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#1 Summoning Spell on Wed May 23, 2018 9:08 am


I would like to learn Kido. Being the first sinner to pull off Hado #90. Yet that isn't going to fly.
Um, I wanted to try out a Summoning ability as my 8th and final move: Just the idea....

Here it is:

Ability Name: Dark Summoner
Description: In Hell, Trevor learned from slave masters an advanced form a necromancy power. Reshaping the power breaking it down to a form of summoning. Trevor had to trained constantly making something out of nothing through his willpower on his own. At one point, Trevor couldn't control it by himself but through years of training the sinner finally gain some control with the power. Now, Balthazar has stabilize the power allowing him to summon creatures for a limited time under his control. Because of his power the sinner had control of four summoned creatures but only summoning one at a time.
Summoned Creatures

Akasha: A lady priestess, Akasha was a small piece of Trevor's past. If anybody deserves any mercy it surely her the things her ex-boyfriend did to her we're beyond evil. Another reason why Balthazar hates the human race because of their cruelty knows no bounds. Balthazar released her from her pain and suffering it was more then enough. The sinner made the pact between as she became his property now. She has no powers but she can appear as a human or a succubus depending on her mood. Bale can summoned by saying "Show thy sin, Appear before me Akasha" She's the sinner gift in more ways then one.
{Can Last 11-13 Posts} [RP Oriented] [Cooldown: 1 Post]

Little Benki

Benki: A small demonic cat. The first familiar, Balthazar summoned to see if his summoning power works. Having the ability to fly. Also having sharp claws and teeth. Benki's claw attacks are weak though. The small demon fox-cat likes being around humans but really females though. Bale can summon the foxcat by "Blessed be and Be free, Come on out Benki" Benki was nothing but his experiment. But he's Bale house cat though for Chaos, his little friend. {Can Last 8-9 Posts} [Combat & RP Oriented]
[Cooldown: 1-2 Posts]

Lady Blazefyre

Lady Blazefyre: A seductive flame elemental from the depths of hell. Born from Satan's lava pits, she was a strong, determine but sexy fighter. After defeating a vicious beast, Balthazar set her soul free. She chose to join up Balthazar willingly after years of his torment. A deal was made between them as she became her master. He can summon her by saying "Hellfire and Brimstone, Show them your sin Lady Blazefyre". She appear almost part human and part elemental. Having the ability to fly also using flame attacks ranging from (Flame Blasts, Fireballs, Flame Beams even Flame Bombs). Even having defenses she can create a fire wall or fire shield. The flame succubus can create attacks and defenses from the element of Fire. Blazefyre's flame attacks can't exceed an arrancar's cero, can't exceed the speed of bala either.
{Can Last 7 Posts} [Cooldown: 9 Posts] [Combat & RP Oriented]

Shadow Slasher

Shadow Slasher: The final familiar of Balthazar's arsenal really more of a bodyguard. Shadow was once a shinigami named Anakin a once noble shinigami became evil they killed him. He was sent into the lowest part of Hell, Balthazar saw the evil intent in him wanting revenge. Anakin swore that he wanted the Seireitei to die which interest the sinner. The pact was made as Anakin's soul became a part of Bale's power. He reformed the former shinigami into a much more deadly weapon. Balthazar can summon him by saying "Eternal pain and Torment, Show them the way Shadow Slasher". Shadow Slasher can emit a pair of energy swords durable against a zanpakuto into combat. He can use shadow attacks ranging from (Shadow Blasts, Darkness Beams even Shadow Bombs). Even having defenses she can create a shadow wall or shadow shield. The fallen warrior can create attacks and defenses from the element of Fire. Slasher's shadow attacks can't exceed an grand rey cero, can't exceed the speed of bala either. {Can Last 5 Posts} [Cooldown: 10 Posts] [Combat Oriented]
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