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#1 [Private] Dragging one back home on Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:47 am

Ika wandered around Tokyo, taking in the sights and sounds of the area around him. For some reason, he always loved Japan. Probably because he's an anime character or something, I'm going out on a limb with that one but I think that's the most likely explanation. Anyway, Ika with his piss-poor sensing was searching for a Vice Captain level Hollow to train and add to his ranks. He had been told about him by one of his Espada, Thor Blertster whom had seemingly taken an interest in him. That being said, Ika was less than happy with the fact that a Hollow felt his time was better spent in the human world, the audacity of that little prick. Hagane spent two hours building Las Noches for fuck sake, show some admiration for far superior architecture and culture yeah?

Anyway, Ika was getting rather annoyed. He couldn't find the man, so he decided he'd try to draw him out the only way he knew how, by releasing some of his Reitsu into the air, so that he could perhaps stir up some curiosity in the man driving him to venture out and visit with Ika willingly. It was by no means a perfect plan, but it was the one Ika felt he had been left with up to this point.

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#2 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:05 am

"Yes, yes, I'm coming, I'll be right there. God knows, if I don't you'll just keep creating that godawful sensation until I go somewhere else, or until a shinigami comes along to throw a wrench in things."

The speaker sounded extremely put-upon, no different from a man whose doorbell was being rung repeatedly, without any concern whatsoever for the annoyance or inconvenience of such a thing. After a few moments, a pale white head could be seen rising from the ground the people were walking on, moving as if the stone were no more substantial than smoke. He had a long ponytail of lime-green hair, held back by a thin blueish-white band of reaitsu. His eyes glinted with a spectacular cunning, and his arms and legs were far too long, far too thin. He inhaled, slowly, reaching a hand out to run along the edge of a surprisingly well-tailored suit, one that looked nearly black in the lighting of the Tokyo streets. One hand came up, below the rest of his body, clutching a stovetop hat between knifelife fingers with remarkable gingerness. He placed it atop his head, inhaling slightly, and then spreading his arms wide, in the gesture of a wizard showing off a trick they knew wasn't that impressive.

"And lo, here I am. Hello hello."

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#3 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:54 am

Oh lovely, another eccentric anime character on my holy forum, the holy order would be very disappointed if their entrails hadn't become fancy scarves by this point. Anyway, Ika would probably sigh and be a little annoyed with the mans attitude towards things as he approached. Ika would restrain himself from beating the man to death and causing a scene, by sticking his hand out for a handshake. He looked into the mans eyes and introduced himself, "My name is Ika Mazi, I'm the Cero Espada and from what I gather from reports in the Human World, as well as from some of my soldiers.. You've been popping up quite often as of late, yet I've never even seen or heard of you... care to fill me in?"

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#4 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Fri Jun 15, 2018 5:14 am

Yaksha's hand extended towards Ika, engulfing it without much effort; it was easily large enough to palm a basketball, or most people's heads. His gaze was warm, pleasant as he met Ika's own eyes, shaking it with an almost mechanical efficiency. His mind appeared to be elsewhere, as he smiled. Or at least, as his mouth muscles worked to retract themselves, revealing his teeth. His other hand remained close by his side, clenched into a fist so tight that his knuckles almost looked to be popping.

"My name is Yaksha Dokuja. If you've never heard of me, that's good. It means I've been doing something right. Soldiers implies war, and war implies warfare. I don't consider the shinigami my enemy, Ika. I don't consider arrancar my allies. I simply want to be left alone, and live to a ripe old age. So, Cero Espada. Why don't you tell me what forgetfulness costs, to you? Am I to bring you a dozen shinigami tongues? Eat a hundred humans while you watch? Erect you a throne out of splintered femurs?"

His voice gave the weary, drawn out tone of one who had almost certainly had to deal with -all- of those requests at some point. All the same, his eyes never flashed with even a touch of hatred, or disgust. There was no sign of his aggression, except for the tightness of his fist, that was increasing with every passing second.

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#5 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:41 am

He was a freaky looking motherfucker but the same could be said for most Hollow's nowadays. Ika missed the days when Hollow's resembled those creatures from Spirited Away, as opposed to their current incarnation but.. Well, evolution is a bitch yeah? The Hollow's mind appeared to be wandering, but Ika couldn't say for sure. As they shook hands he noticed how small his were in comparison, which was unusual for him to say the very least. Ika withdrew after that formality had ended, and listened to what the man had to say not out of any kind of interest, but more out of compulsion and circumstantial necessity.

