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   Name: Sithis Monomyth
   Alias: The Drunk
   Real Age: 1500
   Phys. Age: 23
   Gender: Male
   Personality: Let's break down Sithis's Personality from positive to the negative aspects.
Sithis is a a very loyal person to those he cares about and those he is friends with. He will protect them, shield them, and and care for them. Sithis isn't a bad guy when it comes to being social or anything of that sort. But he tends to not make a lot of friends. If he makes a lot of friends he would have to protect them, and that would strive from his own duty and goals. Sithis enjoys extremely to fool around and goof off on his days when his not preforming his Capt. Duties or normal Soul Reaper duties. His hyperness for his own age is extremely scary and overwhelming when it comes to energy. That's about the jest of his common good traits. He is kind to everyone and gives respect to everyone first even the bad guys, that is until that respect is broken and they tend to insult him then you will make Sithis your enemy. That's about it.

Now for the dark side of Sithis. Sithis is broken inside emotional he keeps himself professional Composed and stable, but masking his unsustainable with hypersensitiveness his socializing. Without this he would just shut down completely. He is extremely short tempered. In fact to a point if you piss him off enough he would attack you out right. Something he doesn't not enjoy doing to people whom are his allies. It's like a nack or a snap and a beast is let loose. When Sithis Fights, Sithis Reallies on Hakuda mostly. He believes that everyone who fights him doesn't deserve to witness his Sealed formed, Shikai, or Bankai, unless your of equal worth to Sithis or pose a threat to Sithis. When Sithis fights in hand to hand combat he views His enemies as lesser then ants. When he used his Zanp he considered them of equal Worth to Sithis allowing to Sithis to fight at his full power.Sithis is extremely blood thirsty and arrogant, he is cocky and believes that everyone who insults him or fights him is beneath him unless they prove others wise. He undermines his enemies and belittles them when they lose his respect.

   Height: 5'8
   Weight: 150 lbs
   Physical Traits: Sithis stands five feet and eight inches tall. He weighs one hundred and fifty pounds. His body structure is very muscular, his ripped, and tone. He has scars on his body all over his body and refusing to heal them. He has a tattoo of back of a Dragon. He has straight and narrow eye brows, his eyes are blue, and he has red hair. That's basically it about his body. His nothing special. when it comes to that. Now to move towards his fashion sense. Sithis dresses in what he likes and whatever he likes. However he is most likely seen wearing his formal Capt. clothing, he is very formal when it comes to clothing and the distention that takes it, say he would wear a suit for a funeral or swim wear at a beach. His sword Zanpukuto with the sheath of the blade is seen behind his back.
Sithis dressing style is more flexible for the right turn of events. He wouldn't wear something that wouldn't make sense. Say dress suit for a swimming contest. He is always seen in his Capts. Clothing unless something happens. A Battle breaks out and he get's his cloak ripped off. Which is highly unlikely because Sithis is careful if his not fighting seriously. If his fighting seriously. His vague, destructive and not caring. Which leads to his clothing getting ripped off.His manner of walking holds a sign of authority when he walks. Meaning when ever he enters and goes somewhere it is shown that he means business even if he doesn't show it.

Is one thing he caries with him around his neck at all times, is a cross a cross for worshiping the Jesus of earth. Since Soul Reapers don't have a god they worship. And Religion isn't against the code of rules that for Soul Reapers. He keeps it as a reminder to pray once in a while for the hardships he had suffered and survived. During his time while he was imprisoned in Hucho Mondo, or when he attempted to Vaporize the Nine Espanda with his Bankai and failed horribly, when the entire place had time alter. He keeps this cross a reminder that god is with him and he will help him.

   General Fighting Style:  Sithis focus on Hakuda and Shuupo over with applicants to Kido in his fights, He only uses his Shikai against someone who is a Challenge or worthy of it, and uses Bankai only during Fights that deserve it. And his Final Bankai he uses to claim a victory. You won't be seeing him use Shikai or Bankai unless he is facing someone who is stronger then him.
   Strengths: Mastery of Hand to Hand combat/Grandmaster in Hakuda: Sithis is a grandmaster in Hakuda. Knowing all forms of Martial arts. capable of breaking and smashing an enemy in two within seconds.
Swordsmanshsip Mastery: Sithis is a Swords master. While never drawn his blade against someone who was worthy, While he was within the Eleventh Division as a Captain. Sithis trained others of the ways of the sword.
Kido Adapt: While not as strong as his hand to hand combatants, Sithis is able to cast a level 60 Kido. Any higher would prove challenging.
Shuupo Master: Speed is his game, Sithis is fast and instants.
   Weaknesses:Durability, Reitsu, Sensing
   Ability Name: Immortality(Age): Sithis can't die by aging.
   Ability Description: [These can be combat oriented or roleplay oriented.]

   Sealed Appearance: Black blade, with a red handle, and white wrapping on the handle.
   Zanpakutou Name: Katon
   Call Out Command: Now Katon: Silence, As the Wind Of Fire Springs Forth over the Ocean.

   Appearance: Takes form of a Massive sword made of pure fire.
   Abilities: Name: Scorching Vortex
Type: Fire/Kido
Range: 25meters Mid Range
Description: Summons three flaming Vortex that travels at the User's will. That the amount of flames produced is enough to make anyone's skin sweat. The closer they get to the three moving Vortex the more they will feel their body generate, however, if they touch the flames, they will experience 2ndegree burns, and if they go inside they will suffer critical wounds. This can be used two times in a thread. It has a cool down of ten posts. The Votrex the three of them can last for 3 posts. And it is controlled by the user. Only a single Votrex can be thrown at a single enemy. unless they are in a group. Then then all three can be tossed as a group. The Three Vortexs are 10 meters in height and 5 meters in width and move at half bala speeds.
* Equivalent to a level 70 Kido.

