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#1 Oriana on Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:25 am


Name: Oriana
Alias: Ori, Ana, 
Real Age: 100 years
Phys. Age: 20
Gender: Gender fluid (neutral--femme)
Personality: Oriana is a surprisingly gentle individual for one who chose to become a shinigami. She is often quiet, preferring to observe others to learn about them. Once she gets to know someone, Oriana becomes more talkative. Oriana tends to remember little things such as favored foods, colors, and even clothing size. She uses this knowledge of others to perform small kindnesses to make their lives easier or more pleasant. Oriana loves fiercely once she becomes close to others, a feeling that has driven her to become a shinigami although it pains her to fight Hollows. Their suffering makes Oriana pity them, despite this she understands that the only way to help them is to purify them before they can spread their pain and cause destruction. 

The soul finds peace with the violence related to her job not only because slaying hollows redeems them of their sins, but because it enables her to protect others and provide for her loved ones. Oriana is very protective and any task or path that benefits those she considers under her care is worthwhile. 

When even these convictions are not enough to settle her, Oriana finds refuge in playing the piano or in simple pleasures such as warm baths, hot drinks, or laying in the sun. Having time to herself helps Oriana to recharge and reorient herself after stressful situations or a busy work week. Oriana is selective about who she spends her free time with, reserving that honor for only those closest to her. 

Oriana's dedication to those she loves has a darker side; she becomes vicious towards anything that threatens the life she so painstakingly built and the people she includes in it. Oriana is also a bit territorial and is colder to those whom she feels are invading her personal life and space. 

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 90lbs
Physical Traits: Oriana has thick, spiky, bubblegum pink hair that reaches her chin. Her hair is wild and difficult to control beyond using hair to keep the strands framing her face out of the way. Two particularly stubborn tufts of hair atop her head resemble cat ears. The bright hair is complemented by light blue eyes framed with long lashes. Often, the soul smiles softly. Their soft smile, heart shaped face and button nose give Oriana the appearance of a young girl in her mid teens. 

Oriana's youthful appearance is only accentuated by her slender form and short stature. Kimonos in neutral and earth toned colors hide her painfully thin frame, occasionally replaced by over-sized sweaters and loose pants. Oriana chooses clothing that she can move easily in and that masks the effects of her somewhat rough past on her body. Long sleeves hide faint scars on her wrists from being bound and a pair of circular burn marks adorn the center of her lower back. 

The rest of her body is relatively unmarked despite her pale complexion. Oriana uses makeup to add a hint of rosiness to her cheeks to disguise her usual pallor which can appear sickly. When on duty, Oriana favors bandages that extend from her knuckles to her wrists in addition to the traditional uniform. Occasionally, Oriana will pin their hair up with senbon, which ensure she is never completely unarmed. 

Generally, Oriana wears clothing that is gender neutral, making it difficult to distinguish her from a young boy. The few dresses and skirts she does own are reserved for rare days when Oriana wants to be pretty. 

General Fighting Style:  Oriana originally learned to fight through brawling, leading to an aggressive, albeit sloppy  fighting style. Experience honed her reflexes and ability to use her body and a variety of objects in the defense of herself and others. In the Academy, Oriana honed their hand to hand combat skills, though they still favored straightforward and brutal attacks. Her zanpakuto, a tanto, suits her short ranged style and even allows for her to throw it if range is needed. Above all, Oriana is creative and always thinking on her feet in a fight. 
Strengths: Agility, Strength, Hoho, Durability
Weaknesses: Zanjutsu, Sensing, Stamina
Ability Name: Unorthodox Moves
Ability Description: Oriana fights first learned to fight in the streets. Despite being a capable martial artist, she will incorporate street fighting into her battles to give herself the advantage. The femme will target weak spots such as joints and pressure points and has a knack for targeting any injuries an opponent may have. This makes her style of hand to hand combat difficult to predict and especially painful. 
Ability Name: Tactical Retreat
Ability Description: Despite her aggressive combat style, Oriana knows when to back off or retreat. Oriana may switch places with a nearby object to avoid harm and give them the advantage when escaping a battle or opponent that is too strong to overcome. 3 turns must pass before Oriana can use Tactical Retreat again.

Sealed Appearance: A tanto with a white blade and red silk wrapped around the hilt. A small charm shaped like a cat's paw dangles from a short, thin chain that extends from beneathe the silk wrappings.
Zanpakutou Name: Adele, the Lost
Call Out Command: Remember who you are.

