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#1 Human | Ren Teshigahara on Tue Jun 05, 2018 12:19 pm


Name: Ren Teshigahara
Apparent Age: Mid-twenties
True Age: 90, give or take a decade. Typically refreshes age every decade.
Sex: Female
Dr. Ren: Consul Personality Type. ESJF.
Selfless during the day, when her body isn’t stolen from her by her second self, Dr. Ren is known as a Consul.

Dr. Ren is the kind face and knowledgeable gaze that everyone has come to know in the Committee. She is soft spoken, yet only so she can speak calmly to those who would come in, wired with adrenaline from having their body brutally beaten, yet still alive to brag about how they won that fight. She is generous and helpful, often spending days working on her studies or assisting in the field itself. She is best described as a combat medic, known to be the first to arrive on a scene where bodies can be found with wounds or where corpses can be found, and the last to leave, when the field is cleared and the deceased have been properly counted for.

She prefers solidarity, finding too much social activity to be draining, despite how ironic it is to find anything draining for her. You wouldn't find Dr. Ren enjoying a night on the town or at a party, you would find her reading about a patient or even spending time with said patients, making sure that they understand what would be happening during a surgery to quell any fears of failure. She is confident, feeling that her experience - nearly 75 years of it so far - warrants her the title of Most Valuable Doctor for the humans, though not unreasonably so. She is capable of working side by side with any being, be it Human or Shinigami, Quincy or Hollow, provided there is a reason for such a thing, like a wounded person. She follows the Hippocratic Oath as if it were the word of God, thus allowing her to skate across the line of what is right and wrong in the field of her organization.

Ms. Ren: Debater Personality Type. ENTP.
Arrogant and manipulative at night, the thief of energy, Ms. Ren is known as a Debater.

Ms. Ren is a sadist, to be vague. She enjoys everything that Dr. Ren doesn't and finds comfort in forcing the body the two share by a spiritual connection to do such things. She is cocky, arrogant and obscene, often being the first to throw a punch should she be in control. Often enough, she will fight Dr. Ren for control, no matter the time or place, just to sate her own needs. While she is cruel and dark-hearted, she has a certain moral code that she abides at the request of her host.

She does not deal with kids, be it fighting anyone who looks like a child, or even babysitting a toddler who is nothing but an angel. She does not attack the patients that Dr. Ren is working on, though she can provide self-defence if need be.

Ms. Ren is a combat expert, having been one of the few reasons that their body has survived for so long, even during World War 2. She isn't afraid to take over in times of extreme stress or danger, often doing so just to prevent the host from dying. She is fierce in battle, having been called a true vampire by the Committee, who know of the bloodshed she thoroughly enjoys shedding and lapping up once the job is complete. She is knowledgeable to some medical degree, usually with bloodwork, as she was the voice of reason during the War for Dr. Ren to listen to, to learn how to differentiate bad blood from good, as well as ensuring that patients were given the correct blood. However, with most medical practices, Ms. Ren leaves the work to the Doctor.


Height: 158cm
Weight: 44kg
Physical Traits: As Dr. Ren, the woman stands with a relatively average build, with small areas of fat around her thighs and her stomach, allowing her to show how little her body is made for the combat of other spiritual beings, who spend their time honing their skills for the next battle to come. Because of her ability, she relies on the abilities and skills of others than her own, so she finds herself more focused on her workplace needs and social desires. She isn’t afraid to drink soda, nor is she afraid to pig out if she feels she has the time to eat such a way.

Dr. Ren has long, blonde hair, usually kept in a French braid, that reaches down to her waist. Her bangs frame her face, with errant strands finding their way out of order occasionally. She has amethyst eyes, with a certain attentive glint to them. She wears little makeup, often finding it to be an extreme luxury when able to wear it outside of her workplace - and when she’s in control.

Her uniforms are typically scrubs of black fabric, typical of her profession. At work, she wears her hair in a braid and even styles it further by restricting it within a tied up bun so it stays out of the way. She wears comfortable white sneakers and white socks, usually with a generic white tee underneath her scrubs. Outside of work, she wears quaint, discount thrift shop clothes. Blue denim jeans, worn and torn from use, or black slacks for the occasional night out or business casual need. Undesigned shirts of various colours and sleeve lengths, usually of v-neck collars and soft fabrics. She wears sports bras and plain panties, with the occasional lacy lingerie to impress anyone who would catch her eye and intend to bed her.

She speaks with carefully picked words, often finding herself pausing to figure out what choice of words would best get her point across. Dr. Ren’s voice is soft, yet not quiet when needed. She is used to speaking to people from all walks of life, be it young or old, fierce or stoic. She has taken to learning various languages to communicate to any patient needed. She can speak Spanish, German, French, Chinese and English, enough Russian and Portuguese to carry a conversation and Japanese as her Native Tongue.