Name: Katon: Flaming Barrier
Type: Protective/Support
Range: 100meters
Description: Sithis slams his sword down, and creates and field around him and his allies. That can range anywhere from 1 meter to 100 meters max. It would surround the area around them in Fire. The flames outside and inside protecting the area is engulfed is it's extremely hot to a point where if they can't handle it or go pass it will be burned. Until the Barrier is gone. They won't die but they will most like be in critical condition.. However if they are stronger then Sithis, of course they can dispell Sithis's Barrier. Or pass through it. It can be used once, 1 post duration 2 post cooldown It can take up an attack that is of a cero equivalent attack.

Name: Flaming Slashes
Type: Fire
Range: Short/Mid
Description: Sends six slashes at the enemy compressed with Fire based attacks. That travel 5 meters at max length. Moves at Bala speeds that is equal to a level 20 kido. 2 Round Coolodown

Name: Flaming Slash
Type: Fire
Range: Short
Description: A single Wave that is flame if connected with target they will suffer First degree burns. It's 5x5 meters in length and width moves at Bala speeds. If the target is hit with this attack they will suffer Second degree burns in that area of contact.  1 Round cooldown, Blank Range Cero impact

Name: Flaming Ring
Type: Fire
Range: Short
Description: Creates a protective ring of flame around the user that functions as an attack and defense. If anyone gets to close and gets touched it will give the enemy second degree burns. However if the ring is struck five times, it will dispel. Cool down of 3 posts. 2 Posts Duration. 3 meters Width wise. The protective ring can withstand about 2 Ceros

Name: Regeneration:
Type: Self
Range: Self
Description: The fire of his Shikai is capable of healing his body, being able to cauterize open wounds . Cool down of of 5 posts, lasts 2 posts. (Can't heal mortal wounds or Beheading.)

   Boosts:2x to all stats  Grants the user Fire Resistance to his own fire only.


   New Name: Bankai: Now Scream Katon, Over the Lava Ocean.
   Appearance: His appearance changes to a armor, and his Zanpukto turns into a Clay more. The Armor is there to protect him from his own flames. He blade has the ability to Transfigure from blade to Battle Axe.
All Prior Abilities from shikai kept. and transferred to bankai.

Name: Beam Up
Range: Mid
Description: Fires a beam of fire that will explode on contact with the enemy and engulf them in flames. What this does is a beam of Fire shoots at the enemy, and on contact it explodes on the enemy engulfing it in flames burning them till the fire is put out. The damage inflicted by the flames increases per post for three posts unless the fire is put out beforehand. Can be used 3 times, cool down of 10 posts, flames last 3 posts. First post 1st degree burns, second post second degree posts, third posts 3rd degree burns.

Name: Super Dragon Bomb
Type: Fire
Range: 90 meters
Description: Sithis points his blade at the target and a huge flame emits from the tip of his sword as he weaves it around his body. The dragon thrusts forward toward the enemy, though he can control its movements. It moves at speed of a Bala, with damage equal to a level 40 Hado. It is 15 meters in height and 7 meters in width it can extend up to 90 meters for travel in terms of reaching a target. Can be used three times. Has a cooldown of 7 posts.

Name: Overlarge Burst of Flame
Type: Fire
Range: 100m
Description: Sithis brings his sword up into the area, and summons meteors from the sky which start hailing down until they connect with the enemy or the field. If the enemy gets hit they will start to burn from the extreme heat. If the meteors hit the field, the impacted ground becomes molten (lava). The lava remains hot for the entire thread, but is stationary. The burns to the enemy lasts for 2 posts. First post suffering stunning from the impact and second degree burns. On the 2 second post the opponent suffers third degree burns, This technique can be used once. Five meteors are thrown down at the size of 10 meters in length and 5 meters in width, at half bala speeds, the lava posts are of 10m in length/width a total of 50 meters can be send around the entire area. 10*5=50. The Lava Pools will cool down in by the end of the thread and dispel.

Name: Super Nova
Type: Fire
Range: 100m
Description: With a single slash, a wave of fire erupts from Sithis's sword. Enemies the attack hits will start burning for two posts, suffering 3rd degree burns on the first post. This attack is slow moving, however when it hits or comes into contact with something, the thing it hits will burn. Can be used three times in a thread, cool down of 10 posts. 10meters high 10 meters wide
   Boosts: 3x to all stats, 3x Fire Damage/Lava Damage to the enemies if hit with additional to the attacks already inflicted. In Bankai, The armor is shielding Sithis from the flames, if his armor were to be taken off he would suffer burns.



   New Name: Katon: Outshout God of Ra Spring forth.
   Appearance:  Sithis takes form of a massive 6'4 man. With that he has his Blade, which can transfigure towards an battle axe, or rope.
All Prior Abilities from shikai and Bankai are transferred to Final Banaki.
Fire/Lava/Magma Manipulation: In this form Sithis is capable of creating, fire, Lava, Magma, and using it at will. it is to be noted the fire from this attacks as well as lava, and Magma is hotter then the sun.

Obliteration: Sun raises his hand up, and then rope the sky with his Blade, as a massive 400 meter by 400 meter that moves at half bala speeds and smashes it's self towards the enemy or the ground, once hits the impacts, turns to fire, and burns the place and people within that meter radius to shreds.
   Boosts: 4x to all stats. Compete Immunity to his Fire/Lava and only his. It also Negates the effects of others who have immunity to other peoples fire. For example if a fire user who fought Sithis in this form were to be immue to fire, He no longer would. Meaning Sithis flames would damage him. Sithis would still be harmed by their flames if attacked by another fire user. just no by his own fire. Sithis final release Lava/Fire his attacks reach and manifest hotter then the sun.