Appearance: Oriana's teeth become sharp and pointed, her muscles become more defined, and a pair of triangular ears sprout atop her head. Adele transforms into a pair of gauntlets with claw-like blades extending from the knuckles. 
Predatory Gaze
With sharpened reflexes and heightened balance, Oriana becomes more deadly in battle. Her animalistic features are intimidating and her piercing stare temporarily immobilize targets who make direct eye contact. This has the strength of Bakudo 1-40 and a one post cool-down.

Feline Instinct
When her zanpakuto is released, Oriana's violent streak is intensified. Like the animals who are expert hunters, Oriana delivers a series of reiryoku enhanced blows that target weak points such as injuries, pressure points, and joints to weaken an enemy. 

Boosts: +2 Hakuda, +2 Hoho

New Name: Machie, the Recovered
Appearance: A white, gleaming mask covers Oriana's face with dark eye holes. There are no other distinctive features on the mask. The gauntlets and animal ears remain. Her shihakusho is replaced with dark, skintight material with a silver, striped pattern. 
In this form, Oriana gains the ability to make enemies ill with her eerie presence. Oriana may surround herself with a reiryoku cloak that inspires a feeling of dread that causes cold sweats, shaking, difficulty dodging attacks, and, in severe cases, vomiting. The cloak surrounds Oriana's body and radiates 1 meter from her body.
Boosts: +3 Hakuda, +2 Hoho, +2 Durability
New Name: Chouko, the Butterfly
Appearance: The dark material covering Oriana's body transforms into white robes with ice blue accents and the a wide, sharp toothed grin paints itself on the mask in red. The ears atop her head turn white and a single, white, fluffy tail waves back and forth behind her. Chouko remains in gauntlet form, though the claw-like blades curve more and are a bit longer.
Fox Fire
Oriana condenses reiryouku around her tail, mask, and claws of her guantlets to create blue flames. The flames can be condensed into a ball of fire that is shot at enemies. The fire has the strength of Hadou 61-80 and a 3 post cool-down.
Boosts: +4 Hakuda, +3 Hoho, +2 Kido

History: Oriana woke up in Rukongai lost, alone, and confused. Her innocence and vulnerability lead to her capture by thugs who would sell the young woman into prostitution. Oriana refused to accept her fate and ran from the brothel only a month after being left there, taking two younger girls with her. Now a single caregiver with nothing to her name, Oriana lived on the streets of Rukongai's outer districts with the two younger girls Rei and Keisha. The young soul would have given into despair, but they could not bear the thought of neglecting the two young girls in their care. With few options, Oriana took on odd jobs ranging from cleaning to simple deliveries. 

In order to maintain their freedom, Oriana learned to defend herself and her adopted children through combat. Though she found violence distasteful, the short woman had a knack for hitting particularly vulnerable body parts whenever she had to strike someone. Within the first few years of street life, Oriana developed a rather ruthless side as a result of fending off constant attacks and taking on increasingly unsavory jobs to support herself and her children. 

Finally, her years of free-lance work helped Oriana develop the experience and contacts to secure a job as a bar tender. Life settled down for the pink haired woman. Oriana was able to rent an apartment for herself, Rei, an Keisha. The soul still struggled with flirtatious customers and drunken debauchery, but the improvement in her living situation was worth the nightly reminders of Oriana's rough start in life. 

Oriana's introduction to shinigami training came as a result of a scuffle in the bar where they worked. Oriana witnessed a man harrassing a drunk young woman. This reminded Oriana of her time in the brothel and angered her; before she understood what she was doing, Oriana leapt over the bar and grabbed the offender by the throat. Her spiritual pressure flared unusually for a civilian, attracting the attention of a shinigami who happened to be there that night. 

Side Notes: 
Roleplay Sample: Working as a bartender in the red light district of District Forty East had never been easy, but it was interesting and it paid the bills. Oriana surveyed the people crowded around round wooden tables and stuffed into booths like sardines in a can. They were loud and raucous, drinks occasionally sloshing onto their clothing, the floor, or the tables. The pale soul wrinkled her nose at this. Working as a waitress would have been almost unbearable. The predatory leers from various men at the mostly female souls who drifted between their tables, cleaning up messes and refiling steins, made Oriana cringe inwardly.

“Hey, hey, cutie, can I have another?” a brown haired soul with a scar on his left cheek interrupted Oriana’s thoughts.

“Of course.” The pink haired soul flashed a gentle smile and began gathering the components of this customer’s favorite cocktail. Mojitos were simple enough, consisting of a rum, soda water, mint leaves, and a bit of sugar. Oriana added an extra pinch of sugar, knowing the drunk man on the other side of the bar had a sweet tooth.

“Thanks, cutie!” The brunette cried out, taking the glass.

“It’s a pleasure. I made it special for you.”

“You shouldn’t have,” the man’s face flushed an even deeper shade from its pink, intoxication-induced hue.

