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#1 [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:42 am

Ika strolled up to the Committee headquarters and reported to the training grounds. The spar that was about to take place was pre-arranged, and Ika would be working with Committee members in the very near future to teach them how to not suck at hand to hand combat. But that was for another day, part of the agreement was that Ika would get to stretch his legs and take on a challenger close to his stature, in order to work out the kinks in his offense. He hadn't fought in any competitive capacity for quite some time, and he wanted to see if he still had it, or if the world around him had perhaps passed him by in terms of both power, and fighting acumen.

Ika would begin to light the cigarette he had taken with him, he used a Hadou 4 at the end to accomplish this as was customary for him at this point. He cracked his neck, and took a slow drag off of it and let the smoke fill the air in front of him as he expelled it properly from his lungs. The haze in front of him didn't exactly help put off the greatest vibe in regards to his character, but he was what he was by this point in his life. Ika had lived 1500 years, and he wasn't going to change for public appearances now. He would simply continue to smoke, as he awaited the arrival of the woman running the Committee now, a woman known as "Natasha."

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#2 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:09 am

She had been growing accustomed to the ways of the Committee and how to properly run the organization, although she still had some kinks to work out. Even with things being fairly new to her, Natasha found herself in a negotiation of sorts with Ika Mazi, leader of the Chaos Organization. With a name like that and the types of beings there, she was sure to keep an eye on it and her distrust fresh in her mind. As much as she despised working with a Vizard, she needed to get to know the very beings that could possibly end her at any time. It was no doubt that they were all just as strong, if not stronger than her simply because of their races. However, she wanted to know just how powerful this Ika Mazi truly was and see just what he could give her in return. She wanted a good start, a great first impression of sorts, and she hoped today was that day.

Natasha had known of Ika's arrival long before she was informed about it, at which point she figured she would go meet him. So, she would wander her way into the training ground to find the body of a man, crowded by smoke, and quite a bit taller than she was. Well, it suited what she had heard of him. With her five foot four inche, 130 pound frame, she would confidently stride in her ordinary outfit of sorts. Her long, green hair flowed behind her and her bright green eyes stared daggers through him. "Ika Mazi, I can't say it's a pleasure to meet you, but you're here. So, that's something," she would speak in a manner of a confident, fear-free woman. Well she wasn't afraid, she just didn't particularly like him.

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#3 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:40 am

The woman didn't seem to fear Ika, which was a lovely thing to hear at times like these. He was caught a bit off guard by the fact that she seemed so distrusting, so.. contemptuous in their first ever open dialogue. He raised an eyebrow at her slightly, "I'm sorry have we met beyond our representatives speaking to one another to arrange this? I certainly wouldn't consider this to be anything less than a pleasure on my part, but if that's how you feel I guess that's how you feel. Regardless, I came here for a spar, I take it you were at the very least told about that yeah?" Ika would extend his hand out for a hand-shake, hoping she would reciprocate in kind. "I hope you can look past whatever preconceived opinions you have of me to enjoy this fight. Cause I'm going to one way or another."

Ika stepped back and took his stance, he was sideways with a hand forwards, ready to engage whenever she decided to go for it. "I'll give you the first move I suppose. Good luck."

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#4 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:03 am

Natasha would stare at him continuously, even as he began to make his whole spill about the rainbows and sunshine about this day. Well, she had to admit that he was kind in a way that wasn't relatively normal for those of other races. This would seem to calm her suspicions for the time being and allow her to loosen up, even if she still seemed rather stern. As he paused in between his speaking, he would extend a hand leaving her to accept it considering she was the gracious host of this spar. Then, he would speak some more about the fight hopefully being enjoyable for her and her being able to look past her opinions of him. At this point, a sigh would escape her lips, "You're right. I apologize. I just hope I can give you what you're looking for," the woman would speak.

Green eyes would watch as he went into his stance and then engaged her to take the first hit. At this, she would shrug before finding herself ready and rushing at him attempting to punch him in the stomach with her monstrous strength.