   History: Short Life of The Origin of the Monomyths: Sithis was a human before he became a Soul Reaper. In fact he was royalty. Mind you he had everything he wanted, money the woman, the training, back then they didn't have things like television, or video games. It was a Empire basically. The Monomyth Tribe was extremely amazing fighters whom were barbarian basically. Fight side by side, fucked,drank and stole lands. In fact,Sithis was the Chief's Son, and a Brew Drinker. The Sithis people know now as a Soul Reaper is not the same Sithis people knew when he was a Human. But I'll let the tale speak for itself. During his time in the living realm, Sithis was cunning, vile, and disgusting taken many women knocking them up, and leaving them, having his children. He trained younger Tribesman of the Monomyth Hunting Grounds. to a strict degree almost beating them to death if they failed. His brute tactics earned him the name. Sithis the Destroyer during the times he was in war. He was a heavy drinker who hated his royal family. He hated his title, he hated being a The son of his father. The one that was daddy's little boy. Sithis wanted to be his own person. His own entity his own individual on his own level.. But he loved to fuck, fight and drink.

Meeting the End of his days:

One day he was sent out to scout on the order of his Father, with a group of men to investigative something Strange. There were bodies being found that ended up nothing but bones. Sithis was tasked because he was the best fighter Tribesman in what we call Russia now a days had at the time. Upon arrival he would look around the area, and freeze. He was frozen, unable to move from what he was seeing, for the first time in his life Sithis was scared, scared he might die. Scared that his life is about to meet it's end by a group of weird looking monsters and a Man with a Sword with a half mask. Sithis couldn't speak, move or do anything. His men spoke out. "Sith, is something the matter? Why are you falling behind. Come on." The man that spoke to him was his younger friend. Whom he had trained the only person who could speak to him in that matter.

His eyes glowed onto the the monsters and then at his men. Could they not see what he was seeing? Could they not see what was being witness by Sithis himself? His body shook as he was being slowly dropped to a single knee. What is this feeling. I can't move my body yet my body is forced to being kneeled down. Sithis thought to himself in disbelieve yet the solders that were moving ahead stopped and looked around, confused why the Son of the Mighty War Chief was going on a single knee. Nor were they aware by the correct events. From what Sithis was seeing.

Sithis after fighting the will to move what seemed like hours but was mere minutes, Sithis finally blinked. After his eye lids rose after closing. His men, all dropped dead. Sithis. Out of sheer will and power of his heart to protect his little friend who was cut down to size. Regained his ability to finally move. Taken out his sword. He charged his way towards the Espada taken his right hand by the hilt hilt of his blade, wrapping the tie around it he lunched himself at him, lounging at him. The Espada merely moved back seemingly unimpressed. "PFF!" Sithis roared, releasing the tied wrapping around his forearm, and lunching the blade at his shoulder. which did in fact hit but the blade of his weapon was broken within contact of the Espada skins's. After that, Sithis died. He lasted a single minute against the Espada managed to surprise him and fell after his sword failed to penetrate the skin.

After words, Sithis. Sithis fell contained with his loss but was suffering for the fact that he had loss his friend and men. He passed towards what he seemed or what appeared to be like a Living realm world would call Heaven. This was the Soul Society. Upon entering this place. It was massive, their were countless citizens within the ruganki district. Which he spent years making friends with, bonding with them, and commuting. Enjoying their company. In fact this is where Sithis begun to change more. He begun to be more calmer, and nicer towards people. But he had yet to see his friends nor men come to this place. This brought him a moments of despair if they were in hell while he was in heaven so to speak. One hundred years later, Sithis befriending a Soul Reaper. By the name of Alessia. Who also came from Russia and she was killed by the same person that that killed Sithis. She had described his appearance and Sithis figured out who he was. However, in her instance. She did also knew his name. Something she did not wish to discuss in fact she was rather shaken up by the mention of him each time Sithis brought it up. Almost as if she was scarred. Alessia and Sithis spent a good Forty years bonding. Before her duty as a Soul Reaper too a turn the Moment she became a warrior for the Soul King, working as the unit for him. After she told the news to Sithis after a cup of Sake. Sithis would frown. "The only person I can truly call a friend in this hindered in limited state I am in. And she's leaving to purse her duty." This was the first time, Sithis had ever shred a Tear for anyone. She giggled. and eased his mind with an offer. "No, Alexander."called him by his middle name. "Not the last. You can join the Soul King and become a combantant for him a a Fighter, a Reaper who will be trained and you know. Besides Alexander it' not easy. That's how the Espada killed you last..." she paused, a sudden Chill ran down from her spine. At the mention of that thing that she under went with. "Yo." She paused unable to form proper words shaken up by the subject. "Just join us, I'll personal train you in the art of the Reaper." she said, she finished her sake and vanished from the spot. This was the first time, Sithis had seen the act of a high speed move since his fight against the Espada.

Flash Back Early Life of Sithis: It was no doubt that his early years were not his normal years from what people would call normal now a days. He was taught a Language verbally. He was taught to fight, how to hunt, how to swim. His father was a cheif of his Tribe. It put a target on their back as he overseen everything, the clan's history, training, the lecturing. When Sithis was a young boy he was a bully. He picked on the weaker people to show his dominance. To show he was better. And for the most part he was the best for his age group. He was cocky, arrogant, and self righteous. He enjoyed pushing others in hopes that they got better. It wasn't right but at the time this was all Sithis could do to motive his fellow peers. That was the Jest of it. For his younger years atleast.

Teenager years were much different, while still being cocky and fall of pride. Sithis was more refined then anything better fighter and all. However, this time he was training and lecturing others how to better themselves. With the coming of war between the tribes it was others and Sithis's duty to help the younger folks as well as train with the adults. Sithis was tasked on a scouting mission with a group of Youngsters. It was more of a test then anything else. But no one knew this besides Sithis. They were tasked in hunting animals. While Sithis was tasked in scouting the whereabouts of another tribe. Everything was going well. Until they were a attacked. A loud cry was heard, and then it was silence. Sithis at once, seek the location of the noise, and at once found a group of large men beating a member of his tribe, Sithis drew his sword, and flung it at the head of one of the enemies, their were five of them, and one dead. He scanned the ground quickly. For two head rocks, And would decide to fight their sword with the rock. sword can't penetrate rocks like they can bones with enough force and velocity. Even if they could Sithis was small at the time, they wouldn't being going for a large swipe, to cut a limb off they were aiming for a kill. Which would be swift, Sithis knew this too. It was the most logically approach that they would have done to best him. He also knew whatever the speed the rock would connect with would hurt and if it missed he can throw his second rock at the enemy. That wasn't an issue for him. However before the battle begun, Sithis backup would arrive and his Tribes large men, would arrive and overpower the men, captaining them and bringing them back. While Sithis was proud that back up arrived. He had a slight disconcerting what if he did lose, would he have died? He was thankful in his mind that his tribe arrived to assist.

