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#1 [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Thu May 24, 2018 1:23 pm

Spring. Raphael had never been anywhere else in the springtime, but from now on, if one were to ask where he’d rather be, he’d answer Japan. He’d always seen those silly pictures of people standing by the Sakura trees, but now that he was standing by them, he couldn’t help but admire their loveliness. He would have to get Frey something nice to repay her for the time off she was giving him while she went off…wherever she was going. He was pretty sure she’d mentioned something about other quincy, but Raph had been more focused on other things.

He had been on edge since that day that he’d had a run in with the Shinigami Captain Commander, something which should’ve made him a bit more suspicious when she said what she was. Yet at the same time he couldn’t help but be happy with the fact that he’d at least met a Shinigami that didn’t make him hate them. In fact Akane had made him respect the Shinigami, at least a little; it made him realize that they cared for the people, or at least didn’t want to see their enemies multiply.

Even so Raphael was always vigilant for his other enemy, or rather, his silent hunter: The Committee. Ever since he and his brother were children, Raphael’s mother had told him that the committee stole children in the dead of night, took normal people who had their powers and turned them into weapons to be used for governments and were preparing them for some kind of war… He knew, of course, that that wasn’t true, they weren’t planning for an invisible war. They were fighting it every day against the hollows, trying to save a few more people from being consumed, trying to prevent a few more needless deaths.

How far away was the next run in with one? He didn’t want to screw with it, cuz it was always an ordeal of suppressing his power, making sure he didn’t let more of it leak out than he meant or could afford. He wouldn’t be swept up in their swelling ranks, he stood on his own. But suddenly he stopped mid walk and realized that he didn’t stand alone. He stood alongside Freylief and that single thought filled him with joy. He stopped for a second and sat down on a nearby bench and sighed. Forcing his senses back inwards.

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#2 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Fri May 25, 2018 7:51 pm

One of the best parts about being a member of the Committee was the ability it granted Marshal to travel. So much of his life had been lived in the quiet streets of his hometown. A place where nothing happened and everyone knew everyone else's business. Now he could go, quite literally, anywhere in the world. In new countries no one knew who he was and they didn't care either. He was just another face passing them by on the street. Japan was no different. He passed countless individuals in the crowded streets who paid him no mind at all.

Aside from the travel, it was nice to have someone to mentor him. Much of his life was lived blind to the world he was truly a part of. It wasn't until someone in the Committee picked up on his presence that he'd begun to understand the spiritual side of the world. Now he had not just a single individual to go to with questions but an entire organization to seek information from. The feeling was nice, though he sorely wished he had someone he could call a friend. While many of them were welcoming and inherently friendly in their own rights, he felt he lacked the personal connection to actually call any of them a true friend.

The blonde shrugged the thoughts off as he walked the street. He allowed himself the briefest of pauses in his stride to open a palm toward the sky so that a single petal from the budding trees might fall into it. It was small and delicate, just as one might've expected. There was no doubt that the scent of it was as sweet as the one that permeated the air around him. The fullbringer knew that the sight of the trees and the people passing under them was something his sister would have adored. His heart was heavy as he let the petal fall from his palm, knowing he'd never be able to show her himself just how beautiful it was.

Kaurakura was supposedly a big spiritual hot spot, if the rumors he'd heard from other members were to be believed. As he turned his senses outward Marshal could make out the denizens of the city, both those who belonged and those who were inherently foreign. It was a bit of a blessing that he knew it wasn't likely that many of them could've seen him in return. Silly as it sounded, he felt almost like a spy. Able to see and observe without being seen himself.

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#3 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Tue May 29, 2018 10:13 pm

Raph could feel the many different people of the city, those nearby especially. The strange thing was that amongst the people, he didn’t know if one was a monster in disguise, or one of those black robes, or even one of the Committee. He was trying to avoid such people, as he’d heard stories of people being kidnapped, though he didn’t fully trust that. Those had been his mom and Brian’s words and god knew how true such things were. They probably didn’t actually kidnap people, but Raph was in no way looking hoping for any kind of recruitment for such a group.