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#5 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:09 am

Ika was glad to see that his formalities had worked in regards to warming the girl up to him, and as she charged him in an attempt to punch him in the stomach he quickly noticed her power was not exactly on par with that of an ordinary humans. She was in fact a fucking monster, her power was beyond what Ika could hope to match without some sort of assistance. He would sidestep the punch before launching a kick at the woman's leg, hoping to cause it to swell and potentially give her movement issues down the line. He would then Shunpo to her front before taking to the side he started at, launching a punch at the side of her face before stepping back to get out of her range. He would await her response from what had hopefully been two successful shots at her.

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#6 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:20 am

Natasha hadn't intended to land a hit, but she didn't think Ika would be as quick as he was. He dodged her punch easily only after would he kick at her leg ultimately hitting causing her to stumble over the force before catching herself from completely falling. Her leg radiated with pain, but she could handle it. This was nothing compared to her older trainings as a child. However, she would also find herself struck in the face by Ika's fist causing her body to move with the force as she placed a hand over her cheek. She hadn't kept up with his movement, but perhaps she could keep up next time. So, she would turn towards him again using blur to get closer to him, as she would attempt another punch. Her face would certainly be bruised later, as would her leg as it had already begun to grow red and swell.

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#7 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:25 am

Ika saw her come back towards him, this time using some human Shunpo equivalent called Blur. He watched the punch come in, keeping his sideways stance ready to counter it. He side stepped it and once again launched another kick at that leg, before Shunpoing to her back to do the same thing. He wanted her limping as soon as possible, he hoped that eventually, if he took her legs out from under her she would lose some of her power. After all, a lot of power inevitably came from the lower body, and if she lost leverage due to a bad leg? Boy, she'd be in for a pretty nasty beating. Ika would once again duck out of range, awaiting her next series of attacks. She would need to be a little smarter this time around, or he was really going to put a beating on her.

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#8 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:43 am

He had stayed put, as she went at him, except he would move again. This time he moved much slower, yet still managed to kick her in the same leg leaving her feeling the full effects of pain now. "Damn it.." she seemed to groan lightly as her leg buckled beneath her leaving her on one knee. Her face was red at this point from pain and her leg was substantially more swollen. Her green eyes would glare at him before she would attempt to stand wincing and limping with every ounce of applied pressure. Even through the pain, Natasha would utilize blur to move in and attempt a punch on Ika before using it once more to try and get away from him unscathed, whether her punch hit or not. If she managed ti back away, she would feel pain shoot up her leg once more causing her to collapse back to one knee.

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#9 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:49 am

Ika smirked as the woman buckled to one knee, cursing under her breath as she did so. Her face was a crimson red from pain, and her leg was swelling up rapidly under the power of his leg kicks. She glared at him as she attempted to stand and he smirked, as she rushed forwards towards him he would respond in kind, moving to the side to avoid any oncoming punches he would Shunpo forwards to kick the leg out from under her, and assuming he did so, he would try to punch her in the head once she risen to a knee.  Her punches were simply too slow at this point to affect him, so he didn't feel any need to prolong this ordeal. The fight was over when it began, and now it was simply the prologue.

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#10 Re: [Spar] Ika meets Natasha on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:58 am

Well, she had missed the hit, again. However, she didn't expect to and she certainly knew she wouldn't be anywhere near as quick with her leg the way it was. It was even more of an embarrassment when he came up and swept her leg out from under her causing her whole being to topple over. She would get up kneeling obviously annoyed at the fact that she was mostly immobile and her leg was starting to look a bit like a balloon. Green eyes would look to Ika, who was beginning to come her way. Okay. She had enough of this. As he went for the punch on her already red cheek, Natasha would attempt to grasp his fist and if she succeeded, she would squeeze with all her monstrous strength definitely shattering his bones. If his hand didn't work, it couldn't be used to punch her as hard. If his hand so shattered, Natasha wouldn't hesitate her time to try and toss him across the training grounds just to get him away from her.

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