Waging War and Adult life of Sithis flash back still: With the capturing of the men, he found out that they would be coming to his tribe for an invasion. The Chief of The Monomyth Tribe decided to react to this as a signs of war. To show an example of this war era. He would chop the bodies to pieces, burn them, and then send them toward the warring tribe as a token of declaration of war. After that it was a consent battle. Sithis was struggling at this rate, with training others, himself, lecturing, protection upon the tribe, as well as Losing sleep. It was becoming troublesome to him. He grew cranky, annoyed and pissed off. With each passing moment that he had taken, just to rest, he had to get up two hours later. At the time their was no clock. They told time by the skies, and how the wind moved, as well as a leaf on water for a compass and such and the wind. It was troubled times. The war wasn't as staged as it would have been in what we know as England. And their dark times. But it was close to it. The density was hot and cold during summer and spring, and Snow dripped down during fall and winter, the harshness times were the snow times. Many people as well as as warriors grew extremely tired of this war, over time. Though never questioned their chiefs orders on both sides. They were both getting sick of losing strong men. Requests to stop these wars were brought up. But both Leaders were extremely Stubborn in their own right. Fixed on Victory and Dominance much like Sithis was. Just like Father and Son. For ten or so years. This warring period happened.

Ending of the warring Period: After the Enemies had captured Sithis's Father's Wife. And knocked her up. And founding out the news, Sithis's Father sent the entire force towards the enemy to wipe them out. And Sithis was their too. Fighting along side of his father whom had joined. Sithis displayed an extraordinary amounts of rage. It was during this times, that his Resihi had exploded, crippling down his enemies. Before Sithis blacked out. After Monomyth Tribe had won. Sithis was found in critical coordination, he had a heavy fevor, and he was on a verbe of death. In fact for a whole year he went in and out of a coma. The doctors did what they could. Granted the medical arts were low back at this time. It was hard on his father. IN the meantime he tried to issue a peace treaty with other Tribes, in hopes that his son would never have to go through whatever he went through not that His father even understood what happened. After another Year, Sithis woke up. Shaky but he was ready for combat and training.

Brief Ending of Flash Back: Not a single time, was Sithis told nor were the soldiers or others spoke of what Outstanding Witchery that Sithis had Done, to anyone or even Sithis. Unless they desired to be killed. Sithis too could not remember what he exactly did. Or what outlandish power he displayed.

Sithis spent the next few days debating on the thoughts on what she had offered him. If what she said was true. He would be able to do so. But would that mean Sithis would go back to his old ways of being a brute or the new changed Sithis would be displayed in this growth. After ten more days of thinking. Sithis got out of his stationed him, and Exited the location. Only too.

Battle of Rugnaki District. Invasion of Mazaz:

A big boom was heard. a a massive Catalytic was caused around the location. Alessia, appeared infront of Sithis and saved his life. "You need to run. Run, as fast as you can." She whispered. A Hand was placed on her shoulder and she froze. A dark flush appeared on her face, Sithis's eyes narrowed as he looked at the face of the man, and his body froze. It can't be. How did.. Someone like the devil the same man that had killed him. Appear in a place like Heaven like this. Now at the current moment. Sithis had no idea that Las Nos was the Place for Hollows. Sithis Called Hollows Demons, and The Espada Devils. Sithis viewed the Soul Society as Heaven. Yet only gaining knowledge of Soul Reapers by Alessia. "Oh dear Alessia, don't you remember the sweet times we had together in your home? Those nice touches I've done to your body." His hand trailed down towards her spine. "Don't you remember my touch." Sithis finally understood what had happened between the two off them, and why she didn't enjoy the pleasure of having the subject brought up about this man. Sithis released a battle cry. "I'll fucking slice your fucking head. For your crimes." He roared. He took the the blade of the frozen Alessia in his hand, brought it back, and punctuated the stomach of Alessia, cutting bringing his right hand, up, as he took her head. "I'm Sorry." he said. He brought the hilt hand up cutting her in half. His left hand going to punch Maza. As only to be caught. The blood of Alessa's body caught. "Interesting, how someone like yourself is willing to cut down ties between a bond you've built up for over forty years with someone." He said. Sithis again shaken up. As to how he knew this. Sithis dropped her zanpukato and dropped to a single knee. "Even after one hundred years passed you are still weak." Taken his blade, he brought his blade at Sithis's neck. "Do you know what happens when you die twice? You become a Hollow." he smiled. "Byakuri." Mazaz sonido into the air dodging the attack. "YOU KILLED Alessia" A Soul Reaper said, looking at the Espada. "Who are you?" He asked. "They call me Maza, the Destruction of Time. I am the Second Espada Ranked. You will all be missed." He would take his blade out, and release his Resssination. Suddenly everything within the area, froze in time. And then clicked back to normal within a split second. No one was harmed in the process but buildings were burning or destroyed. Whatever happened during the time freeze seemed to have taken damage, based on what Mazaz did. It appeared to be likes a day passed by the actually reality was only a second.