As a vampire, Ms. Ren’s attire is more revealing and dark, with a wardrobe to match her disposition. She wears a series of sleeveless dresses, black in colour and made of various fabrics. She prefers her dress made of silk, while a leather dress reaching to her thighs can be worn in more delicate situations that cannot be solved with a soft dress. Ren wears a black coat with a fur hood, black fishnet stockings that reach up to her thighs and a pair of black boots. Her outfit, compared to Dr. Ren during the Daytime, is rather revealing and built for her hedonistic freedom and desires.

During the Nighttime, Ms. Ren has also been seen with physical changes more easily detectable. The most being her hair length, which seems to shorten as if cut by a blade instead of professionally done. She wears it loosely around her shoulders, though not in a braid or bun like she does during the Daytime. She regrows her hair, whether by some magical means or by some hyper-acceleration of growth, by the time their personalities switch, though it always changes once again when the vampiric personality is dominant. Her eyes are golden, though when she utilizes her blood-related abilities, they can be seen turning a tinted red amber.

Her teeth are sharpened to fangs, specifically her canines, with her bottom row of teeth remaining the same. She also grows her nails out to a sharpened point, often painting them red with ‘the blood of her enemies.’ While Dr. Ren’s voice is soft and delicate, meant to handle the instability of her patients with familiarity, Ms. Ren’s voice is gruff and her way of speaking is blunt, with her often having a lack of filter and spewing swears out or letting others know of her ‘honest’ opinion. She speaks incredibly casually, referring to anyone she deems ‘superior’ or worth respect as ‘boss’ or anything without some type of insult, as she commonly refers to everyone else as ‘idiot’ or ‘bloodbag.’



General Fighting Style: During the Daytime, Ren doesn’t believe in combat, finding bloodshed to counterproductive to her profession, as she is supposed to heal and help people. While she does possess enough knowledge of the human anatomy to inflict internal wounds and knows where to attack to debilitate an enemy, she lacks the drive or need to utilize this knowledge. Instead, her Nighttime persona is more likely to attack or defend her.

If she feels as if the situation cannot be diffused or if her life is endangered, the Nighttime persona will take over despite any time restraints, allowing her to come to the surface even during the middle of the day if necessary. Her Nighttime persona is known for being very violent and sadistic, finding comfort in making combatants useless and toying with them. She uses the knowledge of her Daytime persona to attack her opponents, able to bring fights to a swift end by snapping tendons, breaking bones or slicing arteries with pinpoint precision.
Strengths: Sensing [Primary], Reiryoku Control [Secondary], Endurance [Tertiary]
Weaknesses: Agility [Primary], Strength [Secondary], Spiritual Reserves [Tertiary]


Ability Name: Dr. Ren and Ms. Ren
Description: A byproduct of her spiritual life being invaded by the trauma of her profession, D&M, as Ren shortens the joke of a name she has given to her ability, is loosely based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Her personality was split in half, allowing one side to remain a ‘true’ personality, known as Dr. Ren. The second personality is one that indulges in violence and serves as a hedonistic side of Ren, known as Ms. Ren.

There is no real change or difference between her ability when active and inactive, as it relies on the change of time in the day, or the threat of their lives. During the day, Dr. Ren is the active personality, serving as the face that everyone sees at her workplace and the one that most of the world knows. However, when the last light of the sunset disappears, Ms. Ren becomes the dominant personality, her appearance and personality changing as described above. This personality is also known for taking control in situations that both personalities deem as threatening.

Ability Name: Thief of Life
Description: Described as a vampire, Ms. Ren is known for her seductive and draining disposition. This translates into her primary ability, where she is capable of draining the various types of energy that fill the worlds. She is able to drain energies such as electricity in lightbulbs to short them out, or even the flames of a campfire to smother it. This ability allows her to drain energy and utilize it to her own advantages, be it by replenishing her stamina or health by overcharging her body with the energy she’s drained from other sources, or for offensive purposes, such as discharging electrical energy she’s drained recently.

She can only utilize energy she has drained within the last hour, as any energy drained prior to this is used to charge her body, allowing her to feel as if she has received a full 8 hours of sleep. Because of this ability, she feels no need to sleep or eat, though she does so to feel more ‘human’. This ability has been the cornerstone for Ren's seeming 'immortality' and agelessness. Both Ren’s can utilize this ability, though Ms. Ren has far more practice and knowledge of it, while Dr. Ren only knows how to sustain herself by absorbing energies.

Ability Name: Kinesis
Description: As she is able to absorb energy and utilize it for her own devices, Ren has learned how to absorb the kinetic energy from objects within a 10m range, utilizing it for her own. Because of this, she is capable of utilizing it to boost the speed of her own body, be it by speeding up her running and finding herself capable of matching the average Shinigami or Quincy in terms of Speed, or by accelerating her limbs when attacking, causing her hits to become rather unpredictable to the human eye. As she is able to utilize Kinetic energy for her own uses, she can also absorb it solely for the sake of robbing an object or person of their kinetic energy, causing their movements to lack the speed or momentum they would need to be threatening. When absorbing Kinetic energy, Ren obtains a 1x boost to Strength.