As the man finished Ika couldn't help but smirk, a throne of femurs wouldn't exactly be the worst negotiating tool someone had ever used to get on Ika's good side.. Regardless. "It's good until I do hear about you, and become incredibly annoyed by the fact that I hadn't heard of you prior to that point. I like to know what comes and goes through my domain, and you're not exactly an exception to that rule Mr. Dokuja.. Now, as for your objection to war.. I had no idea the hippy movement had reached the Hollow's but hey, who am I? I do think I should show you something though.." Ika drew his Zanpakuto and showed it to the man. "Pretty cool right? I used this for damn near a thousand years to kill Hollows. I want you to take a guess as to why, then go back and repeat what you said about the Shinigami. It is my opinion that you'll find your logic to be.. somewhat lacking."

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#6 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:34 am

The hollow's expression never changed from that faint, warmly detached expression he had settled into, giving the impression that he was trying very hard to find something interesting or productive to say about something that honestly meant -very little- to him. He shrugged, ever so slightly, and then gestured over one shoulder, towards the buildings around them. As he did so, a faint purplish-black corona of light appeared around him, revealing the sands of Hueco Mundo for a split second, before the portal collapsed on itself.

"Hueco Mundo is, at least by my reckoning, infinite. I have never noticed an end to it, in any direction. Your domain, Ika, can extend as far as you wish it to, but it will inevitably have gaps within it. Las Noches can only extend so large, grasp so far, before the chain of communication becomes too convoluted, and information reaches the home office too late to matter. I would therefore contest that I have ever either entered or left -your- domain, as there are dozens upon dozens of hollows who will claim ownership over whatever little sand castle they felt compelled to make. I've made a perfectly respectable living up to now working with the other hundreds of hollows who would, if asked, claim -they- were the rightful king of Hueco Mundo, or at least a one mile radius of it."

Yaksha watched the blade drawn, eyes drinking in the details with the first hint of interest, or life, since Ika had first shaken his hand. He inhaled slowly, stance turning into one of curiosity as he examined it from a safe distance. It wasn't hard to tell the difference between a shinigami's zanpakuto and an arrancar's, when you had run into enough of either. There was a distinctly alien presence in the blade, something unrelated to the man before him. Or perhaps distantly related, the way apes and reptiles supposedly drank from the same cup once.

"Opinions are like buttholes. They're prolific and serve no other purpose than to dump waste. I'll repeat myself, just for you, Ika. I don't consider the shinigami my enemies. I'm not so petty or short-sighted as to think, if all the shinigami were to die, this world would become a better place. They're simply men in the trenches, just like me. They fight to protect themselves, and their friends, and hollows fight to protect themselves, and their friends. Were it not for this war, I'm quite certain I could get along very well with most of the shinigami I met. So no, I don't consider it fun, or productive, to kill every shinigami I run across. And if you were to start making threats against my life for 'sleeping with the enemy', then I'd plead guilty in a heartbeat. I -have- no enemies."

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#7 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:14 pm

Ika smirked as the man spoke about the other Hollow's being kings of small patches of Las Noches. "Yes but how many of them lead the Espada after killing 2 of the former Cero Espada's, two Captain Commanders, and have an army of Hollows well over 100 strong. If you know any, I would love to meet them. Hueco Mundo is infinite yet so is my domain as far as I've concerned. Whatever ground I touch becomes my domain as far as that's concerned, because no one has yet stepped up that could tell me otherwise. If you've entered the furthest corners of Hueco Mundo and left unabated I suppose I can't hold that against you, perhaps I've not opted to analyse those sands for anything worthy of my attention.." Ika continued to ponder things for a moment before continuing.

"Shinigami kill Hollow's for the sole reason that they exist, I should know, I was once one of them. We would not care that you didn't think of us as your enemy, it would just be a nice consolation after we slit your throat and sent you to the next world. I wouldn't accuse you of sleeping with the enemy, In fact I'd say you'll never get the chance to do so, nor WOULD you ever get the chance to do so. The Shinigami aren't fence-sitters, which is why the Hollow population continues to dwindle and always will. The Humans wouldn't wish to let you live, the Shinigami don't wish to let you live, yet you somehow think you could be on friendly terms with either party. The concept of that, the notion of it is beyond reproach. I don't even know how to fathom it if I'm to be honest.." Ika shook his head mildly annoyed. The only reason he hadn't killed this creature was because it did seem to be somewhat.. Intelligent.

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#8 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:45 pm

"I can hardly blame you.  You still think of things from such a limited perspective.  At my age, I understand so very many things.  They simply come to me, like when you're listening to a song you've never heard before, and you can simply -tell- what the next verse is going to be.  After a time, nothing really surprises you anymore.  Not even erudite, obstinate hollows who proclaim they're pacifists.  Which is a vast oversimplification of my stance, so..."  He shrugged, just a bit, spreading both hands out in a simultaneously helpless and smug gesture, giving the impression that while he probably could've thought of a better way to explain himself, he saw no point.