Entry to the Soul King the Massive Change:

After another tens years passed. Sithis spent his days helping rebuilt the area. and focusing on spiritual Pressure control and His swords skills and building more confidence. it was very unclear as to How Mazaz entered here, or how he knew he was friends with Alessia for so long. But something was off. Every where he felt he could still Feel Alessia's Pressure each time he looked back she was not there. He cut her down for the sake of finding peace. No one should go through what she had suffered from the monster. Yet he felt guilt for killing his friend. He cared for her as a friend yet he took her life. Over the ten years. He found out that her body was taken and they sent a scout to found the location of her body but nothing came up so they returned. It was disturbing and troubling to be quite frank. He did develop a good friendship with the person whom had saved his life from Mazaz. Who decided it would be a good idea to save him, Even though Sithis was the one that killed Alessia not Mazaz. He would sigh. During one of his session at the Inn. "This is depressing. After all this hard work. After rebuilding this. The damages, were finally at peace but how old." He said to himself. He he was drunk and brought his right hand towards his cup and was about to finish the drink when he passed out. Power, death, suffering, guilt, friendship. TO think I would be something angelic when being in a place like this would be amazing. Yet I feel like I am some place of a hell. his finally thoughts before he passed out.

Sithis woke up with a splash of water on his face by a group of giggling girls. and the person who had saved him. His eyes froggy as he cleared his vison. "Never got your name." He said. "Nen." He said. "Alessia mentioned to that wouldn't decide to come here on your own. So I spiked your drink. I knew you came there every night after you finished helping. I told the Inn Keeper to in port a powder. You're gonna become a Soul Reaper whether you like it or not. I've already recommanded you to be trained by my Loose ends of Reapers. that work for the Soul King. Either you like it or not." He said in a cheerful voice. Just then he looked to the right, that pressure again as if she was there. Was he being haunted?"Thanks I guess." He said slowly. The next three hundred years he spent, doing the training, and honing his abilities. In fact he developed and displayed outstanding results. He was surprised by his growth and progress. Never in his humanly life if he was still alive did he think he would get to do what he did now with this much power and enjoy it. This is the second time his personality changed. Since his death and entry upon this place. He was more hyperactive, friendly, Short tempered, caring for his friends.

He was finally on par and being something worth while which made Sithis extremely happy. Nen and Sithis became more in tact as friends. In fact every few often every time he was with Nen he could sense or feel Alessia's Pressure more then he could before but when he pinpointed it's location the feel of it would fade. It was strange honestly. It was a strange feel and the disturbing part of it was. Sithis believed that Alessia never died or in fact was somehow still alive. He kept his thoughts on this to himself. Never mentioning it towards Nen or anyone else. In fact when he wasn't around Nen he could not longer feel her Pressure but when he was around her. He could feel for her pressure more opening. As if Nen and Alessia were linked. Nen was cheerfully and friendly, and appeared to be hyper. Which was nothing like he was during when he was enraged by Alessia's death guess Four Hundred years passing could change a person.

Aspect of the Soul King: While Sithis had underwent his training for three hundred years. He was trained by the finest of the Reapers. But that's not the important part of this Section of the History. The important part. Was Sithis always questioning what exactly was the Soul King. What was his duty. Why were someone like the Soul King even need Reapers. What was their purpose as reapers. Because from what he had seen done. He felt guilty. He felt the desire to stop what he was doing. But every time that nerve appeared. Nen would come up behind him, grab his ass and speak in his ear. "Remember your duty. Remember what your doing this for. Remember who you love. Remember most importantly. You're a Soul Reaper. A Reaper that passed judgement." Every time he was reminded that he questioned it even further. Was all of this really worth it? The Power he possessive was amazing, He was stronger then he was before. But all this senseless bullying and fighting against one another and other reapers. And the Noble Clans. Was it really worth it? Now Sithis had underwent a major change during his time in this place. He begun to question himself. After Mazaz's attack. The Ancient Espanda. Who he knew nothing about. Who managed to alter time and within a split second not only was he gone but he also, Disappeared. Everything was burning. Was his power strong enough to serve as justice and seek revenge. Was it revenge that he truly wanted? Or something more. These are the things that Sithis thought to himself.

Not of that mattered he would come to that when he had the chance. However, he kept questioning, if the Soul King was so strong why did he need People like Reapers. Maybe it was setting something up for something greater. For a Greater Balance in a possible near future.

Group of Reapers Waging war:

It was wear and tear between the Reapers. Waging contest battles among themselves. For dominance and see who is better. there were four noble houses. Each fighting amongest themselves. Sithis was not part of the noble house and had no interest in them. He fought with his group of Reapers. And for the most part they came victories at all times. But Sithis was taken a toll on this battle. Haven't never been bested in combat, until the day that Mazaz killed him, and upon gaining these supernatural abilities through training, even countless days without rest, and just fighting took a toll. His reaction time became slower, his speed decreased he had to relly solely on instruct at the time. He was facing the best of the best. Whether it be along or in a group. He had to wonder why were they fighting constantly for what exactly? What exactly would they obtain? Death? As if they weren't dead already. It sadden him honestly at how this was transfiguring. The little time they had off to rest, they were either hunting or training, they barely slept. This Annoyed Sithis to no end. He was a fighter to the end. But This was just extreme. His social life with Nen was impacted greatly. Constantly watching one another's back in battle barely talking. And what time they talking they were doing so in spars or hunting together. Sithis have had enough at one point. And attempted to bring this issue right to the Soul King. He was so, sleepy and tired that he didn't realize he was being followed by Nen. At the time. Nen could read him like a book for some reason. He didn't want him to go alone. Just as he was about to enter the palace he was stopped by a very handsome and strong Reaper. There he knew, If he battled at his coordination he would be fucked.

The Legend behind Sithis the Hakuda Grandmaster, Slaughter of enemies Flash Back: Questioning was all he had done. Trained by the best, and he never drew his blade once. Perhaps it was Sithis being Soft of his code of fighting non the less. Battle after battle things drawed out, Sithis took down hordes of Reapers with his bare hands. Being nicknamed, Sithis the Hakuda Grandmaster. or the Close Combat Grandmaster. Enemies were dropped fast. This was Sithis's fighting style. When he did not draw his blade, That and the use of spiritual Energy of Kidou that he had learned.

