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#1 Demise, King of Armageddon - The Executioner on Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:58 am


Name: Unknown
Alias: Demise, King of Armageddon

Real Age: Unknown
Phys. Age: Late 20's

Gender: Male

Personality: Demise is a very serious no-nonsense type of person, and pretty much never smiles. He is always well groomed and clean, simply for the sake of being visually appealing at all times. He is described by others as a gentlemen, and is considered "Handsome" by a lot women. However looks can be deceiving, and under all his Handsomeness lies a Merciless, Brutal, and Inhuman man.

Demise lacks a lot of sympathy and compassion for others, this doesn't make him a bad person, just hard to connect to a lot of the time. Demise is not a forgiving person, and most likely if you betray his trust he will never forgive you. Demise does not care for anyone's life at all, however he is very loyal and makes it his own business to guard anyone allied with him directly. This does not make Demise an Anti-social person, he isn't the type of person to make conversation much, but he always makes it his business to listen.

Even through his calm and inhuman type figure, it can be hard to tell that Demise is a very Brutal person. He has no restraint in punishment, and has no limits to the extent of how much he will beat someone to death. Demise can be utterly savagely violent and enjoys punishing, torturing, and killing others, even if he doesn't show it.

Even through all the bad and good. Demise can be viewed as the grown father type figure.


When exiting his sealed state, Demise's other self is revealed. He's relentless, tormenting, cynical, cruel, and just downright deranged.

"Beware the Dreadnought. Beware the Madman that lies beneath. To him, you are already dead."


Height: 210cm
Weight: 96kg

Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Using strong devastating attacks, and pulling single targets into his own realm. Demise utilizes his control over the battlefield to his advantage. His monstrous attacks and fighting style turn the battlefield to Ruin.  

Strengths: Durability, Strength, Reiryoku, Endurance.

Weaknesses: Kidou, Hakuda, Shunpo.


Sealed Appearance:

Zanpakutou Name: Ruin

Call Out Command: Reap Hysteria, Reap Devastation, Reap Oblivion upon all those who enter my Armageddon!!!


Ability Name: [Passive]In-Humane Body Tactics
Ability Description: Although it cannot be visually seen, the user is made of metal inside and out. Usually visual when cutting said user open. Naturally Steel based make-up.  

Ability Name: [Passive]Sustenance and breathing? The fuck are those?
Ability Description: The user has no need to eat, drink, sleep, etc. Also, the user is very resistant to natural heat and cold effects, and they can survive in the vacuum of space.

Ability Name: "This is gonna hurt a lot, but you'll be better, you'll see"
Ability Description: A simple dumb no sense healing trick, that is for some reason really effective at healing. By burning the wound of an ally with "Healing Blue Fire", the user is able to heal the subject rather well. But good healing can come with a cost, the subjected ally at hand will feel pain beyond agony, irritated and tormented by the extreme burning applied to affected area(under the skin, behind their eyes, through their organs). The good news is, is that the subject after treatment will feel mentally at ease and calm, due to a weird extra effect of the healing ability.

1 post, Small-to-Large cuts, broken bones, cut ligaments, ETC. 2 post, Large-to-Deep cuts, fragmented bones, severed nerves, ETC. 3 post, Severed limbs, extreme organ trauma and damage, decayed/rotted wounds.    


Appearance: Described only as a feared Armoured Vanguard, Demise while in Shikai Grows in size and weight. Becoming 9 foot 6 Inch tall and weighing in at 1500 pounds.


Ability Name: Mineral/Metal Manipulation
Ability Description: User can control and gather together any form of metals, alloys, compounds, ETC. Once every post, the user can also turn a chosen 10m by 10m by 10m area into any metal/alloy/compound they desire. (100m manipulation radius)

Ability Name: [Passive]Metal-Body Armour Mutation
Ability Description: User is completely covered in a very thick coat of Reiatsu Infused Metal (Naturally Steel). Once per post the user can choose to change what metal/alloy/compound that this coat is made of, and can also mix weird combinations together. (Acts like a stupidly strong Hierro)

Ability Name: [Passive]High-Armoured Dreadnought
Ability Description: User takes 30% less damage from all sources of damage. (Becomes 50% during Bankai stage and onward)

Ability Name: [Passive]High-Impact Strikes
Ability Description: Any hit/strike dealt from the user will deal up to Cero damage.

