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#11 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:25 am

Ika listened to the man, and his words only served to grate on his nerves. The man picked and picked and picked and picked and picked.. Until Ika had frankly had enough, and when he asked Ika for his fears Ika would proceed to lift him into the air by his throat before speaking, with vitriol flowing through his veins. "If you'd like to speak as equals fine, but if you ever condescend to me again I will end your miserable existence and squash any chance you have of making it through to tomorrow..." Ika squeezed tighter, hoping to drive the point home to him. "My only fear is that this may not work out, and that your existence is less than tolerable. I'm setting you down now, and you're going to either apologize, or I'm going to drill my fist through your skull." Ika sat him down, and waited to see how he would react.

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#12 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:10 pm

There wasn't a hint of fear in his expression, nothing that could even begin to show that the hollow in front of Ika was intimidated by the display of force. He waited patiently, eyes faintly glinting, as he was set back down in front of Ika, folding his hands across his chest, and letting out a tiny, almost imperceptible sigh. Head tilting to the side, he seemed to be searching for the right words, before he nodded his head forward, ever so slightly.

"I got caught up in the moment. A pleasant little fantasy, nothing more. It's nice to feel needed, you know? And everything I've learned tells me that if all your claims were true, you'd hardly care whether or not you had good conversationalists in your presence, or intelligence agents. It's simply that...if you don't need me in Las Noches, and you're just grabbing me off the streets because you think it's some act of charity, then I want to go on record as being very opposed to that. I like this world, even if they don't like me."

He turned away, gesturing towards one of the nearby buildings, with a longing look behind his eyes now, as he placed his hand against the air, doing an impression of a mime. He held it there for five, six, perhaps even ten seconds, before finally letting it drop back to his side. This done, he turned back towards Ika, and then pointed a finger at his own head, pantomiming a gunshot.

"If my existence were miserable...I know how to fix it. I'm quite happy with the current state of affairs. The point remains that I won't simply go wandering around that wretched shitshow just because you hate your retainers. Give me something with some substance, Ika."

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#13 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:56 am

As Ika set the man down he didn't appear to be overly scared, but he did seem to take the hint that Ika wasn't exactly thrilled with the present direction of their conversation. Ika listened to the man speak and pondered the implications of what it was he was saying, as well as why he might feel the way he so apparently did. Ika would think a moment before responding, "I would recommend that you didn't get caught up in the moment again, it seems to me that it might be a very bad idea.. If your wish is to feel wanted then surprise, I'm here. I don't do charity you ingrate." Ika would leave it there and listen as the man continued.

The man had turned away, gesturing towards a nearby building with a clear sense of longing in his eyes. He mimed for an excessive length of time before miming out a gunshot to his own head. Ika rolled his eyes, but he noted that the man was looking for something of substance, and Ika hoped to oblige. "When I left the Gotei, it wasn't by choice though now that I'm out I wish it were. I was forced out, because of this disease I've been gifted with..." Ika would proceed to slide his mask over his face before continuing. "I was granted this disease in an attempt to bring my race ultimate power, hybrids, Vizards. The man who planned this had such a lovely vision that I rushed to his aid.. Then?.. My people, everything I'd ever known wanted me dead. At the time I didn't understand.."

Ika removed his mask before continuing. "They feared me. They feared the concept of their own destruction in the short term even if in the long term it was for the greater good. They sent the Captain Commander to kill me, and Captains to kill the other five that shared my vision. I'm the only one remaining from that group, and it's become apparent to me that the Gotei 13 is not interested in balance. They are not interested in the furthering of their cause. They are merely interested in the furthering of their status quo until their enemies are gone. They have no concept of balance, what they know is prejudice and destruction. I believe they need to be wiped from existence and replaced with something better.." Ika had said quite a bit, but would wait for the man before him to speak before continuing.. He was a little curious as to what he'd have to say.