"Let's stay on track, shall we?  You've got me in your sights.  Yes, great, kudos to you.  Thus spells the end of my peaceful halcyon days.  What is it you -want-, Ika?  I'm not a fighter.  I won't contribute in the slightest to your glorious hollow army.  I lived this long by just being too much trouble to kill.  Honestly, you'd be surprised how many shinigami aren't model troops.  If you want me to go live in Las Noches with you, that's going to be a hard pass.  I've got book series I need to keep pace with, I've got anime I've been trying to finish.  Your ivory towers don't interest me in the slightest.  Nor do your tales of phallic opulence.  I will put this to you as succinctly as I can, since I'm certain you have better things to be doing with your time."

He rose to his full height, hands sliding across his hollow mask slowly as he seemed to be formulating words, trying to figure out how to explain something.  He was silent for nearly thirty seconds, except for faint sounds of rumination that came from deep in the back of his throat as he performed what was beginning to look curiously like the grooming ritual of some creature.  His eyes never left Ika's, but they seemed to glaze over periodically, as if to imply that he was lost in some old memory, or compiling a truly monstrous amount of information.  When he finally spoke, it was with a small sigh of relief, as if he had finally found something he wanted.

"I am unlike any hollow you've ever met.  I doubt you'll ever meet another like me.  If you think you can talk to me like I'm the same as all of them, you're going to leave this place empty handed."

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#9 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:23 am

Ika realized his current plan wasn't working. "Well if you're more nuanced than the average Hollow I suppose I should drop the whole friend schtick eh?" Ika lit a cigarette and took a drag off of it, as he began to ponder the implications of what the man was saying. "I have all the power one faction could possibly hope to muster. I could steamroll the Gotei and Committee combined with my current level of power without much thought but it's always nice to have a couple people with a mind of their own around. People with unique thoughts beyond eat and kill, and if I'm being honest that's not exactly a common commodity in the realm of Hollow's. I'm sure that's a surprise to you but uh.. yeah." Ika took another drag on the cigarette before exhaling to continue.

"I would like to set up an intelligence agency within the Espada, and I'd like to offer you a position within that. What I can offer you is peace of mind and hopefully, a lack of contact with forces that would prefer you were dead. But I still know you're not quite that simple, so what else exactly WOULD you want eh?"

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#10 Re: [Private] Dragging one back home on Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:45 am

"Ah, the good old question that people love asking. What do you get the man who has everything? To be frank, I don't really feel like what you're offering is that difficult for me to obtain on my own. Unless, of course, you were going to start -directing- people towards me, just to apply some pressure and make me feel desperate enough to join you of my own free will. But now that I've said it, it sure would look bad if I started finding my every movement monitored, wouldn't it?"

There was something that seemed to be bubbling to the surface in Yaksha, some sense of vibrancy and triumph that hadn't been there just a few moments ago. Something about hearing the way Ika was talking now, about the deals being made and the offers that he was hearing, rung in his head with just the right harmonics. Here was that which he thrived for, something right in front of him that he sought in countless cases, at all times. He inhaled, beginning to circle Ika slowly, his head bobbing back and forth in a strangely avian manner, as he spoke in a softer, more ruminative tone.

"Perhaps we should look at this another way. You have power in spades, more than enough to kill anyone who would oppose you. You need not fear the repercussions of your acts. Such acts as subterfuge and espionage are beneath you, if your claims are true. You should know as well as I do that there's no real circumstance in which you'd need to worry about someone refusing to bend to your whims. You could kill me right now, and no one would even come to my defense. And if they did, you'd kill them to. Hell, just kill -everyone-! If, as you claim, you need fear no man, no collective of men...then I suppose you've won, now haven't you? You are the man who has everything here. And yet you Don't deign to pretend it's because you seek intelligent conversation, or wish to know what's going on underneath your nose. Say it plain, Ika, Cero Espada. If, as you claim, you are the strongest man with the strongest allies. Why does -one little- hollow matter in your grand scheme?"

He paused, drumming a clawed finger against his chin, giving off a deep, rich sound from his throat that almost brought to mind an engine being revved, until he clapped his hands together, just once, and then pointed at Ika, his expression suddenly sly.

"Or is it because you know, just as I do, that trying to get hollows to work together is harder than herding cats, and your beloved Espada will eventually be at your throat, unless you show them endless results? An unbeatable king, with unbeatable retainers...who is, in the end, beholden to his own soldiers. How very mundane. My price is this, Ika Mazi. Tell me what it is you fear. Tell me the bad end that it is you hope, or pray, that I'll be able to avert for you."

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