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#1 BAKE BAKE BAKE (Freiflia and Raph) on Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:04 pm

Sithis made way for a bakery he was enjoying himself quite adorblely wearing a Leather jacket, Long black pants. He had boots on, and he was also in his gigai clearly very visible to humans, it was like a meat suit for Soul Reapers to appear visible within the living realm and interact with the people. He would make his way to what appeared to be one massive bakery, he heard such good things about it so he decided to visit it, Upon entering he would scan for the goods and would slowly begin to make way towards desk and would examine each pantry. "My they all look amazing who are the owners of this place?" He questioned.

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#2 Re: BAKE BAKE BAKE (Freiflia and Raph) on Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:33 pm

It was another hectic day. Enough people to keep he and Frey on their toes without overwhelming the two. He always had a weird feeling that on such days, something would happen, that they would meet someone new and that neither of them would be expecting it. But so far they’d met only customers, and they were never all that fascinating were he to be honest.

Suddenly a man in a leather jacket, black pants and boots walked in. Striding up to the counter he looked over the different pastries and confections one by one. Immediately the back of Raph’s hairs stood on end, but he couldn’t exactly place why. This had happened once before with Akane, while Frey had been out.

Raph was approximately five seconds from asking the man what confections he wanted to try when suddenly the man complimented the deserts. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he asked the meet the owners. His mind suddenly started racing as his eyes narrowed a bit. He’d told Frey of the Shinigami that had visited while she’d been out on a delivery and he’d been on the lookout more and more frequently for Shinigami following what happened with Akane. He didn’t want to be caught off guard after all.

“Frey!” he shouted towards the blonde haired quincy over the din and throng of people. “We’ve got someone who wants to meet the owners!”

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#3 Re: BAKE BAKE BAKE (Freiflia and Raph) on Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:35 pm

The bakery was busy and so were the ovens making all the delicious pies and muffins. These seemed to be hot on the menu today and lots of coffee. All the different smells were always tempting to Freyleif’s stomach, but she had to resist the goods to serve. It had been a week and the Sugar Puffin manage to win some hearts. Freyleif wondered if competition would get rough with the other places - the location was a bit far from most Cafés and stores; more near the park in southern part of Karakura.

With Raph helping around it lifted much of her burden around the shop, even keeping pesky Hollow away while she was on errands. Even when the place was busy or customers complaining about an order, Freyleif still smiled whenever he stepped in to help.

She was taking an order when she heard a shout from Raph, she nearly dropped her menu that she was passing over to a customer but steeled her nerves. Looking over she tilted her head then looked at the man who wanted to meet her. Letting out an exhale, Freyleif excused herself and walked over smiling.

“Halló, you wished to see me?” she said smoothing out her blue apron. This wasn’t the first time someone wishing to see the owner of the yummy desserts, but maybe something else was up this time.

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#4 Re: BAKE BAKE BAKE (Freiflia and Raph) on Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:13 pm

It was quite busy around the place. But Sithis glared at that yummy looking pie of his. "Mhmm Pie...." he said drooling over the smell of it and the way it looked. This place was amazing he should come here a lot more often now. Once he made his off duty trips from the Soul Society just to Eat at this amazing place. He would then sigh to himself and would then begin to wait slowly. Once the Owner made her arrival he would look at her and speak. "You have an amazing place, everything looks and smells good. How much for that Pie?" He pointed specifically at that one. "I want to buy five of them and eat it here. I love pie. It just amazing, and I've never eaten here. I wanna try, Do you have a table?" He asked her curiously.

This place was so lovely and lively and busy. It was honestly amazing watch to behold. He honestly wanted to linger more around here. It was beautiful. He would shake his head and sigh to himself. He did a lot of sighing it seems. "I'm Alex and you are?" He said.

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