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#1 [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:46 am

Observe, Dear Reader.  A hollow man hovers above tens of thousands of humans, unseen by any.  He paces back and forth, with the mien of a predator overlooking its prey, like a well-fed lion watching gazelle graze and gallop, confident in his ability to put an end to the frolicking and fun at any moment.  His reptilian eyes, cold with intellect and cunning far beyond what many would glean from his appearance, flicker from person to person, reading signs that are being held high above people's heads, or their faces, hidden behind masks they can remove at any time.  He seethes, somewhere deep inside, in a part even he may not be willing to admit exists at any given moment.  Below, humans are doing as humans do, watching one another bounce around in random directions.  If you were expecting any elaboration from your narrator, I'm afraid I must disappoint: You all look alike to me, and I can scarcely but imagine what could motivates fleshlings any more than you can imagine what motivates the dust mites hovering around your house.

See here?  They all rise from their seats, letting loose primal hoots and screeches of emotion, many of them devoid of emotion.  It is no different from the displays of their mindless ancestors, the way that the pack cheers and jeers their alphas.  And the affluence that follows these odd displays.  It is not my place to pass judgment, Dear Reader, but even so I must say that I can scarcely tell which of these creatures is more well-adjusted than the other.  The hollow man opens his own mouth, poised to answer the resounding echoes of thousands of human voices, and what is it you think he says?

"THAT CALL WAS CRAP REF!  Are you watching the same game as me?  I have a literal birds-eye view and his feet never left the ground!  I should run down there and shove your head into the ground until you're burping astro-turf!  Good god, that was the dumbest thing I've seen all day."

Continuing to mutter various expletives that I shall not endeavor to repeat, Yaksha Dokuja descended towards the ground, at a pace that many would call a touch too leisurely to match his tone of voice, before he curled up in a darkened corner of the area, watching the dispute unfurl.  His mask split open in a manner unnervingly similar to dark threads being stitched along a white surface, a purple-and-black tongue spilling outwards as he nodded his head faintly.  Clearly in high spirits, he began to hum, ever so slightly.

"Weeeeee are the champions, my friiiiiiiend~"

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#2 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:37 am

Baseball....what even is the reason the sport exist? why is there some fans the live and breath just for this sport to watch a bunch of grown men toss or hit a ball to one another.. to see tens of thousands of fan waste hard earn money to sit in not so comfortable seats with smelly and disgusting neighbors eating way too much food only to somehow get showered from a volley of popcorn and possible spilled soda by the rows behind them from a way to excited fan that clearly wasn't paying any mind.

"What is the point...even after all these years...I don't understand this 'sport'" Colbolt asked out loud to herself sitting in a vacant seat not noticed by any of the other beings as she really had nothing better to do. Her Espada was busy with the others and she wasn't about to try following wherever he went to do whatever he does. She had originally planned and walking aimlessly, maybe cause some trouble to find some stray shinigami in the area. it was only the roar of the fan in this densely populated area that drew her to become a observer.

She looked around still not understanding the point to this sport before a unfamiliar scent reached her nose a hollow is near by....why here? she asked to herself slowly getting up from her seat before floating up into the air looking around for the source of the smell. She found the smell coming from a darken area of the field where clearly maintenance of a light fixture was needed and probably schedule for a later date and time. She stood out in the open looking at the darkened area noticing the mask "I am surprised to see a hollow enjoying" She asked trying to use the correct terminology for this event.

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#3 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 3:51 am

The soft, honeyed tones of a man well-used to using his tongue to get his way out of problems drifted towards the arrancar, as he raked a hand along his mask. It seemed almost like a nervous gesture, akin to someone stroking their hair, or touching their lips, but he spoke with almost absentminded regularity as he went through the ritual, claws gently clacking with a sound like dice clattering together.

"I could have just as much fun haunting the bathroom stall of an old tavern, or the library of a prestigious college. The sporting event is, as always, simply a pretense for a lot of humans to gather in one place. There's something infinitely comforting, being surrounded by tens of thousands of humans. Part of our monkey brains still tells us that even -a hundred- fellow humans is a truly staggering number, so when you reach the four or five digits, it becomes...a singularly thrilling event. I must admit, in the presence of this many people, even I find it hard to avoid getting swept up by the flow of events."

Throughout every word, he maintained that perfect posture, hands and hair moving as the only sign of any agitation or concern, as he spoke. At times, he seemed to slow down, or mutter more than he enunciated, giving the very strong impression he was talking more for his own sake than hers. He let this go on for about a full minute, before his tail coiled around his waist, and he allowed his body to coil forward, bowing with his hands splayed out behind himself. It looked very much like he was about to dive into a pool, or something similar. He let out a small, pleasant chuckle; a simple, throaty noise, that could've been confused for someone clearing their throat politely in other circumstances.

"Everyone assumes that hollows are static beings. How can that be so, when we come from one of the most incredibly capricious creatures in the world? We grow and we learn, not unlike humans do. Should this somehow be shocking? Yaksha Dokuja."

