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#1 [Private] Where art thou, my captain? on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:12 pm

Katsumi strolled calmlly through the barracks of squad 3; the folds over her skirt flowing a little as she walked. Although she saw many of the underlings training and going about their work, she found it rather disturbing that on her first day as lieutenant, she couldn't find either her captain, this Gin de Grey nor any other seated officers like a 3rd seat.

"This is ridiculous; how am I the only one here that is in charge? where the hell is captain Grey? and there should be more seated officers that I can talk to, but no; there's no one here and I can't find any official records that he's left on mission or anything, so where the hell is he? Then again, this seems to be a theme with captains who are never around when you need them," She muttered to herself. She wished the former captain was here; at least he would of been here for her, yet now, he had "retired", even though she believed something else had happened.

Regardless, it was something she wanted to, dig into, per say. And so, she headed for the squad 3 investigations archive since if there was any data on the former captain, it would be there. However, when she tried to request her former captain's file, the squad member in charge shock her head.

"I'm sorry, lieutenant, but you don't have clearance to access his file; only captain level shinigami or above can access it," She explained, causing her to huff and walk away, taking a seat across from the reception area, pondering what could possibly be in her former captain's profile that it had to be classified to captain level shinigami and above?
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#2 Re: [Private] Where art thou, my captain? on Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:45 pm


He had wondered when she would make a move towards 'that Captain's' file. He had been silent about it, calmly observing through unseated members just keeping tabs. He needed to find out what was driving this lieutenant of his if he wanted to understand her better. When he got word of her attempt, Captain Gin de Grey decided to head right for the young girl and talk about this with her himself. He passed by many members within the hall, greeting each one as he passed. Each replied back politely, with a level of calm not common between such a large rank gap.

In any case, when he arrived to the reception area it was to see his Lieutenant sitting and staring off intently off into space. If looks could kill, the wall would probably be quaking by now. "Still working even though I gave you today off, Lieutenant Katsumi?" He asks calmly, pulling up a seat in front of her. "I'm sure there are better ways to learn of places you can enjoy your free time than here." He knew the real reason why she was here, but why not have a little fun first before diving into the serious stuff?
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