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#1 [Battle] Watery Graves on Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:07 am

Rena opened a garganta in the middle of a street in Tokyo and stepped out of it just in time to see a car coming at her honking it's horn for her to move out of the way. How rude of it. Why didn't it just stop and wait like a normal person with manners?

Rena had stopped that car from hitting her with her foot by ax kicking it and then punched it as it began to flip in the air to send it hurling back the way it came into another car before exploding. She raised her hand and shot five ice daggers from it killing 3 people and pinning another against a building. Rena was here. People were dying. Time to eat. She opened her mouth and inhaled causing the Souls of the people around her from the car accident and the ice dagger attack to flow towards her and be absorbed into her being.

She tapped her foot impatiently after wiping her mouth on her sleeve and sighed though. She came to get attention and so far no one had shown up to stop her. She suspected that would fix itself quickly though because the humans nor the Gotei tended to let things slide for very long.

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#2 Re: [Battle] Watery Graves on Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:05 pm

It seemed this new contract wasn't going to be quite as easy as Rei had first hoped, perched atop a nearby building the newly UN sanctioned assassin would find her first target. Shouldering her rifle, the girl would take careful aim as the creature stood still, apparently waiting for some sort of confrontation. Before announcing her position with two well placed shots aimed right for the head. Though the sound of gunshots would very quickly help the arrancar locate the assassin.

Rei wouldn't take her eyes of her target for an instant, it was much harder to tell exactly what one of these creatures was capbable of and if she needed to follow up to finish the job, she wanted to be able to do so immediately.

Techniques Used:

- 2 DMR shots
- 8/10 clip - 1 spare

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#3 Re: [Battle] Watery Graves on Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:18 pm

Rena wasted no time in moving to the side when she heard gunshots. As the only reasonable target right now was herself. Having been human she knew all about those pesky guns and their special ammunition capabilities and would rather not let them hit her if possible. She even used Sonido to make sure she moved to the side fast enough. Turning to look in the direction of the shooter she found a girl who looked like she would the shooter on account of her being on a rooftop.. holding guns wasn't necessarily helping her case right now either.

Rena raised a hand and lazily hurled four ice lances at the girl before creating a large sphere of water above her head which she let just sit there for now, "So the committee sent someone after all? Bout time. I was starting to think I'd get away with murder." Rena, not even having powered up yet, was still seeming... nonchalant about all this. Like it was a boring game she was playing. Would this woman be enough to make her go all out in this new hollow body? She wondered..

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#4 Re: [Battle] Watery Graves on Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:25 pm

Rei watched as the creature would effortlessly dodge her attack, though she had hoped that this would be over quickly it seemed she would have to try just a little harder to get the job done. Though it seemed that she would react in kind, throwing those ice lances in her direction. With a grace that defied the maid outfit she was wearing, the assassin would vault over the roof, dodging the first as she slid down the wall. Leaping forwards to dodge the second while rolling to her feet as she avoided the third. Simply sidestepping the final one as she stood back up straight, carefully brushing herself off as she holstered her rifle, the whole weapon shimmering for a moment before vanishing. There was around twenty meters of space between them at this stage.

"No such luck I'm afraid, I am currently under contract to assist the Committee in protecting this area. Which means you can leave or die, I'll let you choose" While it seemed odd that she was given such a choice, a battle could end in more collateral damage that Rei would rather avoid at this stage. She would retrieve her handgun seemingly from nowhere, aiming directly at the arrancar in front of her, piercing red eyes focused on her target. The girl didn't seem particularly abnormal, maybe a little more agile than most. But she seemed quite sure of herself. "So what's it going to be?"

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#5 Re: [Battle] Watery Graves on Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:28 pm

"If you aren't with the committee directly then I have no business with you." Rena said as she crossed her arms, "If you insist on being a pain then I'll just have to deal with you first.." She lifted a finger and fired a Cero from it at the girl. based on what little Rena already could tell about the girl she highly doubted the cero would hit. but the message should have been received. She wasn't interested in the lady she was here to get the attention of the committee.

"you can leave and bring me a committee member or die here. I don't really care which." Rena said calmly before creating a watery orb which stayed behind her back as she created another batch of ice spears which she hurled at the girl again, figuring she'd miss with their speed difference but also determining this to be a battle of attrition.. one in which Rena could win.

(sorry for the delay lol been sick lately.)

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#6 Re: [Battle] Watery Graves on Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:55 pm

It seemed that this creature did not take the chance to leave, and would rather die here now. "Very well" Combat for Rei was nothing out of the ordinary for Rei, it was her nature. Having trained her whole life to be able to deal with any situation that came her way. And the straight forward way that the arrancar decided tor attack was only going to make it easier. Not a motion was wasted as she easily dodged the beam of energy, letting it fly past as she took aim.

More ice spears came her way, though they were about as dangerous as the cero it would seem. The assassin would retaliate and deal with the attacks at the same time, with four well aimed shots she would shatter the spears, but each shot would ricochet with uncanny accuracy, redirecting from the broken attack directly towards her target. There was no wasted movement, and seemingly no fear in the face of such a foe. In fact those fierce red eyes focused on their target, watching for any movement, waiting for an opening.

Techniques Used:

- Trick Shot x4

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#7 Re: [Battle] Watery Graves on Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:08 am

Rena kept her arms crossed and sighed as she looked over at the guns the girl used. Neat little toys.. but that's all they were. An ice spear formed for each bullet and put a stop to that easily, "You realize this fight is going to be pointless right?" She pointed at the giant water sphere above her head and then shook her head, "I prevented your ability to win as soon as I made that." She then froze the ground of the entire city block and caused ice daggers to attack the girls feet any time she touched the ground. forcing the woman to move of have her feet impaled. "This isn't a brawl or a fight against good and evil.. This is a fight against a god. Give me a committee member so I can do my business and leave or die in futility.. I won't say it again." She said as she lifted a finger again and spammed a couple dozen bala at the girl.

This didn't even take into account that Rena still had a sphere of water behind her as well. The girl was out of her league and was too naive to realize it. This fight was over, how long it took to reach that conclusion was up to the girl's fighting style and how lazy Rena decided to be.

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