"Oui, Asmund, Why must I learn hand to hand combat if I have a zanpukto." Asmund laughed at Sithis. "Because when you lose a weapon and don't have any knowledge of hand to hand combat you're a sitting duck. Kidou isn't always gonna help you. Besides, Do you honestly think when the Clans finally decide to want more land that they would care about whether or not, you use a sword, energy based kidou or a weapon. They will see you as a Dog. And you will need to learn to survive. Were given one purpose by the Soul King. And you are to obey it." He lectured. "Get, up Sithis, again. We will train again." He said. Sithis got up, and with an exchange of different fighting styles, after several hours of training, Sithis was taken down on the ground. With his arm being taken to a bar lock. "This is strange, Asmund." He muttered. "I didn't hear wotcha ya said. Better tap befor" He tapped quickly. Knowing it was best to do that then suffer break.

"Thanks, Honestly. I'll keep on refining my craft. Thank you for the Knowledge." he said. During that time they were all being trained. For the coming war of the Clans. Things little minor stuff like a social Life didn't exist. Not to Sithis's Knowledge atleast.

This wasn't your avenge joe. He was a blood thirsty overwhelming strong Opponent. He had an issue with Sithis never drawing his Weapon against his enemies, and killing with his hands. "Halt, worm." he said in distaste. "You come to the Palace after the Maker gave you a job, to group of Reapers. You dare come back. I am surprised you're not dead I've been watching you. I loathe your level of combat style. It's disgusting. I haven't killed you off because I've been waiting for when you're at your weakness. To bring out you're true strength." he said. No doubt about it. During his Fights he had never used his zanputako because there was no worthy challenge to die by his weapon at this point.

"I'm going to end you, Sithis." He pulled out his blade, Sithis got his hands ready. Almost shaken up and overwhelmed by the amount of spirital Pressure and at that current time, He didn't have any will to fight, he didn't come to fight. He came to talk. "KNEEL!" He shouted. Sithis was quickly dropping to a single, knee. He glared at him. Never again would he would allow himself to kneel and die against something like this. He made a promise like that. He released his own spiritual pressure. Finally standing up. "Kneel." He said, his right hand, moving to the hilt of his blade. "I'll end you quick." The poor snob, didn't see this coming. "Never again will someone as worthless as you will make someone as Prideful as me, Kneel. Punishment. Is Death." He said. The Overwhelming spiritual Pressure that compassed over Caused, The reaper, to cease to exist. Afterwards. Just like back during the tribe time, Sithis passed out.

Woken up Two years later. Asmund gave him a cup of Tea. "We're at peace. Or were going to gain peace soon. Soul King is working on something. You best rest. Don't over-stress you're self to such levels." he said. Sithis's jaw dropped. Don't tell me, he was watching the entire display. "Wait why didn't you come help." He said in disbelieve. "Because. You didn't need it. When I first trained you. I knew you had it in you. To do just that. You had it in you to defeat him. He was cocky. and mitook your conditional a a weakness. When it was clearly not. What surprised me the most when you kneeled down. You're spiritual Pressure became even overwhelming even for myself. Something must have triggered such raw emotional anger for you to release such pressure. May I say with a bit of advice. Don't do something like that. You're entire presence was felt. It was scary. It held murderous intent. While you didn't mean any harm, you were defending yourself to survive. Don't do things like that unless your alone and a few distance away from others." he stated.

After some rest he had went by himself. Going around slaughtering the Reapers that decided to continue this blood bath. His needless war and during those three hundred years of killing them. Sithis grew attached and fond of it. Growing hungry for combat. He grew hungry for a Challenge. He grew hungry for a Kill. Power was never something Sithis lusted over. He obtained his power through centuries of endless training and battling. He lusted for a real Challenge. That's what he really lusted after. Never using his blade unless someone really posed a challenge.

This was all that the Waring Clans did to Sithis, it caused Sithis to doubt the reasoning behind this entire self war. The reason to why keep fighting, The backstabbing of reapers, the training. And Finally the convulsion of the war. After their was enough blood Shed. After enough was enough. Peace was finally declared a Academy was founded for this location and

Founding of the Academy:

With the academy being formed. And only the richest or the wealthiest could Entry. Sithis took his role as a Teacher for those who could not afford the cost. He was disgusted that only the wealthiest could go inside that academy. Sithis didn't have any founds. So he trained a group of Souls. A good round of one hundred. in Kidou and Hakuda. That was all he could teach them. He couldn't hand them a Zanpukuto which only the academy handed them. But he could teach them, enough to defend themselves. In order to make enough wealth to Enter the academy. It wa long next one thousand years. Training these men. For the most part, Sithis enjoyed this. It showed him dipute the war. There were still chances of happiness.

(Place Holder WIP)

Academy Entry: After training groups of Souls in the art of combat. He finally decided it was time for him to join this academy. He did. And everything came Easy for Sithis. That was a given, given his Experience and his vast knowledge of different fighting styles, foundation, kidou. Sithis main reason for joining the academy. Was to found more information about Mazaz if the man even existed. Or was this all in his mind. It couldn't be but someone this powerful shouldn't exist. What History the Academy held on Hollow. He didn't couldn't find anything useful. So He found this adventure a tad useless and point. His obsession with Mazaz grew to extreme Lengths.

1015: Twelve most powerful warriors were chosen. Sithis was one of them. But he declined. He had no interest at the time to one of the chosen. He had seen enough blood and killed enough that taken another duty as this would lead to corrupt if he was involved and held anything remotely to authority. Because at this current point if they bickered. Sithis would challenge all twelve to a fight. To show them that there was enough. There was no need for that anymore.

