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#1 Uther, The Lightbringer (Finished) on Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:06 pm

Name: Uther Pendragon
Apparent Age: 35
True Age: 25
Sex: Male
Uther has the personality of a true Hero. His top priority is the safety of others, even if it takes extra effort on his part. He knows he can’t help everyone, but that doesn’t mean he can’t keep those within his sight safe. He is for the most part a very bright individual, and it is expressed equally in the form his energy takes of The Light. Most situations will have him giving words of encouragement to those nearby during times of great stress or hostility. It isn’t until one of his self-considered charges gets injured or killed that Uther’s personality to both friend or foe will change.

This is because until something that drastic happens, Uther believes everyone should be treated equally. True Justice doesn’t discriminate. However, Uther is only human, and is prone to giving in to emotion. Should someone he tasked himself with protecting get seriously hurt or killed Uther will no longer be a protector of Justice, and instead take on a rage driven by Vengeance. In this mental state, Eye for an Eye is what Uther will follow. Blood can only be repaid in blood. He will drop all pretence of protection to take down the opposing force.

Height: He is a monsterous 7 feet, tall for a human.
Weight: He is 216 pounds of dense muscle, bone, etc.
Physical Traits: Uther is a caucasian male with lightly tanned skin from spending most of his time outside whether it was for training, Hollow hunting or relaxing. He has scars all across his body from the many hits he took from Hollows he has fought in the past. He has two bright brown eyes, his shoulder length hair matching. Well, except for the strands that are white. He has natural white highlights running through, making the brown locks seem brighter than they really are. His body is thick and muscled from his many years of training his body and building muscle. Normally he wears a suit of heavy steel plate armor, painted with blue and yellow on the borders. A blue cape hangs from his shoulders and billows behind him, covering the blade of the sword that is normally strapped to his back. He carries with him a large stone maul, the head of it as large as his own skull.

General Fighting Style: Uther is a tank, and as such focuses heavily on melee combat. He has skill using his ranged abilities using The Light, but stick a bow in hand and strap arrows to his back and he will not put up much of a fight. He has no clue how to use them. In most cases he does not fight to defeat a foe, but to try and knock some sense into them. (Get it? He has a hammer???? Haha, funny!) Should he switch to his sword that changes. He will become a more aggressive fighter, looking to put his target down quickly. If killing them is what it takes, then he will have no problem making the decision to do so if it is within his power to bring about.
Strengths: Strength, Endurance, Spirit Energy, Stamina
Weaknesses: Speed, Spiritual Pressure, Agility

Fullbring Item: The Book of Light is a book that Uther had been gifted at a young age by a priest, detailing the exploits of a famous hero that used attacks seemingly harnessing light energy to vanquish the baddies. He carried the book everywhere, and his soul bonded to the book.
Fullbring Appearance:
The Light: Uther’s energy is in a constant ready state, and acts much like it’s namesake in that it is very bright. He uses this energy for various techniques, both offensive and defensive.
Ability Name: Holy Light
Description: A very basic ability, Uther is able to use his Light to partially mend large wounds or completely heal small injuries on a target of his choosing and return slight healing to himself, or use the full ability on himself. This can only be used once every other post.
Ability Name: Divine Protection
Description: Uther uses his Light on himself or a target of his choice, coating them in a dense layer of protective energy that reduces any damage taken by 20% for two posts, and has a three post cooldown after the ability ends. Any attack stronger than a Gran Rey Cero will break through the damage reduction.
Ability Name: Beacon of Light
Description: Uther creates a temporary marking on a target of his choosing by touch. The marked target will receive free healing whenever Uther uses his Holy Light technique. This marking lasts four posts, and has a three post cooldown upon the ability ending.
Boosts: 3x boosts to Strength, Endurance, Durability and Stamina

