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#1 [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:21 am

Wolfgang recently arrived back from traversing the deserts in search of new specimens. From time to time the man took to the deserts to see what new things he may well discover. Hueco Mundo was sometimes a treasure trove assuming they knew what to look for. On this particular occasion though it was all a disappointment for the man. Wolfgang sighed a little having made his way back to Los Noches. The Arrancar residing within all seem to be on alert. The Jackal on the other hand was going about his busy like he normally did. He seemed almost carefree in the things that he did. The man remembered his recent trip to the world of the living. There he met a fellow Arrancar and did battle against the Shinigami. Then again he did not fight anyone, he simply sat back and observe the on goings. Wolfgang was able to gather valuable data on both combatants. He could also see that the Arrancar was lacking in something. As of yet though he couldn't quite place his finger on it.

At this point in time though Los Noches was taken over by a strange person. And all Wolfgang kept hearing was the name of this stranger whom he had yet to meet. In any case though he figured that there was a war of the horizon. It was a pain in the ass, especially when he was forced to fight battles that had nothing to do with him. Looking around though, the man made the conscious decision to enter the castle. There he was walking along its uniquely tiled floors and large columns. Despite the Arrancar's current disorder the architecture of the place remained a sight to behold. Wolfgang could agree to that much. The man soon lit a cigarette before inhaling its smoke and slowly releasing it. He kept walking along as normal. He may yet find something of interest to spend his time on.

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#2 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:39 pm

It was often found that, in most sections of Las Nochas, if one were to simply wander about, with no destination in mind, they would find the massive fortress surprisingly dull and empty. Who actually knew the number of Arrancar that resided within the dome, but of all of them, you would like the place would be more alive with work that needed seen to, or at least to sounds of battle echoing down the halls as disputes were being settled in the most basic fashion. It was this silence, and emptiness that made wandering the corridors of the place that his kind called home, so appealing to one in particular; Thor. Honestly, it wasn't the fact that he didn't enjoy these walks, or that he did them to soothe his fury or whatever other reasons people made up to walk around alone. He did it because it gave him a sense of familiarity, something that made him examine his existence as a being that was so broken. These thoughts were his attempts to logically understand and explain why he was the way he was.

As different kind of thoughts bombarded his mind, Thor walked along the empty halls of Las Noches. The sound of his boots tapping against the white stone echoed, the only sound presented in the dark passage. The four coat tails on his jacket fluttered about with each step, but kept in the vicinity of were they usually laid by the force applied by his hands being in his pockets. His white hair was slicked back, only a few strands having fallen in his face since the last time he had slid his fingers through his hair. His eyes only half opened, as if bored or simply uncaring of everything. Even with light blue eyes, they seemed to very lifeless, as if there was nothing at all within him, leaving him as nothing more than an empty shell meant to do was it was told. While in a way that was true, there was no weakness in his eyes; only strength.

As he motioned forward he heard the slight sound of footsteps heading in his direction. It seemed tht he would be having company very soon. How interesting...

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#3 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:14 am

Unreal. It wasn't very often that Wolfgang had company. Then again could he truly consider this to be company? While walking along the Arrancar noticed another presence heading directly towards him. The Jackal maintained his course while gazing off into the distance. His teal coloured orbs attempting to get a measure of the person before him. His memory was suddenly jerked back to a brief encounter that he had what seemed like a lifetime ago. The Jackal could remember being out in the desert and coming up on a stranger. Such a stranger was sat by a fire, and for a short while they conversed with each other. They even shared some philosophy with each other. And in that moment Wolfgang was able to gain some insight into the man's thought process. Now then could it be the same person? The Jackal closed his eyes momentarily, searching with his third eye in the form of a Pesquisa. Yes, it was him after all, the question is would he even remember the Jackal?

The man with teal coloured hair came to a stop meters in front of the man. Wolfgang halted his approach within fifteen meters of his fellow Arrancar. The man with white hair intrigued him a little. "Unexpected but delightful at the same time". He stated aloud in response to the other man now arriving on the scene. The Jackal sighed before a smile manifested on his face. The man appeared most relaxed and at the same time very curious. "Have we met? I'm sure we have, but its been so long that I had almost forgotten". The expression on his face suggested that he was a little excited. For one he may have someone to exchange words with. He often found that other Arrancar were quite distant with each other. There was more squabbling than there was unity. The Jackal knew that there was every possibility that he could be wrong about the man opposite him. In fact this person may even choose to ignore him and continue on his way. Oh what a shame that would be.

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#4 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:15 pm

The sound of the footsteps were closing in by the second. It was a matter of time until he met whoever that was coming towards him. Personally, Thor did not care whoever the person would end up being -- as long he or she did not end up getting in his face. As the sound of footsteps died down, it was now nothing but silence...dead silence. But the silence was interrupted by a voice. A voice of a person speaking. Judging by the sound of the voice, it was most likely a male. Slowly lifting his head up, he looked forward. It was an Arrancar that stood in front of him. Observing the man, Thor noticed that his appearance was quite familiar. Very familiar, in fact. And what was interesting was the fact that the man himself stating ghat they might have met somewhere. Frowning, Thor turned his head to the side, as he began to speak, "well, well, I live and breath... It's the goddamn Jackal."

"It's been a long time, Wolfgang."  Thor said, his eyes directed at the man. He was one of those people who would never forgot a face, regardless of how long it has been. "So. Are you an Espada now? If so, what rank do you hold?" He asked curiously wanting know more about the details. Hopefully, the Jackal would satisfy his sense of curiosity.