"Oui, Sithis. I heard about your Promotion. But I they can't decide where to place you. Their thinking of Squad one." Sithis looked at Ren and spoke. "Naw, I want something for my style. Combat wise. Maybe Eleven." Ren Rolled his eyes. "We all know you can take on half of the Soul Society by yourself. Even the current Captains. You're remarkable strong. Nor have I ever seen your Shikai, or Bankai, Sithis. What are they?" Nen asked. "You'll never know." He snicked. As he took a drink from his sake. "Though I never saw your Bankai or Shikai Either. You only used your sealed form and Kidou during war." He laughed. "Oui." Sithis shook his head. "Don't you go stealing my words." He said. It was this time that he had enjoyed himself. He couldn't remember when was the last time he had laughed or smiled truly. 11th Division:

It was unclear to where to place Sithis in and what division as his fighting style could be varied in all division. Sithis could be a medic, a Hand to hand fighter and Kidou user. However, Sithis was so inclined to put himself into the Eleventh Division that he asked Nen to vouch for him. Nen did so. Allowing Sithis to become in the Eleventh Division. With that being Said Nen and Sithis parted ways to purse their own doing. Sithis focused on honing all his skills, bonding, and slaying Hollows. He did have a objective to find Mazaz. In fact he grow more interested in fighting. As a more blood thirsty manner then anything. Sithis gained the respect of his squad in a weird manner. Each spar that he had he had defeated his enemies, in a calm manner. In fact Sithis had never ever drive his zanpoukto against his friends not even the hollows. He rallied solely on hand to hand tactics and Flash Step. He confronted the Eleventh Divsion, in fact he challenged him. Hen Shrugged it off. Finally Sithis drive his blade. "I only drive me blade when I am fighting seriously. " The Capt. Turned and looked at him. "So all the times you've sparred my men, you've never taken them seriously? or given them that kind of respect that pisses me off." he closed the distance fast. "Let me teach you a fucking lesson." His left hand shout out gripping Sithis's throat, Sithis pointed his finger out. "Byakuri" He said firing at his shoulder. Hen. Roared in happiness. At the fact that he got injuries. "Using underhanded tactics like Hado." he laughed. "We are a Melee squad. You have no pl" Before he could utter the next word, Sithis emptied a palm towards the Hen's. Stomach release the hold of Sithis and pushing him back. "You're wrong. I have every right to be in this division. It the reason why I am better then you and the rest of the Hen's. Because I possessive skills that you don't have while you limit yourself to melee I expand my arsenal to greater lengths? You're wondering how I managed to push you back." He said. "You lack resolve. You focus that you think your the best but you're quite weaker then I am. I've been training non stop for four hundred years and you think because you are Capt. You will stop training. Pf. I've not used my Blade. Because fighting enemies I can cut down with my Blade is pointless. I am extremely. Good in other areas of combat, Hakuda, Weaponry, Kidou, Stepping, Healing, among est other things. My Spiritual Pressure is above yours allow me to show you." Sithis placed both hands on the hilt, as he released a destructive amount of pressure the seated officers instantly dropped to one knee The Capt. Was fighting between whether he should be dropped to a knee or not. "Impressive" The Hen. Said. "You forget who I am?" A voice would be heard in his head. He blinked. And Sithis was stabbed through the stomach. "FUCK YOU!" Sithis said. Overpowered. That was until he shouted. "Silence, As the Wind Of Fire Springs Forth over the Ocean." His Blade transfigured to a more flamey state as the blade of Sithis turned into a Fire itself. He would wing it out. "Yami, Lava, Wind of the Ocean Fire." He yelled. Suddenly a vortox from his blade sprang forth. And the Hen. Was burned alive from it. Sithis dropped to a single Knee and patted passing out.

Tale of Mazaz' Power: Some time during the fourteen hundreds Sithis finally found a record of a Espada the name of Mazaz's. Though his records were still unknown it seemed he had wiped out a Group of Soul Reapers with one attack and let one live so he could report back to the rest. That was all that was dated during this. Why he was let to live was unknown the said Soul Reapers memory would train blink as if it aged. This Troubled, Sithis and Sithis Left it alone for now.

Eraser of the Quincy: Sithis was on the path of becoming a Capt of the Eleventh Division. He had a shikai and Bankai since after the war. That he never used. But that's besides the point the main issue was. The Quincy. His group along with others were takes in making their race extinct. It was the first time, Sithis had actually used his Sword against a Group of Quinces, in fact he had used his Bankai, to turn most of the quinces to legit Ash. They were considered a threat and Sithis Removed them. Breaking his code of combat just for this moment. The reminder of the quinces hid. He felt guilty in doing so. That he managed to wipe out so many. Just to follow an order.

Becoming Capt. Mazaz, Nen and Alessia Arc. War and Imprisonment.

Upon becoming a Capt. He was tasked for his first job to Erase the Hollow in HM. This is something that Sithis did on his own. Entering the Location. He would come to countless battles against the Hollows in HM. Taken them all down with his bare hands. It wasn't till he located the Palace where he had found eight Espada one of them Being Mazaz. Sithis smiled. "We meet again." Sithis said. Maza looked at Sithis and blinked. "Have we met?" He asked. "We have and this will be the last time that we meet." He said. Suddenly. Alessia appeared from the brink of Space, and aimmed to remove Sithis, Moved back. "Bye Alexander" Sithis flipped over the enemy as his eyes shot at not only the voice the man but it was his younger friend. In same body as he died, what was going own exactly. Mazaz smiled. "You see Nen's Bankai is capbling of Reviving People. Alessia's Bankai allows her to control Space. My Ress, allows me to Stop time, Speed up time, decay, and man-" Sithis smiled. "You're dead." He appeared behind Mazaz. And took his Blade out. "BANKAI! SCREAM OVER THE LAVA OCEAN!" He took his blade out, as his blade was turned to Golden form of lava, the heat from blade causing the Espada's skns to decay and melt. "Yami, Ocean of Fire Strike, I sentence you to death." He fueled, his sword in a length, Removing the Existance of these Espada. Nen went ahead prepping for a revive. When Sithis took his hand out. "88." He said, a massive blast of blue flames came out of his Palm destroying, Alessia and Nen. After that was done. Sithis felt happy. However, When he blinked, He appeared in a Cell in HM, Impaled where Mazaz stood. "I can Also Alter, Time, Location, and reality of time." Sithis Spat on the ground. "You fucking prick." Sithis roared. Maza shook his head and simply.