Suddenly he felt a small ripple of energy strike him. Someone was searching… He felt all his muscles tense and his energy flared up around himself in a cloak for a moment. Realizing now that he’d lost his composure for a moment, he swore in English and started moving away as fast as he could. He knew that he wanted, as well as he needed to get away from this energy signature as much as possible. So much shit had happened in the last few days that he didn’t wanna take any risks.

Leaving the park, he turned down a street and headed for an empty warehouse district. So few people tended to be there, so that if he ran into problems, then there wouldn’t be any collateral. Slowly, he let out a bit of his energy, allowing it to seep out so that he’d be easier to find. He’d have to confront this one, and just in case, he’d picked an area where there were basically no people, nor much possibility of people arriving to check the scene. He would have to do his best to stop this thing. Or at least try to have a rational conversation with another human or a black robe. He really hoped that it was a human, though.

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#4 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:16 am

The corners of his pale lips rose in a silent smile. He'd not been careful enough in his search as he felt the backlash of indignation of another who was, apparently, as adept at sensing as himself. Whoever it was from wasn't happy about being seen. Never mind the fact that Marshal wasn't prying, he'd only been trying to get his bearings on the city. He could understand their resentment though. In fact, he shared some of it in knowing that he'd let himself be known as much as he was.

Minutes crawled by as he waited. No one else seemed to have noticed his minute error aside from the individual and it was likely they weren't about to ignore it. Sure enough he felt a rise of the familiar signature some distance away from the park he was near when he'd initially begun his search. It was a calling card without a doubt.

His feet moved as the gears of his mind worked the problem out. There was no question he should air on the side of caution in approaching the individual. As he looked deeper into what he felt he knew it was a living being. A person, most likely, but their was no telling where they fell on a moral scale. There was a possibility they were someone like him who meant no harm but there was just as much of a possibility that the person was someone who would to anything to keep their existence from being made out. An actual spy.

The sinking feeling grew as the fullbringer noted the signs of civilization fading away the closer he got to the signature. It was the perfect place for conflict. Few to no witnesses, plenty of placed to dispose of a corpse, no cameras to catch the extraordinary natures of their powers. Taking a deep breath Marshal stilled his mind. Things would work out.

Before he actually rounded the corner to where he felt the presence, he brought out the bulk of his spiritual presence and threw it at the individual. There was no doubt that it'd at the very least throw them off guard enough for him to make an entrance without worrying about walking straight into an attack.

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#5 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:07 am

He’d moved away, far away, just in case. The last thing that Raphael wanted on his conscience was the blood of innocent people, since they couldn’t help being weaker than most. This other presence was stronger than him, and he could realize that much based on the brush with his own sensations. Many in the world around them didn’t use their energy in the same way. They used it to power their attacks, used it to strengthen their physical prowess, but not Raphael. His energy was as much a part of him as it was his combat capability; it was like a second limb, in its own way.

Try as he might, Raph couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that was sitting in his stomach as the being approached. Who knew what it could be. It wouldn’t have been a Shinigami; unless it was bed at sensing energy it would’ve felt that he was human, after all, and clearly not a threat. Nor, did he believe, that it was a quincy like Frey. No, they would’ve had more important and pressing matters to attend to, and ignored him when they realized that he was human. Nor did it feel like a hollow, but such things could be deceiving.

Slowly and cautiously he spread his energy into he area, ready to spring a trap if such a thing were necessary. The other being’s presence slammed into him like a car, but he’d faced worse before and not flinched, why in the hell should he start doing so now? Still, this time it definitely felt human and so he pulled his energy back inwards, turning it instead into a second version of himself, that leaned against him, an arm on his shoulder.

He was curious. Other than Frey, few people tended to seek him out, most of them constantly calling him monster, or freak or weirdo and then averting the death glare he sent their way. He’d also picked this spot purely for the fact that no one would see them, in case things went south, nor would anyone get caught up in the fight.

The human finally entered the clearing, and as he did, Raph felt immediately wary. There was something with this guy… Something that he both liked, and didn’t like, instantly.

