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#1 Aria Shea Takashi (Done) on Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:41 am


Name: Aria Shea Takashi
Apparent Age: 19
True Age: 20
Sex: Female
Personality: Aria has always been known to have a bubbly personality and tends to always have her head in the clouds imaging all sorts of things in her head often needs reminding to bring her head back down to earth quiet a bit too often. Some often say she is an extrovert, getting tons of energy and a bit hyper when around others.
She tends to take on too much at once, but she doesn’t mind since she loves keeping herself busy whether it is working a job as a waitress or working on some sort of painting or art project.

However, when she is alone she tends to be very quiet and prefers not to bug anyone if at all. She really hates quiet boring sunny days along with rainy days. She can’t stand how gloomy things can get but usually on rainy days she can be found lounging in her room staring at a white canvas wit a pure of headphones on zoning out the world as if to find a way to make the day go by faster. However, she absolutely loves quiet peaceful cloudless nights with the breeze flowing free carrying the scent of Sakura blossoms. She finds the most inspirations for her paintings during the night time. The softness, the quiet the massive change in atmosphere.

When it comes to combat she prefers to try not fighting if at all. She believes battle is wrong and is hell bent trying to stop a fight even if she must, she will jump in to make it stop. She is a firm believer there is already enough lost spirits in this world that there doesn’t need to be more but if it means life or death for her she will fight to purely survive. She will try her hardest to not take life but if she to then so be it.


Height: 5,2”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Physical Traits:
Aria stands at 5,2” with an estimated weight of 105 lbs. Her hair is a bright strawberry blonde that flows around the side of her face reaching 3 inches past her shoulders on all sides. Her skin is slightly tan having a
Flawless complexion with large purplish – blue eyes that were bright and full of joy and happiness. She had two full lips to compliment her eyes. She has a sort of long and thing neck with slightly sloped shoulders. Her body is slightly toned to that of a dancer or a slightly above average tone for a ordinary runner.

She typically has a slight bounce to her step with a big smile normally painted on her face. She normally holds herself like she has no worry in the world. Even in battle she tries her best to hide her fear and sadness of death and bloodshed behind her signature smile.


General Fighting Style: Aria is best attacking from a distance. She hates close combat because it is too chaotic for her liking.

Strengths: Sensing, Reflexes, Agility
Weaknesses: Strength,Zanjutus


Fullbring Item: A paintbrush that has been handed down in her family

Fullbring Appearance:

Ability Name: Ancestor Paint
Description: This is more of a passive ability that allow her paintbrush to be able to form paint already on the brush from the soul inside.

Ability Name: Silhouette
Description: By writing her signature on any part of her body a pitch-black silhouette will form in her place allowing her to be considerably visible for a post, this is kind of her escape

Ability Name: Barrage
Description: By painting 20 dots in the air or on any given ‘solid surface’ will send a barrage of bala strength ‘missiles’ that will follow the opponent till they hit something. Takes a post to cooldown

Ability Name: Barrier
Description: By drawing a circle in front of her the area inside the shield will have a grey ton and able to block up to a Gran Rey cero and has a three post cool down

Ability Name: Backslash
Description: This is the basic of her attacks as by painting large strokes, the strokes will move in forms of slashes towards her enemy. Grants damage up to a cero.

Boosts: 2x Stamina, 2x Agilitiy, 2x Reflex


Fullbring Appearance:
Aria herself won’t have any change to her appearance but her paint brush will form into a medium length staff with a brush on one end and the blade on the other. She can split the two or put them together

Ability Name: Fireball
Description: by drawing five circles in front of her face and a deep breath the circles will take form of five fireballs that she sent towards her opponent. Each Fireball itself has a damage of a Cero x 5 or however many hit. has a 5 post cool down

Ability Name: Pixie
Description: When Aria draws any sort of resemblance of a butterfly it will fly to either her or some ally healing serious/deep injuries to minor cuts and bruises and takes a post to cooldown

Ability Name: whirlwind
  Description: By drawing a large swirl in front of her a whirlwind will form from the swirl striking at her enemy with gran Rey cero damage and has a three-post cool down.

Ability Name: needle shower
Description: by stiffening and spreading the hairs on her brush she can created a volley of 15 bala strength small needles at her opponent. If they did hit they will explode giving an additional bala damage on impact

Ability Name: painter’s shortcut
  Description: This is kind of an escape ability for herself by drawing a circle she can jump in and appear in another area that she has already pre-placed a similar circle.

Boosts: 3x Spirit Reiatsu, 3x Agility


History: Aria’s birth was considerably normal and average, sunny day, right on time. That has always seemed to a normal thing for her…average…very average. At a young age Aria found a love for painting and art in general finding that her gift was from a long line of painters on her mom side. She often sat next to her mother watching her paint, listening and observering her mother’s thought process. Those were the good times. Sadly, at the age of ten Aria lost her mom to a 3 year battle with cancer. Aria use to blame herself for her mother’s death feeling it was her fault and for a small period her love for art died but something inside kind of awaken. Aria noticed…figures and things no one seemed to see and honestly she for the most part didn’t pay attention enough to know if what she saw was really or in her head.

She stayed in her gray world for about a whole year till her father showed aria something that brought aria from her gray world and allowing color back in. He Presented her with a small box holding a family heirloom, a paint brush, He told her often how he and her mother meet all the good the bad and even the ugly. There was one tell he still swears to this day was all in her mother’s head even though her mother had the scars to prove it.

On a quiet summer night, aria’s mom had been relaxed in a lawn chair in her back yard taking in the warm breeze and the gentle sounds not noticing the sound of a growl behind her only thing she remember was a sharp sting in her shoulder before feeling something wet. Blood…lots of it. Aria’s mom had gotten up looking behind her to see a large hollow towering over her opening its mother.her mom feel back in fear and shu her eyes curling up on her stoumach covering her unborn child from the worst she could. She didn’t feel the grip of death but heard the beast roar and a aslshing sword cutting something. She looked up only being able to see a tall figure’s lower half….black pants, and a blade covered in blood. Just as she was about to reach out to sotp the figure she had blacked out later finding herself in the hospital. Doctors said she did the injury to herself on purpose no matter how many times she retold the story. The stree of pregnany was their diagnosis. The story never got old and for some reason Aria felt that what her mom said was the truth.

Aria went bout her normal life for about 6 months before she noticed small strange acuteness happening around her, mostly when she had ahold of her brush. Small things moved to her hear and there it wasn’t till she found out through a website about others having occurrence. She tested out various theories and found out her full bringing with her brush when she lazyl swipped her brush around in her fingers seeing small black slashes move out of the corner of her eye.

Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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#2 Re: Aria Shea Takashi (Done) on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:49 am

-You need at least one additional Weakness
-Barrier needs a three post cooldown
-Fireball needs a damage scaling (x5) and an appropriate cooldown
-Whirlwind needs three post cooldown, not two
-Boosts need to be labeled as multipliers

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#3 Re: Aria Shea Takashi (Done) on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:58 am

Changes have been completed

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#4 Re: Aria Shea Takashi (Done) on Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:03 am

Approved at 1-5

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