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#14 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:08 am

A few seconds of silence, complete silence, as Yaksha stared at Ika. It wasn't the mask that seemed to surprise him, it was the words he spoke, the tone behind them. He just watched with a politely interested pause, hands still folded over his chest as the shinigami began to speak of his pains at the hands of his previous comrades. He nodded, just once, voice coming out as a dulcet purr this time. He pointed upwards, then snapped his fingers.

" You're exactly right, Ika. The Gotei have no interest in anything besides preserving their own way of life. The afterlife is run by a scant few elite, and everyone just overlooks it. I've often lamented it, but...well, it's hardly my place to go around challenging gods like that. I always considered it enough to educate the new generations, and challenge falsehoods where I spotted them. People tell themselves far too many lies to get through the day, I feel. It's why I hate them so much. The lies, you understand. Not the people. Once you break them of their delusions, people became remarkably good company in my experience."

He met Ika's gaze, blinking slowly, still remarkably still as he looked at the vizard. Very little seemed to have changed, but one could tell from the way even his hair laid at rest now that Yaksha was deep in contemplation, instincts and emotions tethered for the time being. It was almost possible to imagine him gnawing at his lip, if one were able to see what was going on behind the mask. He ran countless responses through his mind, countless ideas and commentaries and hypotheticals that almost certainly wouldn't mean a single thing to this man. Finally, he settled for making a small sweeping gesture around him.

"Ingrate implies there's something to be grateful for. I'm not the sort to equate not killing with saving lives. You haven't done me any favors, Ika. If, as you claim, you don't do charity...then we once more find ourselves asking why you -care-. Is it because the Espada don't respect you as one of their own? Neither hollow nor shinigami, that sort of thing? What is it I could possibly offer a man like you, when you've already got the power to curbstomp some of the greatest champions in the world?"

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#15 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:41 am

The man seemed to be warming up to things a little bit. He seemed to agree with what Ika was saying on matters that related to the Shinigami, which was great as far as Ika was concerned but he listened anyway, not wanting to get too caught up in what was being said. As the man finished Ika would nod his casual agreement. "I'm glad you understand and agree, it's not often I run into people in agreement with my thoughts on these fucking people.." Ika shook his head, and waited for the mans next response.

The man had made one slight error in his thoughts, and Ika would be sure to remind him. "Every second you breathe is charity as far as I'm concerned. If I wanted to end your existence I could, that just doesn't necessarily mean I should. Hollows respect me whether they want to or not, the problem I encounter is finding people with good ideas. Despite your constant objections to the notion that I might enjoy having a division with more than three brain cells between them, that is in fact what I've come to you in search of." Ika was once again left to await the mans response, hoping he would perhaps respond a little more pleasantly than he had been.

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#16 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Tue Jun 19, 2018 2:03 am

"When you possess overwhelming force, 'just beat them up' is the only tactic you -need-, Ika. Brain cells are superfluous when your military might reaches a certain point. It really is basic logic. If you can take on the Captain Commander and even a single captain on your own, you've -already won-. All five of my working brain cells will come to the same conclusion as anyone with two. Just beat them up until they don't get back on their feet. Problem solved. Good ideas come about from stress, and competition. You have neither of those, in your absolute dominance. Therefore, I'm quite confident you'll do just fine without me. That said...well, people do love to overblow their competence when showing off to others. Perhaps the Gotei have some manner of trump card you don't like the notion of going toe-to-toe with."

His voice, dry and amused, seemed to bring to mind someone explaining something to a child who, while extremely intelligent, lacked anything even approximating the breadth of knowledge it would take to understand abstract concepts. He never moved, simply watched the man's reactions with a knowing gaze, tongue flickering out just once. It was a long, purplish-black mottled thing that looked like it could probably choke a man out if he had the opportunity to wrap it around someone's throat, but it was there and gone nearly as fast as it had come, disappearing in an instant.

"I tell you what. I'll come sit in on your little Espada committee meetings. If I like what I hear, all fine and good. You'll win your upcoming war without any issues, and then I'll just sit in my room sipping juice or whatever it is people in that desert do for fun. But if I catch any of your soldiers acting like idiots, I'll personally rip them a brand new asshole, metaphorically and literally."

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