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#4 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:33 am

"I'm more curious how both you and the humans are getting into a simple game of men throwing a small round white ball when the other team is hoping their chosen batter can smack it out of the ball park...I guess...I don't understand the enjoyment of this sport or why waste hours of my existence to watch them run around the field."She replied listening to him speak of places he could haunt and that it doesn't matter cause they learn just the same as their human counterparts.

She watched him make a poetic bow that you would see some classic villain in a musical bow to his hostage that probably was some beautiful woman that falls for him blah, blah,blah.

"Colbolt Nagito is my name and I am a Fraccion for the 8th Espada Thor Blester...I am honestly surprised to see such a well-civilized hollow...Honestly, by the way you act I am surprised you have yet to even want to move towards becoming an arrancar?"Said Colbolt "I am sure pulling off your mask shouldn't be that hard for you."She replied actually literally surprised by this hollow. Most of the hollows back home only know how to kill and only want to kill plain and simple. This one...was certainly interesting and peaked her curiosity.

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#5 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:57 am

"And what, exactly, changes when I become an arrancar? I have two arms, two legs. I would lose my tail, I suppose, but I'd consider that approximately a net zero change. I'd get a face once more, but I don't really see much point in that. Could it be that you're just hoping to see some prettyboy under this mask? Sorry to disappoint, but I'm in no rush for any of that. There are other ways to reach the same outcome, if you think about it long and hard enough."

The hollow rose, running a hand along his suit; it was surprisingly well-tailored, having moved with his deep and flashy bow without tearing. He hummed to himself just a bit as he smoothed out the wrinkles he saw, acting in complete silence for nearly three or four minutes, before looking back at her, and tilting his head to the side. When he did look back, he was somehow able to convey a sense of irritation and strained patience, despite an absolute lack of face, as he rolled his hand towards her in a gesture, as if to prompt a very young, dim child as to the right answer.

"Hello, Colbolt."

He straightened once more, watching her with eyes that were far more canny than any hollow's should've been, eyes that spoke of a deep and pervasive intellect, something that was almost certainly delighting in this entire series of events. They swivelled from side to side, drinking in the entire ambiance. Now that he no longer had to scan for escape routes constantly, now that he was at least reasonably certain the woman in front of him didn't plan to invoke violence without cause, he actually looked like he was enjoying the trip to the stadium much in the same way a very successful businessman would've. He cleared his throat, tilting his head to the side once more, and lifted a set of invisible brows.

"Do you often spend time in North America? It's a place rife with senselessness, really."

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#6 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:13 am

Colbolt listened to his logical argument "it was a suggestion you did not have to take it seriously and i am pretty sure if you became a arrancar you would be a much older man...maybe be like old of those villains that no one realizes is the villain till the end because of his intelligence and charm...Plus I don't have a heart to care about such looks for a 'pretty-boy'"she replied to him kinda irritated at his assumption of why she would even suggest something like that. she just meet the hollow and was kinda interesting in his intelligence but now she isn't too sure about that said 'intelligence' by his assumption.

"Actually this is like my first time here...I think"Said colbolt thinking about where she been "I decided to come here cause I didn't have anything else to really do or any need to stay back home."She replied

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#7 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:54 am

"Were you...not expecting an actual answer? You seemed to be speaking as if you thought my choice was ill-informed."

The hollow's tone had suddenly turned conciliatory, hands folded over his chest as he shook his head. He looked out at the people walking past, blissfully unaware of the conversation happening just a few feet behind them. For a split second, he did envy them, more strongly than he could ever put into words. His legs slid aside just a bit, eyes widening and dilating in a way that anyone could've immediately recognized as the action of a predator tracking its next meal. He made a low, throaty purring sound, only to turn it into another of those soft, polite laugh-coughs, and turn his attention back towards Colbolt.

"I've considered becoming an arrancar. It has some merits. Power isn't one of them, I don't feel. When you're my age, you start to realize that beating others up doesn't change anything. The wicked don't get redeemed, the righteous don't admit fault, the stupid don't learn any lessons of any value. Fighting is...well, to be honest it's a sport, just like baseball. In the same way you find throwing a ball and sending it flying about to be singularly boring, I find lasers and swordplay to be a pointless exercise. Fun to do with friends, perhaps. But then again, I am a hollow. You and I both know that our kind are not well-liked by the world."

His voice turned sullen, trailing off ever so slightly near the last words. His gaze slid down towards his claws this time, as he turned away, tail sliding through one of the stone archways as if it were made of smoke instead of anything solid. He began to prowl down the corridor, voice reverberating oddly into the ears of the arrancar he had been speaking to.

"Boredom is such a fascinating thing. In a world with ghosts, tyrannical dictators, and humans in constant need of a nurturing, we can still find time to bitch about the lack of good soap operas."