He nodded to the other Raph, still leaning against his shoulder and the clone pushed off and walked about ten feet away. The two would rush him, just in case.

“Greetings,” the two said, almost in unison. “I’m Raph. What can I do for you?”

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#6 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:23 am

The alleyway between the two warehouses was dark, the figures therein bathed in both an inky shadow and the fullbringer's energy. As he approached the pair of men waiting for him he kept his eyes trained intently on the one to his left, while his mind's eye warily watched the one to his right. Both seemed real enough but he couldn't shake the feeling something was off about one of them, though he couldn't spare the time or energy to see which it was.

"Hello." Marshal's voice was flat, the words spilling from his pale lips only to face-plant on the cement. "If it wasn't obvious, I'm not from around here. I don't know what it is that you can 'do' for me, frankly, but getting information is never a bad thing. Have you got time to talk, Raph?"

It was impossible to tell the man's intentions from the beginnings of the conversation and as such, Marshal kept his responses short and to the point. Caution was something he was very well versed in and this interaction would be no different. "My name is Marshal, by the way."

He supposed there was no harm in the other man, men?, knowing his name. It was common courtesy to give one's name out after one was given to you. It still made him mildly uncomfortable but if he didn't play along at least to some degree, he could lose the potential lead as quickly as he'd found it.

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#7 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:54 am

“Marshal…” The clone shifted, almost uncomfortably, at having heard a name. It wasn’t often that they got such information, and it wasn’t one hundred percent certain what to do. Raph, though, was only slightly annoyed. The man had followed him, but for what purpose? And he’d given his name quite easily, though perhaps that wasn’t such a bad thing; usually was better to start a conversation with names. Still he’d been too hasty in dishing out his own. He’d have to work on that for later.

After all, only god knew who or what could be listening and might even have the ability to control one from learning a name, or attack from a name. Long ago Raph might’ve considered such a thing specifically in the realm of fantasy, but now, with the fights he’d seen? Well, he didn’t put it past the nature of the masked beings to have such abilities. Still the man was rather brave, or was confident enough in his own abilities that he could take Raphael and his little energy clone.

It shifted once and then turned back and smiled at Raph. “What do you think?” Its emphasis of the word you, made Raph shake his head. His clones always seemed to take on an annoyingly sarcastic, asshole-esque personality. He’d have to figure out some way to fix that sometime, but for now he felt the need to speak with this Marshal. It would be the first time that he’d spoken to anyone in such a capacity beyond Frey. “As you can see,” the clone said, “we’re not from around here either. We actually came here for a job. One that has some rather nice benefits, I might add.”

“Enough,” Raph suddenly replied, in an annoyed tone causing the clone to look over at him. “Just get back over here. We’ll talk, Marshal. You’ve given me enough reason to at least believe that you won’t attack me.” He held out his hand and the clone gave a bit of a smirk before it suddenly cracked and then shattered like glass, turning into bundles of purple motes of light that suddenly swirled back into him. “Now that we’re rid of my twin brother, my name is Raphael. I hope that you’ll forgive me for my paranoia, but I’ve been attacked by what appeared to be normal people and souls before.” He shifted once and put his hands into his pockets. “You said you wanted to talk, Mister Marshal. What can I do for you?”

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#8 Re: [Private] Who You Are [Marshal / Raph] on Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:30 pm

"Attacks aren't really my forte. I can assure you, you're perfectly safe as far as I'm concerned." the blonde watched with mild interest as the clone walked back to it's master and shattered into what appeared to be shards of energy that said master then reabsorbed. "Interesting trick."

From the last interaction Raphael had with his clone before it dissipated Marshal noted he was likely some sort of energy manipulator. There was the slightest bit of a flare in his energy level as he took in what he'd expelled to create the clone, nothing anyone other than himself would have likely noticed. Just as soon as it had come up the flare disappeared as Raph got his energy back under control.

"I'm just looking for information. As we've already established, I don't 'belong' here. I don't know what this place is like or what to expect. You're the first person I've found who might be able to help me." he'd have to remember everything Raphael told him for his reports and, more to the point, for any future assignments the Committee might send him on.

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