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#1 [Battle] Assault on the Outskirts on Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:07 pm


It was calm. Quiet, even, across the outskirts of the Soul Society. A garganta opens over a known Hollow Nest in this region, and out steps the Artificial Hollow Super Soldier, code-named A.H.S.S. This one had been sent to cause some chaos, gain the attention of some of the Seireitei's fighters. That is what this one would do.

It lands near the small group of six Hollows, asserting this one's dominance with it's Spirit Energy. "You will attack the nearest village." The leader of the group, wanting to keep control of their little group, attempts to pounce and take the machine down. No machine could beat the real deal, right? That was it's last though before a metallic clawed hand pierced it's mask and skull. the remaining Hollows rushed out then, not wanting to follow their leader's fate. A.H.S.S. follows behind, watching as the Hollows begin to attack the peaceful people. Men, women and children being hunted. A.H.S.S. felt nothing as it watched the gruesome scene. "This should get their attention. Chance of mission success; seventy-eight, percent."
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