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#8 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:28 am

"I didn't really choose whether i wanted to be a arrancar or be one that seeks power...I always enjoyed exploring and experimenting on things to see a new outcome?'she replied thinking about why she became an Arrancar. Why she had decided to rip her mask off and become who she was today...well who she was centuries ago. "Also,I guess I just don't get the understanding of why to stay a plain hollow for centuries upon centuries to nearly look like everyone else and look like a easy target to the young shinigami that are thirsty for that first hollow kill...Like now if i shinigami saw us...they would whether fight you then fight me."She replied "I just can't wrap my head around it...I think"She said thinking to find the right words for the fact she never understood why he didn't seem to want to evolve.

Colbolt looked towards the humans he were "Just a bunch of ants...marching to their deaths..."She replied about the humans "the fact we need them to survive is life...we all were once human...we all died, some got saved...some got dragged to our world."She replied gently

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#9 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 9:45 am

"Marching to their death. What a coincidence you should use that phrase. Whenever I think of the Rukongai, I think that very same analogy. Simply tiny cogs in a machine of immeasurable size. All waiting for the moment they break down. Turning, for the sake of a machine which simply makes new cogs to be put in their place. Everyone is simply there to be worn down."

His tone was gentle, expression strangely sympathetic as he looked into Colbolt's eyes, hair gently swaying around him as he did. He let the words sink in, and walked down that same hallway, backwards now. He moved without any of the primal, atavistic prowling one would expect from a hollow or a predator. His was the proud, measured gait of a man who had worked very hard to get somewhere, and was taking pride in that achievement. He drummed a hand against the wall, causing slightly different sounds of impact each time.

"I feel, Colbolt, that one of the most important talents everyone needs to refine is their ability to wrap their minds around things that make no sense to them. I tackle problems that seem downright absurd, or impossible, day after day. If a shinigami were to arrive in this place, right now, and hear this conversation, I would wager the chances that he would try to attack either of us pitifully low. Shinigami are trained from their earliest days to kill in one strike. Whether it is the Onmitsukido, the Kido Corps, or any other division, they all receive the same lesson: Strike from behind, and go for the immediate kill. A shinigami who heard a hollow capable of speech would go running to find the nearest high-ranking officer for advice, or they would risk serious consequences from the fallout of the encounter. I would not consider myself an easy target for anyone, but nor would I see how changing my physical appearance would have any real impact on the level of threat I would be perceived as."

He watched her movements, her attempts to think back that far ago, and felt within himself a sudden wash of sympathy, and anguish. This was the cost of immortality, it seemed. They were given no real training, no expectation of what was to come. Removing her own mask had been, almost certainly, an act of self-exploration. He sighed just a little bit, raking one hand through his hair over and over. He seemed to be floundering, reaching out into the ether for the right words, before he finally spoke, in a soft, almost sympathetic term.

"Humans have countless rituals that involve mutilating themselves in very permanent ways. Circumcision, Tattoos, ritual scarification. Botulism injections. Plastic surgery. Gender reassignment. It is a long, depressing list. When I look down upon these humans, Colbolt, I do it with a unique perspective. I can say with absolute certainty that there is absolutely no chance that, in the fullness of time, an irreversible decision won't be regretted. I would get a tattoo with the same level of caution I exercise when thinking about removing my mask. Is that a little easier to wrap your head around, Colbolt? You may say that you can't see a reason why you'd want to go back, are young. And it may well be you plan to jump on the edge of a shinigami's blade one day, and forget any of this happened. Just another experiment. Another new outcome. I...plan to be here for a very long time, still. And I am not certain that the fallout of removing my mask would be worth being harassed just a little less often."

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#10 Re: [Open] Take me Out to the Ballgame! on Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:44 pm

Colbolt watched him while she listened to his explanation of humans being just cogs in a machine. how they multiply so when they break down the younger cogs can take over them in a never ending cycle. Colbolt thought about it letting the analogy roll in her head she looked into his as well watching him move down the hallways once more just walking backwards. He carried himself as a intelligent, proud individual who climbed from the bottom to where he was without anyone's help. kinda struck colbolt on the fact he literally was like that...he didn't want to evolve for power.He was fine with who he was, he didn't care to jump on the bandwagon of taking off the mask they wore. Maybe, she should view life the way he did...maybe power wasn't the way of this world.

She continued to listen to him speak of her being young which in her mind was irritating but true. at one point she is considerably older..just the event of which brought the form she is in now wasn't that long ago. So to him, she was probably a baby compared to him. She still had yet to explore and find herself and her own way in life. he was wise and maybe she should hang around him more often...maybe he could teach her old soul a thing or two so maybe, she won't fall to another Shinigami's blade.

"Your explanation actually helped me wrap my head around...some...I guess in time it will hit me but it is on my mind and I can see the analogy and put it to use knowing examples I have seen in this life so far."She replied lacing her hands behind her back allowing a small smile to play on her lips.

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