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#1 I Always Feel like Someone's Watching Me on Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:56 am

"You know, I really hate when people can't take the time to exchange pleasantries before getting down to business."

The speaker stood, nearly a head over eight feet, all gangly limbs and lean muscle. He looked like his arms should've had a third, or even a fourth joint in them, with the way they coiled as they moved. Hair, long and luxurious, extended out behind him and coiled around his torso as if it were a braided belt. There was a deep, heavily patient tone to his voice, as if he'd said this countless times and had no intention to stop repeating it anytime soon. And his eyes, filled with intellect and cunning, made it almost possible to ignore the white mask, and the meat-shearing teeth that looked more fitting in a shark's mouth than a reptile's.

He was staring down at a creature about the size of a horse, with a pair of long hooved limbs, and his two back legs looking like they were ripped off, and glued back on the wrong way around. Its head was elongated into something closer to a muzzle than a horse's snout, or a man's. The eyes in its head were wide, a vibrant neon color that one could stare at for hours without getting bored. It let out an agitated snort, before swinging one of its oversized limbs towards the hollow; he slipped his head to the side, ever so slightly, only for a long, shallow gash to appear along his cheek as he did so. He met its gaze for a few moments, tilting his head to the side a bit. When he spoke, there was a faintly watery tone to his voice, and greenish flickers of flame, like some sort of hideous swamp gas, could be seen between his teeth.

"Hello. And goodbye."

As soon as the word was said, a thin green stream of energy flew out, crashing into its torso, engulfing the monster immediately and leaving only a smudge. Yaksha began to rub a clawed hand against his mouth, then looked up towards a nearby building.

"And hello to you, too. You can come down, now."

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#2 Re: I Always Feel like Someone's Watching Me on Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:30 am

She had heard about it from multiple people, who had multiple encounters with it. It sounded as if it was quite strong, just about the level of a shinigami Vice Captain, which captured her attention more than not. It had a run in with Ika and it lived meaning that he had no intention of killing it off. That made it twice as valuable in her eyes leaving her with one thing left to do. She wanted to meet it, test it, and possibly take it in as one of her own. The two she had were.. something.. yet they couldn't hold an intelligent conversation to save their lives. She needed something or someone to keep them in line when she wasn't available to. She needed a second pair of well just about everything to keep them from doing ignorant things that could potentially tarnish her name in the eyes of Ika. Why did she have to get the one anyway? The child was cute, but the other was.. something else. Anyway, she had devised a plan to see just how strong and reliable this hollow really was.

She would find herself in the presence of a lesser hollow than herself and it would find itself pinned down by her power alone. Her luscious, red hair would dangle down her shoulders and her dress would be made entirely of plant life. She would stare at it with forest green eyes that showed nothing but sternness. "Hmm.. I'm so very tempted, you know? I could end you with the snap of my fingers, but I don't think I want that. I think I want you to do something for me and in return, there is a possibility I could spare your life. Well, only if you do well," her voice was calm, but it was also very bored sounding. The hollow would grumble in its many ungodly voices that seemed to echo off one another. "Listen, it's easy. You see that hollow?" She would say pointing to her target. "He's an easy kill. I want him dead, you get food, and we both go on out ways. Unless, you don't think you can?" She would taunt the ugly being before releasing it from her pressurized wrath. Within a matter of moments, it would scurry away towards the target only stopping to look back at her once. Bare feet would find their way wandering across the top of the building they had been on as it attacked.

It would attack, it would hit, and then it would die. That was it. Selica would smirk noticing the ease it had taken to kill her little tool. Oh well. The target now called for her and she would find it worthy of seeing her face. She would swiftly make her way to it stopping only mere feet from it. "You're a real flower, you know? That's a compliment. I've heard about you and I wasn't disappointed. That was just a test, nothing serious. But where are my manners? My name is Selica. It's a pleasure to meet you, her voice was something calm and seemingly seducing in a way, although she didn't make it sound that way on purpose. She spoke with a sense of monotonous joy with a hint of desire.

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#3 Re: I Always Feel like Someone's Watching Me on Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:25 am

"Tests. Testing, and probing, and poking. Call it what it is, please, Selica. You're building a menagerie. No different from humans, performing experiments on apes, or rats. If you could just admit it...well, I wouldn't say it'd make it -better-, but it'd make it -bearable-."

He met her gaze with little expression, one hand slowly and calmly reaching back to slide through his hair, over and over. There was a sense of ritual about it, as if he were very used to the rhythmic motions, possibly even using it to calm his mood as he spoke. There was, in his every motion, in his every word, a sense of deeply wounded pride, of someone who was trying his very hardest to avoid saying something that he felt needed to be said. He simply looked at her, his other hand tapping against his hip periodically, like he was trying to keep a tune in his head.

It took nearly a minute before he spoke, in a voice of deeply strained politeness. It was the voice one used when they were apologizing for something they knew they had no reason to apologize for, or someone who was waiting for an apology they knew they could never possibly ask for. His eyes never left her, not once, but all the same there was the unyielding sense that he was aware of everything going on around them while he spoke.

"Your manners, I assume, died around the same time that you did. From your speech, and the formality you show, I'd estimate it at the early 1600s. Or perhaps the 1500s? In either case, long enough for you to regain a portion of it. I'm delighted to see that you -can- actually heed the old ways, and with some degree of decorum. But I am not some bauble to be paraded about and spoken of as a collector speaks of their collection. If you want to speak, let us at least do it someplace where we can actually have a pleasant time. I know of a nightclub, currently closed for repairs. Shall we go for a dance, Selica?"

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