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#5 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:21 am

"Alive and breathing" The Jackal said in reply to Thor uttering his nickname. It had indeed been some time since these two had a chance to exchanged words. The Jackal was happy to see a familiar face around Los Noches. Thinking back now a lot has happened since the last time they met. Their first meeting was out in the deserts. The white sands of Hueco Mundo was home to the Arrancar. And he can even remember discussing the happenings inside Los Noches with Thor. Who would have thought that both men would be traversing the halls of Los Noches at the same time? "It has been a long time, and it appears that we're meeting under completely different circumstances now. How time flies when ya having fun". There was an hint of happiness with a slight tinge of excitement in the man's voice. His left hand soon rose up and moved through his hair, causing it to be slicked back. The man thought about Thor's follow up question before deciding to give his answer. It was a good question and it certainly deserved an answer. Now was the time to speak up, since it wasn't meant to be a secret.

"Espada". The man said allowing his words to trail off for a moment. "Aye. I am part of the Espada now. Octava Espada Wolfgang Jakkalera atcha service. But maybe I should be aiming higher than that. What about you? Are you an Espada too? Its so strange not knowing who're all the Espada of Los Noches". It has always been one of Wolfgang's gripe about the Arrancar organization. Their inability to work as a unit was problematic for the Arrancar. "Also, I've heard whispers of some war to come, what do you think?". The Jackal smiled a little while thinking about the prospects of war. He wasn't one to let a good opportunity for research pass him by. The politics within Hueco Mundo was definitely something to keep an eye on.

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#6 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:20 pm

How fast time flies by...the last time Thor met The Jackal was about six to ten months ago or so. Now here he was - not only alive and well - but an official member of the Espada. "Ah, isn't that interesting to hear." Thor said quite enthusiastically as he leaned back, only to fold his arms across his chest. "Congratulations, by the way." A smile would find itself on Thor's face as he said it, as he went on to answer the mans questions, "yes, I am an Espada: the seventh Espada, in fact." Thor remembered mentioning his rank to the man when they first met. Back then, he was the Primera Espada. One begs to think if the man rememberers it or not...

"Hm? The war?" His head turned towards the side as a frowning expression could be seen on his face. It seems that Ika Mazi has successfully brainwashed the rest of the Arrancar to go on his personal warmongering campaign. Was Thor the only Espada who had rejected this madman's insane plans? "I've heard about it, to be honest. But if I may be honest, I'm not the type to engage in mindless wars for power. For an example, if I am to participate in a war, there must be a logical reason for me to engage in it. A reason much better than personal vendetta and gain for extreme power."

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#7 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:47 pm

"Oh thank you" said The Jackal with a quick response to the man's words. Congratulations was perhaps indeed in order for Wolfgang. Besides, he didn't foresee himself ever being part of the Espada. And here he was in this very moment speaking on something he resisted for so long. Things and time does change. And to be honest Wolfgang himself wasn't exactly sure what had changed. He couldn't quite remember what it was that persuaded him to call Los Noches home. Wolfgang soon jerked his head while giving a quick glance in Thor's direction. Did his ears just deceive him? Based on the expression on The Jackal's face, Thor could tell that news of his current rank was a surprised. It was downright troublesome to even imagine what happened to Thor. Was it by choice that his number changed? Could it be an elaborate scheme to mislead the enemy? Wolfgang wasn't sure but fortunately the man with all the answers now stood before him.

The Jackal continued to eye the man in a subtle manner while taking note of Thor's body language. His facial expression was also noted since one was able deduce someone's feelings towards certain topics. "I hear ya. This war stuff is making me uneasy, especially having to follow a Shinigami into battle. But since we're being honest, I do intend to tag along. I'm interested in others things. Call it an exercise in trying to broaden your horizon. I believe knowledge is power, and when it comes to most things. The Arrancar contingent seems to be lacking a great deal". The man announced part of his motive to Thor and also managed to share his thoughts on the upcoming battle. The Jackal wanted to go along for his own reasons, and not simply to cross blades with the Shinigami.

In any case though he wasn't able to ignore something that was deemed rather important. "I am curious about one thing though. Just what has happened since the last time we saw each other? I Remember when ya presented yourself as the Primera Espada. And now your rank and position has changed to that of the Septima. I am certain that your no weakling, so is there a reason for this?". Being six places down did warrant a reason for it all. And Wolfgang was most curious about it.

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#8 Re: [Private] Hush Pt2 (Thor) on Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:37 pm

The man would go onto ask why Thor, who was previously the Primera, was demoted to Septima, to which he would reply saying, "let's just say that I took sometime off. And during that time things that unfolded were a bit...messy." He was referring to the fact how Ika Mazi had killed the the previous Cero king, only to take his throne. "I was supposed to be the Cero after Gravens tragic demise. But honestly, I'm glad it never came to it." There was no regret in either his words or his tone. Too much responsibility was something that Thor wanted avoid. Why? Due to the fact that he preferred to live a simple. But then again, he did join the Espada yet again.

Taking his right hand out of his pocket Thor would gather the air upon to the palm of his hand, he converted it to magma, only to materialize it into the size of a sphere, which he called a magma sphere, or a magma ball, so to speak. "Can I ask you something? If yes, I hope you keep this between us for now." He paused, focusing on Jackal's facial expressions, he would speak again, "if I told you that I was planning to dethrone the Cero - and I wanted your assistance in doing so - would you lend me a hand?" the magma sphere would begin to rotate around itself -- as Thor patiently waited for the man's response.

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