Oriana waved off the man’s delight and did another once over to see if anyone else was going to approach the bar. The flirtatiousness of the customers, especially drunk ones, was her least favorite part of this job. However, she couldn’t really afford to be choosey. The odd jobs her daughters had begun to take on were barely enough to cover groceries. They’d have no roof over their heads or utilities without the pay from this job.

Their mouth dried out and when Oriana noticed a blond man grabbing a waitresses’ arm. The waitress, Julian, tried to pull her arm away but the man’s grip tightened.

“Cutie, is something wrong?” the brunette asked, looking up from his mojito.

“I would hope not,” the pink haired soul replied, trying to take a calming breath. “I just can’t stand people like that.”

Her nose flared and a fine tremble worked its way down Oriana’s spine.

The blond man yanked Julian to his chest and suddenly, he wasn’t just some stranger. He looked far too much like the men who had captured Oriana a few years ago must have.

Bile made the back of the pink haired soul’s throat burn and left a bitter taste in her mouth.

“Hey, Cu--” Oriana didn’t hear the rest of the brunette’s sentence.

Icy, blue eyes bored into the green eyes of the blond man. Funny. He was taller than her. The pink haired soul noticed that his back was bent uncomfortably to bring his face to her level. Her gaze trailed down to see her slender fingers digging into his throat and gripping the creep’s trachea.

Lips pressing together in a stern line, she tightened her grip and gave the man a shake.

He was pale, too pale, all of a sudden and his knees were shaking. His larger hands came up to rest on her smaller one.

The blond man knew she could crush his throat before he could stop her. He was powerless in her grasp.

Oriana gave the pervert a firm shake, which did nothing to reassure him. Her thin arms should not have been capable of manhandling someone so much larger than her.

“We do not have many rules, however you have managed to break several by being so crude with our waitresses.”

She clenched his windpipe and leaned in, speaking softly, breath brushing the terrified man’s face, “Fortunately, it’s bad policy to kill customers for their first offence. Why don’t we show some manners, hm? You can start by apologizing to Julian for your transgressions. Then, you can pay your bill and a handsome tip before going home to think about your behavior.”

The man nodded to the best of his ability.

Oriana dropped him and gave the blond a piercing stare.

The man scrambled into a deep bowing position and began to apologize profusely to the waitress he had just been harrassing.

The pink haired soul turned away from his pathetic display and flexed her fingers before dragging them through her chin length, pink locks.

“I don’t get paid enough for this,” she grumbled, trying to calm her racing heart.

Slow clapping caught Oriana’s attention. The bartender turned around to see a man in a black kimono tied shut with a thin, white sash. She realized that this person was a shinigami before noting the wakizashi strapped to his side.

“That was quite the show, kid,” the shinigami told her, grinning sharply. “I thought  I would have to intervene, but you got a hold of yourself. Did you know you have unusually high spiritual pressure for a civilian?” The dark haired man sat up straighter. Even from his seated position, this bronze-skinned man was nearly Oriana’s height.

“No, shinigami-san.”

“Come, now, don’t be so formal with me. You can call me Bunta. I’m impressed by your  power. Have you ever thought about joining the Gotei Thirteen?”

“Is this some kind of joke?” One of Oriana’s brows arched skeptically.

“No, of course not! We are always recruiting.”

Oriana took a step closer. “Where are my manners? It’s a pleasure to meet you Bunta-san. I apologize for my display earlier. Sometimes we have to be a bit more firm with the customers.”

“Nice to meet you too, what’s your name?” Bunta grabbed a bottle from the table he was seated at and took a sip.


“Just Oriana? I like it.”

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#2 Re: Oriana on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:49 pm

Weaknesses: ranged combat, Distance, Tactics
Weaknesses need to follow our stat system. If you need help thinking about them, it's right here.

Ability Name: Tactical Retreat
Ability Description: Despite her aggressive combat style, Oriana knows when to back off or retreat. Oriana may switch places with a nearby object to avoid harm and give them the advantage when escaping a battle or opponent that is too strong to overcome.
This needs a 3-4 post cooldown

Predatory Gaze
With sharpened reflexes and heightened balance, Oriana becomes more deadly in battle. Her animalistic features are intimidating and her piercing stare temporarily immobilize targets who make direct eye contact.
This needs Bakudo scaling to determine the strength of immobilization

Fox Fire
Oriana condenses reiryouku around her tail, mask, and claws of her guantlets to create blue flames. The flames can be condensed into a ball of fire that is shot at enemies. The fire has the strength of Kido -.
Strength of what which kido?

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#3 Re: Oriana on Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:13 am


Tier 3-1

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