Ability Name: [Passive]Dreadnought Momentum
Ability Description: Described as a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path. The user cannot be stopped unless equal force/measures are applied, or they stop from their own free will. (reflective of the strength stat)

Ability Name: Convection/Conduction/Radiation
Ability Description: The user can instantaneously heat and cool any metal/alloy/compound under their control within an instant. They can precisely control the temperature of said metal/alloy/compound. Upon coming into contact with any heated material, it will cause instant 2nd degree burns.

Ability Name: Armageddon
Ability Description: The User teleports/transports their Ally(s)/enemy(s) and themselves into the Users Realm/Domain. This Realm is known as the Realm of Armageddon. It is a torn battlefield biome completely made of Metal.  


Zanpakuto New Name: Ruin, Queen of Oblivion

Appearance: Described as a Monsterous Armoured-Dreadnought, Demise still retains the same height from Shikai, yet his weight vastly increases to 2500 pounds.  


Ability Name: [Passive]Dreadnought Strength
Ability Description: User has a constant x6 boost to strength.

Ability Name: Hardened Body Structure
Ability Description: The user can coat themselves in Reiatsu Armour, protecting themselves from damage for 1 post, after which an equal cooldown will be set for what durability the armour was.

Cero Durability - 1 post cooldown
Double Cero Durability - 2 post cooldown
Gran Rey Cero Durability - 3 post cooldown
Cero Oscuras Durability - 4 post cooldown

Ability Name: Ferro Energy Cannon
Ability Description: Twice per post, the user is able to release a Cero level energy dome outwards of themselves. Causing damage to all those caught in it's diameter of 20m.

Ability Name: [Passive]High-Speed Regeneration
Ability Description: Self explanatory ability. Except it takes around twice as long to heal than normal.  

Ability Name: Molten-Metal Explosive
Ability Description: The user gathers and creates a large amount of Molten Metal (and Reiatsu), 20 by 20, within the immediate area of themselves. The user then expels said Energy and Molten Metal in a 40m radius explosive wave, dealing Gran Rey Cero damage. 3 post cooldown.    


Zanpakuto New Name: Atrophy, Empress of Extinction  

Appearance: Described as the embodiment of fear itself, Demise still retains the same height and weight from bankai.

"To make others understand what I am. I must bring them to deaths door. Crush their families and children, leaving none alive. But I cannot stop there. I must break their heart and spirit. Burn their world til' nothing remains but the ashes of those they loved and sought to protect. Then make them kneel in those ashes, with my cold dead eyes burned into their mind. Only then, will they understand that I am the end of everything. I am.... EXTINCTION!"


Ability Description: Within a 400m radius of Demise, light will disappear and a blanket dome of blue fire will coat the sky and ground. A ray of of white and blue light will beam down across the entire 400 metres, accompanied by blue fire. The ray will cause 2 forbidden kidou's worth of damage in it's 200 metre core, 1 and a half forbidden kidou's worth of damage at it's 400 metre outer area. anything that is not player owned or of major importance is turned to ash. Leaving the area of the attack to be scorched earth. (This attack will leave the user fatigue and unable to battle.) The entire event would appear as a flash of light, before the surrounding area of Demise turns to ash.  

Ability Name: Ferro Singularity Cannon
Ability Description: A very niche and cunty little ability. It operates essentially just like 'Ferro Energy Cannon', however there's a twist. The force of this attack does not push the enemy away, instead it pulls them inwards. Dealing Cero damage and pulling them in with Cero force.  

Ability Name: Ferro Energy Redirection
Ability Description:


History: Unknown Origins. One day a man in suit and tie shows up.

Side Notes: N/A

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#2 Re: Demise, King of Armageddon - The Executioner on Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:59 am

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