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#21 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:53 am

Ika turned to celebrate his victory but was cut off by yet another giant fuck off cannon. Where the fuck was this chick getting these from?.. He used Sonido to get out of the way, but was caught by the blast radius in part, blowing him away. He would pivot off his landing, catching himself with one hand before Shunpoing twice to get in close with the woman. He had to stay in close at this point. He got to her face and launched a shoot at her ribs before following it up with an elbow aimed at her jaw, hoping to put her on the ground. If she moved he would Shunpo to stay on her, knowing that if she didn't get him away from her, she was as good as beat.

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#22 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:19 am

It seemed lost as Ika attempted to run from the cannom fire, which would cause Natasha to sigh. However, she would then see his body pushed away on the edge of the blast putting another sparkle in her eye. This was the best fight she had since she literally made that one girl eat her own teeth. That was a long time ago though, she wasn't even a teen yet. Anyway, the point was, she was excited, even as Ika shunpo'd at her. She would lift her cannon again firing off another blast in his direction in an attempt to keep him off of her hopefully avoiding whatever he had been planning.

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#23 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:32 am

The woman had fallen for Ika's trap. Ika saw the Cero blast oncoming and put on the brakes, it had been angled to where he would be, and he was no longer there. He immediately charged a Cero at the tip of his finger, and as he Shunpo'd back to a diagonal position far away from where he would've been, the two Cero blasts would collide. Acid would spill out to the ground, but she wouldn't know that. Ika would observe the cratered ground in front of him, and the acid that had splattered throughout the battlefield in trace quantities. He smirked as the smoke began to clear and as far as he could tell, it looked as though his attack had been a pretty solid success in every sense of the word.

He Shunpo'd forth, hoping to take her attention for but a moment before acid shot up from the ground directly into her eyes. Whether or not it hit was irrelevant, because he would launch a Shunpo speed punch at her cheek, hoping to knock her away from him a half second after contact. Assuming this worked, he would inventory the situation to be sure his strategy had worked out as seamlessly as he had intended for it to work out. What he instead learned was that he hadn't quite cleared the blast radius, and the prior cero collision had singed his leg with second degree burns. He also noticed that his breathing was becoming a bit heavier, and he was finding it more difficult to avoid breathing out of his mouth.

It was now or never, Ika was almost certainly going to have to finish the fight within the next few exchanges, or he'd tire out and lose his first fight since his academy days. This was not something he was looking forward to, and he fully intended to put the girl down one way or another. Ika would Shunpo forwards, coming in low, so that he could come up with some leverage for his next series of strikes and attacks. He wasn't sure how well this strategy would work, but it was what he had opted to go with at this point..

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#24 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:56 am

The blast would find its way towards Ika or so she hoped considering she couldn't see much at all passed it. She would wait watching it get further from her only to explode hopefully upon contact with Ika's being. Green eyes narrowed as she hoped to see the dust clearing and his body pulling itself off the dirt, which wasn't going to happen as she saw him standing perfectly straightened. She would groan as her cannon disappeared and she watched Ika come at her once more. What was she going to do?

Just as Natasha seemed to come up with an idea, Acid came out of nowhere splashing her in the face, more specifically the eyes. She would let out a scream as it instantly burned her green orbs. "Shit!" was all she could manage to say as she still felt Ika coming at her via his energy. She would panick as she now couldn't see and he was growing closer. So as he came upon her, Natasha would use Blur to move backwards to escape his punch to the face without actually realizing it. She would land on both legs before collapsing to one knee, as she let out another yelp of pain. She couldn't stand, so she hoped she could at least reach him with the length of her weapons.

Then, she would reach into into her pocket dimension once more, as she held her free arm over her eyes cursing and groaning about in pain. She would feel him coming at her again. He was growing close and he was much lower this time. It was almost as if she could see him through his energy, but she couldn't really. As he grew closer, she would grab the handle with both hands revealing her burned, bloodied, blind eyes as she swung down with all of her might hoping to catch Ika in the process. If she were to be able to catch him, he would surely have multiple cases of broken bones.

