuto, to forge a new path for your otherwise worthless and meaningless existence. If you die.. well.." Doku would turn and look away from the man, not even bothering to make eye contact. "A pity that would be." As he said these words he would head off, not bothering to face the mangled mess he had made. If it was worth his time it would be there in the morning.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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The blood soaked the ground around him, seeping down the spears. However, as he left the man pulled his spears from Seo, each spear sliding out leaving a hole. The hollow inside him whispered., it wanted to live but was Seo really allowed to? Did he want to? Ah, the darkness slowly creeped into his view and with that it left him alone and dying.

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