Imprisonment: Being held captive for quite some time. For about Two hundred years. He was tortured, stabbed, countless times. All Sithis did was Observe his Enemy. His Ability allowed him to stop Time, Alter time, Age people and their memories, pause time shape time, decay time, decay a person's bones. It was all related to time, Alessia's allowed Space, her's was more unknown. Nen was the ability to revive. Every passing day that he went by, He wanted to die. He wanted to kill himself. He wanted it to stop but he knew if he did that there was no point up to this goal. The goal to end it all. They didn't feed him, they kept his zanpukuto away. After two hundred years had passed. Mazaz appeared before him. "You're boring. I guess Imm kill you again. What did I say to you? When I killed Alesssia. What happens if you Die twice? I wasn't quite sure on the theory but it proved incorrect as I tried killing the souls and soul reapers they never became a hollow how said." he pouted. Sithis begun to laugh. Mazaz quirked an eye brow. "After all that time this is all you have to tell me?" He asked. Nen and Alessia appeared. "What's the status boss." Sithis sighed. "Allow me to show you justice." The chains that held him broke free. And Sithis Stood Before they can draw. They were kneeling before him. Forced actually. Sithis didn't look at Nen or Alessia simply at Mazaz. "Kneel." He said. "I remember your firsts words you uttered to me." He said, grabbing his neck and forcing him up with a single arm. "Kneel." He said, he focused his spirital pressure to a single point at that was Only at Mazaz while he kept the other two locked down, He let go of Mazaz's neck, and he was forced down on the ground and turned into a cube before exploded from how much he was bent. "As for you two." He took his right hand out and his left hand out, placed his fingers on their neck. "Punishment for Treason is Death." He snapped their necks, killing them.

"Revenge is sweet for five seconds then that satisfaction is gone." After that Sithis sought out his sword and left the place.

After he returned, Sithis demoted himself. And Became Rankless. He needed time to himself. after his capture.
   Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
   Roleplay Sample: Sithis listened to all his words. After certain parts he begun to speak after he had finished his finished sentence. "Not a Blood Sucker?" He questioned, Raising an eye brow. For someone who feed on souls. That was saying something. But he didn't go on further about it. It felt tense around the air. Even thought Zanmato not once applied any spiritual pressure. The Tension between the two men could be seen quite vastly. As if both either hated one another or disliked one another for their own personal reasons and history behind it. "Are there not Civilian souls within the Soul Society. Zanmato?" He questioned him. The word "Safe" Didn't sit well with Sithis. In fact it gave Sithis more reason to hate the man for him being a Bount. "Safe" Are they really safe? Or was he just saying that to look good? Not that it mattered. That's not what people should call safety. Just because one person said. You're safe. Won't mean they will not feed on the soul the next day, week, or month. No one was Safe here while Zanmato was in charge. Not friends, or Family not the innocent lives. He felt happy for Yuuta to have had his first born. He felt happy for him. He respected Yuuta for his knowledge in Hakuda. It seemed Genzo wasn't Quantified. Tai, was indeed a Sadistic little cunt. But he would do everything within his power to get Raven back. That's why He wasn't fit to lead. He was too unstably emotion for Raven.

"You." He said. Trying to point his thoughts onto this. "You think it's okay for someone who isn't currently a Soul Reaper. To lead us. Based on a basis on one's Intelligence?" He questioned. "You haven't marked, Kuma as a traitor. But you had thoughts. You're to smart to not pass that chance? Perhaps you're trying to wait for something? A Mistake for him to Make." He asked him curiously. Sithis wasn't going to sprew out what happened in the room. This little talk was just for the two of. He needed to understand what his angle was.

"You bring my age up? As if it was something of great Importance? I'm a Third Generation Eleventh Division Captain. Now I lead the Sixth. I run things extremely differently. You're right most of the people you had trained might be stronger then me. No doubt of it. However. How much stronger would they have to drive to get to your level? Would they stop and pause? Or would they obtain you're level of power." He asked him.

Zanmato's finishing words is what made Sithis. Wench. As he start the sparks on his body, emitting from his finger tips. Was he planning on killing him? If he wanted to he would have done so. No he was invoking fear into Sithis, He threatened a Division Sithis cared the most and Nef. The one he trained and has his hearts out for her. Now this is where Zanmato had crossed the line. Sithis shook in a moment of weakness. Was this fear had felt? It had been so long since he had obtained this amount of fear. He closed his eyes and exhaled. Opening his eyes. "I too have very fond knowledge and usage of Kido. I made sure I had enough knowledge to be used in combatant before my promotion. It was a thing that needed to be learned. I'm a balanced fighter." He replied. He made also made his way way towards Zanmato. And placed his hand on his Zanpukuto. Drawing it before he slammed it on his desk. "Challenge Accepted. Zanmato Kazura." He stated, Before withdrawing his blade and sheathing it.

He opened the files next. And pointed at three locations. "These I haven't marked. I was planning on withholding that knowledge till I got wanted I wanted. You already gave it me." He gave the man an evil smile. "You assure me that You will do everything within you're power to get Raven back. For that you have my Apology for doubting you." He said. He looked him now more closely. "However." He said.

"I'd like to thank you for given me the drive I finally needed. I look forward to our battle Once I get stronger. To your level. Once this is over. I'll show you not everyone within The Division I run is a bully." He said. He took his right hand out. And spoke.

"Do you accept?" He said. Sithis turned more into his cunning ways. To see if he could find a moment of weakness on, Zanmato. In terms of Personality. At the moment he could not detect any form of flaw within his mind. He was like a genius. Sithis was attempting to play his own mind games. His anger no longer driven towards the Bounts. But towards Zanmato and him only for threaten His division. He'll show Zanmato a volume worst then death when he was at his level. That was Humiliation when a Soul Reaper beat a Leader of Bounts in front of his followers just to spare his life and tell him to kneel. That seemed like a fitting Punishment.


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