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#25 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:08 am

The woman was standing perfectly straight, but then came the screams. The woman's eyes had been splattered with the acid, and her vision was presumably killed off by the attack. The woman cursed as Ika came towards her, intoxicating Ika with a blood lust he hadn't known in years. He hadn't been challenged like this in years, and he had finally toppled his foe or so he thought. The woman panicked, using Blur to get out of the way of his punch. The strategy worked, but it put too much pressure on her legs and one of her knees appeared to collapse out from under her as she fell to one knee. She let out another cry, clearly in pain from all Ika had done but he knew the job was far from over. As he began to wait for her surrender he noticed she had called that pocket dimension forth yet again..

Apparently, this fight wasn't going to end as easily as he had hoped. He continued his rush forwards and stayed underneath as intended, noting that the woman was covering her injured eyes with one of her arms as she continued to groan and cry with pain. She was trying to sense his location, and it seemed that she had succeeded. Ika noticed that she had begun to hold the sword with both arms, and as Ika had finally appeared in front of her she swung downwards with all of her might. Ika caught it with the gauntlets on his forearm, but the impact alone shattered the bones within it, leaving him only one good arm left to work with. He dug his back foot into the ground, and began to launch punches towards her ribs. The swings were straight into her ribs, He was hoping to shatter her ribs and potentially even puncture her lungs. He felt his arm giving out underneath the weight of the blade..

Ika's arm was now broken up to the elbow and he was at his pain limit by this point. His arm gave out and he moved to the side as the sword cratered the ground beside him. He would try to use Sonido to take himself forwards, launching a punch at the woman's nose. He didn't exactly anticipate that it would hit, but he would wait to see where she would end up. Depending on where exactly it was that she would end up, he would begin to plan out his next attack, which would be inherently stealth based. He was taking a leg and finishing her here, and that would be a wrap for the spar as far as he was concerned.

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#26 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:37 am

As she swung down, she would feel the force of her nlade hitting something and she would feel the breakage of what she could only assume was bone. Well, at least it felt like what her bones had felt like when Ika smashed the shit out of her leg. Anyway, she would only be at the advantage for a second as Ika would take his other arm and strike at her ribs multiple times. With every punch she would cry out in pain, until her ribs finally cracked causing her to spit up blood. She would find it harder to breathe as it seemed her lung was inherently punctured along with the broken limbs.

Even through her pain, she wouldn't let up as she pushed the sword down consistently until it smashed into the earth as she could feel her blade sink into the dirt forcefully. Then, she would feel Ika coming for her once again, however this time she would use a simply push off of the ground to send her backwards away from the punch. As she did this, she would drag the sword with her using it as a sort of leverage to keep standing straight. She wasn't sure where he would go to next, but she would stand still trying to keep him in her senses.

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#27 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:42 am

The woman cried out in pain every time Ika connected his fist with her ribs, forcing her to cough up blood by the third time his fist made contact. Her lungs were presumably punctured, and her ribs were certainly fractured. The woman's breathing became labored, and she seemed to be grimacing with every breathe she took. The woman caught herself with her blade as she was being forced backwards, digging it into the ground so that she could stop her backwards momentum, and probably avoid Ika stomping her again. Regardless, she was about to find out how fucking silly this idea was, because he was about to beat her fucking brains in yet again.

She was lucky, and used her sword to push herself away from him yet again, and she used the sword as leverage to keep herself standing up straight for some stupid fucking reason. "Just stay down, or I'll put you down!" Ika knew what he had to do from here, "Bakudo 26..." The woman wouldn't know his location, she wouldn't know where he was or what he was doing. He would sneak up behind her and smirk, she was clueless as to where he was and he would abuse this opportunity soundly. He launched a straight kick at her off-knee, listening for a scream before he would proceed to launch a straight right at the side of her head.

His hope was she had been knocked unconscious, but he knew better than to suspect that it had worked.

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#28 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:56 am

As she stood there as silent as humanly possible with destroyed lungs, she would hear Ika Mazi speak something aloud. It was hardly interesting, but she kmew better than to turn herself away from him. Well, until he fuckinh disappeared, which was just what a blind person needed. What was she supposed to do? She couldn't exactly look for a missing person when she was blind. Maybe, if she screamed Marco, he would shout Polo. Who knew? Certainly, not her. She certainly wouldn't see him, hear him, or even smell him sneaking up right behind her with such malicious intent in his eyes. He was going to do something extravagant.