Ability Name: Sanguine Passion
Description: A passion of her vampiric nature and the nature of her medical career, Ren can utilize her own blood to create small objects such as needles or whips to utilize as a defense or weapon mechanism. While she can bleed out by overusing this ability, doing so takes 15 turns to do so, of continuous usage. At 10 turns, Ren will begin to feel weak, usually unable to sustain this ability because of the little amount of blood in her system, though at 12 turns, she will be unable to utilize this ability at all and will continue to bleed unless treated.

The blood she uses from her own body can also be used to heal others, usually by causing a person to ingest her blood and allowing it to take place. She can heal superficial wounds, small cuts and bruising in 1 turn, heal fractured bones and lacerations in 2, heal broken bones and internal damage in 3 turns, heal major tissue or skeletal damage (ie multiple shattered bones, severe burns, etc) in 4 and possible fatal wounds in 6 turns. She cannot heal herself with this ability, finding its use to be the easiest way to heal wounds of immediate need in her line of work in the Committee.

Boosts: 2x Strength, 2x Agility, 2x Endurance


Ability Name: The Immortal Couple, Dr. Ren and Ms. Ren
Description: While the beginning stages of their power are immature at best, causing the two to live separate lives with only notes left by one another to communicate with each other, the secondary stage of the split personality Ren changes and permits both to actively communicate with one another, allowing one another to utilize the knowledge that the other has to better help their skills. In this form, they are better capable of manipulating blood from their own body or from outside of her body. She cannot control people's blood that is inside of their body still, though any blood spilled outside of a body can be utilized for her control.

Ability Name: Immortal Sanguine Lust
Description: A grander version of the original ability, ISL allows Ren to control blood to a higher degree. Inside of her own body, she can solidify or eject her blood as a defense mechanism (ie blood porcupine), or bleed from her pores to have an abundance of ammunition for needle attacks or the like. She can duplicate the red blood cells in any body of blood, so long as it's still warm and fresh blood, allowing her to create more blood from little amounts. She can only double the amount of blood, no more or less.

Ability Name: Kinesis
Description: A stronger version of the original ability, Kinesis allows Ren to drain the energy from objects around her and utilize it for her own gains. She still is capable of robbing kinetic energy from objects like before, though unlike in her previous ability, Ren can now overcharge her own cells and body with energy absorbed to allow her to compete with an enemy, provided she has the appropriate amount of energy, usually enough to leave a normal human dead. She is able to drain energy faster, roughly 5 seconds faster than before. Upon absorbing Kinetic energy, Ren receives a 1x boost to Strength.

Boosts: 3x Boost to Agility, 3x Boost to Endurance, 3x Boost to Strength



Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Ability Name: [Name of power]
Description: [Describe what your ability does]

Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: Dr. Ren and Ms. Ren have existed in tandem within one body since, as far as they are aware, since the birth of the body itself. Born in North America to two Japanese immigrants, Ren Teshigahara was a troubled child at first, constantly running from social interactions to play with an imaginary friend. This imaginary friend would later turn out to be as real as the sky is blue, even manifesting itself in her powers once they had awakened later in life.

During her teenage years, she specialized in medical studies, attending school for the sole desire to learn how to keep her country alive. When World War 2 happened, Ren had enlisted as a nurse, tending to the wounds of those in need and ignoring the hatred that her kind had felt due to the effects of the war. She was unwelcome for the most part of the war, though her skills in the medical field kept her in use and a necessity to the Americans. She would awaken her powers during the war, with the bloodshed and war awakening the cruel and sadistic side of her. It was during this time that she would realize the vampiric nature of her powers, even beginning to understand the medical purposes that it provided. She was able to detect the bad blood used in transfusions, as well as understand what blood type someone was by tapping into the power of her Spiritual Awakening. She ended up saving more lives than the nurses in her field, going on to specialize in blood work throughout her lengthy career from then on.

As life went on, she began to understand more about her powers. She could draw energy from the sources around her, utilizing it for her own selfish gain. She would forget about sleep for days on end, yet feel no exhaustion. She would forgo eating to study and work endless shifts, yet without a problem. Even her face still held the same beauty that her colleagues were envious of. She was, in all aspects of the word that she knew of, a vampire.

Forwarding through the decades since her spiritual awakening, Ren still tends to the medical field, finding a home in the Committee, where spiritual beings like her were the majority of the population, if not the completed number. She has traveled the world where she was needed, studied from newer nurses and doctors who had knowledge to show her that even her own mind had yet to consider. She saves lives for those who lay their own on the line, be it spiritual or mundane, while taming the sadistic side of her own nature.
Side Notes: N/A
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