Fullbring Appearance:
”His Book’s New Form”:
”His Hammer”:
”His Sword”:
When using his hammer:
Ability Name: Vow of Justice
Description: Uther’s dedication to Justice is replicated in his Spirit Energy, in that it will offer himself and nearby targets that Uther considers an ally some small bonuses. Anyone within twenty five feet of Uther benefits with a +.5x bonus to attack strength(Not exceeding the site’s limits of 6x total) as well as a slight damage shield reducing incoming damage by 10%. Anyone benefiting from this will however will experience a -.5x debuff to Speed. This ability is activated with a flash of light, and can be maintained as long as he has Spiritual Power.
Ability Name: Wrath of Judgement
Description: Uther’s Hammer store half the energy of every attack made at him up to a total of a Cero Oscuras’ level of power, at which point it will stop energy and give a faint glow across it’s stone surface. At this stage Uther can use the energy in one of two ways.
1- Uther can use this stored energy for a single powerful strike as strong as a Cero Oscuras, expelling all energy in the process and preventing this ability’s use for four posts.
2- Uther can use the energy to flood a ten foot area with dense Light energy that heals any target Uther deems friendly, expelling all the energy in the process and preventing this ability from being used for another four posts.
Ability Name: Consecration
Description: Using his Light, Uther ‘blesses’ a 50 foot area of ground that will cause 10 Hadou level of damage each post for a total of 4 posts to anything Uther believes a threat. After it ends, it has a 2 post cooldown.
Ability Name:
Ability Name: Divine Vault
Description: His greatest binding ability, Uther uses whatever remains of his Spirit Energy to create a massive vault around his target which closes shut and then locks around them. It slowly saps it’s prisoner’s energy for as long as it is kept inside, which if it cannot break out will be four posts. It is as strong as a Forbidden Level Bakudou, around level 90. This can only be used once per thread.
”When using his sword:
Ability Name: Vow of Retribution
Description: With his Hammer, Uther seeks to subdue a threat. With his sword, he has given up trying to bring them down without killing them. His thirst for Justice to be paid in blood is reflected in the Light he radiates. Anyone within 25 feet of Uther will find that their Strength gets a +1x Strength boost, however they will suffer from a -1x Speed debuff. This can be maintained so long as he has Spiritual Power, and is activated with a wave of light.
Ability Name: Wrath of Vengence
Description: Just as the Hammer stored energy from hostile attacks, so to does his Sword. Unlike the Hammer however, the sword doesn’t store it up continuously. Half of the energy from each attack made against Uther is stored up and is released with each physical attack he makes, as if the vengence for having lashed out at Uther to begin with.
Ability Name: Punishing Wave
Description: Uther gathers his Light across the edge of his sword before lashing out, releasing it as a projectile that moves at Bala speed and is as strong as a Cero. It can only be used once each post.
Ability Name: Holy Smite
Description: For this technique Uther sends some of his Light energy into the air. From that point it comes striking down on a target at Bala speeds for level 10 Hadou for damage, and stuns for level 50 Bakudou should it hit successfully. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.
Ability Name: Spirit Judge
Description: Just as Divine Vault is his Hammer’s Forbidden Level ability, this one is his Sword’s. Using most of his energy Uther creates a temporary specter of Judgement. From her staff is released a devastating wave of Light energy that is around the strength of a level 90 Hadou. This can only be used once per thread. This is a single attack, and not a summon ability. The specter will fade away after the attack is made.
Boosts: 4x boosts to Strength, Endurance, Spiritual Energy and Stamina

Birth of the Light
Legends tell of a holy man, Uther Pendragon, that had been gifted Excalibur who created a kingdom. Because of his success, he grew greedy and fell from favor from the Lady in the Lake. His sword taken, honor removed and status as King cast aside. Many believed his bloodline was done for.

However, it wasn’t over. He was humbled by his fall from grace, and settled with a young farm girl. Generations pass, and his bloodline remained strong. They were hard workers, and eventually became warriors. Not against men, but Hollows. His family was a rare group of Hollow Hunters, keeping to themselves to not take glory and relive their ancestors’ past.

Uther Pendragon was born to Arthas and Jaina Pendragon London, England. Both warriors of the Pendragon name, even when Jaina was pregnant. He was raised however in America, away from the rest of his family. He was raised to be his own person, away from being pulled into Hollow Hunting. He went to school during the week, and on weekends his parents raised him to harness his Fullbring. It took him time, since he never found an item that he could bond to. It was only during a trip to church that young Uther was gifted a novel. The priest gave him a novel about being a Hero, and thus inspired what he wanted with his life.

He would be this world’s greatest Hero! A beacon of light in the dark!

And so he had a goal. His parents, both proud fighters were proud to guide the young man towards his goal.

As he got older his priorities towards schooling and training became more defined. He only did the bare minimum for his grades, and kept his focus on physical activity. He was a smart person, but didn’t put effort into something he didn’t need to. As he grew he began to design his super hero armor.

It would be steel. He was human still, so protection would be important.

It would be bright, it would inspire hope and be a beacon of Justice. Blue, yellow and silver would be the colors. It would take inspiration from birds of prey, a modern symbol of freedom and peace.

His dreams of being a Hero were coming about. In his late teens he would go on patrols with his parents to get an idea of how Hollow Hunting would be. With experience came great power as well as control. With his parents’ guidance came a lawful good moral compass.

Eventually though, when he became an adult Uther went out into the world to make his mark. He would bring the family name to fame, or die trying.
Side Notes: Uther can only use one of his two weapons at a time.
Roleplay Sample:

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#2 Re: Uther, The Lightbringer (Finished) on Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:11 am

-Divine Vault states that you use all of your remaining spiritual energy, as a side note, I'm also encouraging wariness when using this. If used incorrectly, you would essentially be in a fatigue state. You will definitely lose all of your benefits like healing and damage reduction that require reiryoku to function.

-"Uther seeks to subdue a thread." I mean, we don't normally allow meta shenanigans, but I'll allow it in this case.

- -.5x/-1x multilpliers are okay, but I'm iffy on allowing them in auras, especially when your allies/enemies are forced to take the -.5 or -1.

-Holy smite needs at least a 3 post cooldown, I'm going to ask for 4, since it's a Cero AND a Bakudo 50.

-Summons need to be 3 tiers below the user, however, I'll allow you to edit that in after you're done being graded.

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#3 Re: Uther, The Lightbringer (Finished) on Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:22 am

Edits have been made. I know what it says for Divine Vault, as well as the other ability, and it is like that on purpose because it is a last-resort sort of thing. Spirit Judge isn't really a summon, but a conduit for a single attack before vanishing. I should have specified better. I have made the aura abilities one that have to be activated.

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#4 Re: Uther, The Lightbringer (Finished) on Tue Jun 26, 2018 10:18 am

Approved at 1-4, Side note, Divine Protection needs to be swapped out for a flat damage amount (no more than GRC)

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#5 Re: Uther, The Lightbringer (Finished) on Tue Jun 26, 2018 8:19 pm

Alright, the final edit was made. Uther shall make his way into the world and become a beacon with his shining Light!

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#6 Re: Uther, The Lightbringer (Finished) on Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:38 am


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