She would feel the force of his foot smash directly into her second knee, as another scream emitted from her mouth. Her body was shaking somewhere between lightly and violently at this point due to all of the damage. It was highly likely she would have nerve damage, but she would try her best to keep fighting, until she was unconscious. Unconscious? She was in the perfect position for it and she didn't enjoy that thought as she reached down towards the ground into her pocket dimension. She would squirm on the ground distracting Ika from her plan, hopefully. As she felt him grow closer to her body on the ground, she would pull out her cannon and fire a blast, point blank at him. Hopefully, she had just ended the fight.

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#29 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:12 pm

Clearly she hadn't known that he was coming up behind her, but she was visually apprehensive about this whole scenario. Sure, he could take this opportunity to be a goofy cunt, maybe goose her on the ass or something, but with the Me Too movement being at large coupled with the fact that Ika was already paying a third of his income towards abortions, he felt his hands were probably tied in that regard. Besides, he had already fucked Helen Keller earlier on in one of his.. less talked about moments as a Shinigami. There was really no need to add another moment here unless the circumstance asked for it which, spoiler alert, it 100% did not truly entail that.

As Ika's foot smashed into her knee he heard yet another scream come from her mouth, he was almost certain that someone was going to hear her and end the fight. He kind of hoped so at this point, she really just needed to relent, to quit and let this all be over. Her body was shaking all over, Ika had almost certainly concussed the girl with the follow up shot to her head. As he went to follow up he noticed something peculiar.. The pocket dimension opened again and she fired off a large cannon blast towards his chest. If it weren't for his Heirro he'd be fucked right there. Instead, he was blown away and had a huge hole where the side of his ribs used to be. With that being said, he was still standing.

He used Serge-Kinetic Constructs to form a weapon, before he deconstructed it into acid to hold his insides, well, inside obviously. He used a shield shaped as a ribcage to hold everything in as Regen did it's work. He was almost out of energy, his stamina was almost entirely depleted. He stumbled over to her with bad intentions. "You will surrender or else.. I.. Fuck.." Ika found himself incapable of finishing his sentence before blood would splatter out of his mouth onto the woman, burning her chest rather badly if he had to guess. Assuming she was still down, he would smirk at her, using the blood on his fingers to launch a Gran Rey Cero at the cannon. His Reiryoku reserves were pretty much fine. He would extend his good hand to lift her up. He knew he had won.

There was no point in continuing this fight, Ika had won in every sense of the word as far as he was concerned. The only thing he felt he had to do now, was play nice. He would take her in for medical attention if she would allow for it, and that was essentially all he could do at this juncture.

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#30 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Tue Jun 26, 2018 12:47 am

It seemed that it wasn't over after the shot to Ika's chest. He still managed to come at her, but she had nothing left at this point. She couldn't move, she couldnt breathe, and hell she couldn't even really see what he was doing. She was literally fucked and anything he decided to do to her now would be the end of it all. As she layed there on that dirt, it was fairly obvious that their spar had gotten fully out of hand, but it sure was enjoyable. She just hoped that in all of his worked up way that he wouldn't continue.

He was over here now and she could tell. However, it seemed that he was at his limit as something warm spilled out onto her chest after his cough. Wait, it was warm.. and it grew hotter.. and shit. What was this guy made of? She would groan through gritted teeth as it burned her skin. What was this stuff anyway? That was the end of that. Her head pounded, her legs throbbed, her ribs and lungs screamed with pain with every movement, her eyes and face were destroyed, and her confidence was out the window. She didn't expect to win, but she had expected to at least be standing in the end. Oh well.

Then, she would feel his hand extend to her to which she would gladly accept it, well when she could find out where it was. At this point, there was no reason to not accept help after all. Besides, this fight had taught her a few things about this man and her abilities as a whole. She just hoped they wouldn't have to really face eachother anytime soon. That would be brutal.

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