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#1 [Private] Fitting into Society [Raphael] on Fri May 25, 2018 9:35 pm

Well making new friends was something of a benefit to him, Kade was wondering about things. He was secluded for a very long time just making sure the human race was safe from hollows on a everyday basis was enough for him to be happy. For a long time, He had problems communicating with people dealing the pain of leaving the Seireitei maybe it was time to reconnect with people here. If possible form some measure of friendship having people trust in him to regain something he had in the Soul Society. Within his gigai, Kade was walking just enjoying the good day until hearing a disturbance wondering what it was. A thug snatch something from a woman as she was screaming for help, Kade manages to trip the thug.

Something came out the dude's hands and Kade caught it "Drop that purse and leave or I'm going to beat your ass if you don't". This idiot pulls a knife and the vizard elbows him in the face. Bastard doesn't want anymore and runs away, Kade returns the belongings to the woman. She was thankful as some people we're praising him for going after the criminal and returning the purse to her.

"Hmmm Respect and Benefits, I like that well this isn't that bad"

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