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#1 Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Wed May 23, 2018 5:31 am

Raph sat in his office watching the goings on of the bakery through the camera monitors, which was a quiet day, thankfully. He still was a bit sore from a few days ago of helping the Captain Commander of the Shinigami hunt down an arrancar. That was something he hadn’t been prepared for and had been a bit hesitant to tell Frey about, but she’d understood and was glad the shop hadn’t been damaged. He was still wary about Shinigami, after all they lived in another dimension and most often considered themselves above the laws of the world. But on the other hand they also seemed like they cared somewhat about the people of the world.

He laughed a bit watching Frey, doing his best to not focus on her, and instead watched the many people going to and fro through the shop. Someone was screwing with one of the drink machines, he would probably have to fix it later, or hire someone to take a look at it. Someone else was trying to make some graffiti on one of the tables and Raph sighed, knowing that either himself or Frey would have to clean it up and, with how he was, he was going to. He considered walking out and putting a stop to it, but at least it wasn’t with a knife like the last one.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt something touch the edge of his senses, and he looked up no longer bored. Something, or someone with at least a smidge of spirit energy had passed by or entered. He looked at each monitor, a new customer had just entered, nothing necessarily unusual about her, someone was screwing around with one of the windows and kept looking outside, smiling like an idiot… Where had that sensation come from?

There was nothing extraordinary outside either, he thought to himself as he looked at those cameras. A few people were going for a jog, mostly tourists just leaving their hotels. A small delivery truck was headed to the store just across the street… What on Earth had happened?

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#2 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Wed May 23, 2018 8:42 am

The Sugar Puffin Bakery was a bit lively with its recent opening, many people gathered to check out the new foreigner and the food. The bakery looked a bit out of place in Japan with its Nordic flair - anyone passing by would see a big logo of a mascot puffin wearing a sailor’s hat with the shop’s letters going across it.

Freyleif was busy dancing around to table to table in her work attire and wearing her signature blue and white trimmed lopapeysa, or wool sweater. Her ice blue apron had puffins holding cupcakes and pies above their heads and looked like they were skating across ice. Lastly, she wore plain denim jeans that looked a bit worn from constant use.

She didn’t expect the bakery get this busy this morning but it seemed with Raph’s help they were able to get good ads out and attract the curious ones. Of course, the customers would mess with the machinery and get the tables a mess, some which Frey couldn’t keep track of. It was her first big day and it was becoming overwhelming quickly.

Unfortunately for Frey, she was too busy to pick up the smidge of spiritual energy - more getting the weight of exhaustion already taking people’s orders and moving off towards the kitchen and counter to get the cakes or drinks. She let out a exhale when she finally got a break and stood at the counter watching all the people enjoying their meals, surely even with all this hard work it would pay off in the end which made her smile. She would just have to pick up the pace and get used to the crowd, it had her shaking at first, but being secluded on an island with just one other person and no contact with anyone else would take some time to get out of her comfort zone. For now, the teen Quincy kept up her smiles and trying her best to speak in Japanese.

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#3 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Wed May 23, 2018 9:24 am

When she’d first laid eyes on the flyer, Clara almost couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It had been a simple thing, just a basic poster with some cutesy graphic and the name/address of the business being advertised, but that wasn’t what had caught her attention about the thing. No, it had been the fine print that had kept her looking at the advertisement, fine print that had her mouth watering with excitement: ‘Real. Norwegian. Sweets.’

The mere thought of such a delicacy was enough to send the green-haired woman’s mind into a tizzy; she hadn’t had a piece of real, authentic chocolate in years, perhaps even longer. And that, more than anything, was what drove her to leave Charlie behind at their campsite and seek out this “Sugar Puffin Bakery,” much to the chagrin of Grimm, who, despite her best efforts, refused to be quiet about his displeasure.

Child, this is an unnecessary waste of time and energy- turn back now. Grimm’s voice echoed in her mind, his metallic tones bouncing back and forth through the witch’s skull as she strolled down the busy Karakura street, high-heels clacking against the pavement with every step she took.

Real. Norwegian. Sweets. Grimm. Real Norwegian sweets! The sorceress wasn’t about to just let something so potentially delectable go without at least trying it out; that wasn’t how she worked, wasn’t how any sane person worked, if you gave the option to do as they wished. And besides, Real Norwegian sweets!

I understand you are excited by their potential authenticity, but I fail to see why-

Grimm. Shut up. Silencing the annoying tome with forceful mental shove, Clara rounded a corner, lime-green hair flowing back behind her as she slowed her pace, taking stock of the building. It was a simple thing, bare and functional save for the necessities and some (obviously hand-crafted) decorations, but it had a certain… charm to it that she couldn’t quite place- a kind of special, almost happy quality that made the witch want to smile, despite her irritation.

In short, she liked it.

Pressing towards the bakery without a word, the sorceress plastered a soft, curious smile (that wasn’t quite as fake as she thought) onto her face, fingers running down her violet blouse and skirt as she slid into the packed shop, bell tingling above her. There were… a lot of people inside, to say the least- but that didn’t matter. Not to her. One breath was all it took for her to fall in love with the place; the soft, molten aroma of chocolate, the sharp crack of cinnamon, the gentle kiss of freshly baked bread, it all mixed together to create and brilliant mixture of smells that made the witch’s mouth water in anticipation. I needed this.

A breath, soft and seemingly happy, escaped the woman while she walked up to the front counter, golden-gaze meeting that of the blonde teen behind the register, voice soft and smooth as honey as she spoke in near-perfect Japanese. “Hello- do you have a menu I can look over?”

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#4 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Wed May 23, 2018 10:11 am

Despite his scanning, Raph couldn’t deny that his ad campaign had worked. Tap into some facebook feeds, filter some money into their ads (yeah it was stupid and he thought about hacking it but why not play along?) and customers were coming in by the droves. The flyers had done a fairly good job too. Real Norwegian sweets, understandably something of a rarity in Japan, seemed to be attracting customers of all kinds. Tourist and native alike were practically packing the restaurant to the gills.

Perhaps it had worked too well, he thought to himself as he looked out over the scene unfolding in the shop on the monitors. Sighing, he got to his feet to go do the one thing that he never thought that he would, go and help customers. He knew exactly what he had to do.

He was down the stairs and onto the main floor in half a minute, pulling on the smock that she’d given him when she hired him. Walking up to her he tapped her on the shoulder.

“Not to interrupt,” he whispered, “but since we’re really busy and a little short, I’ll take over the tables.” This would also give him a good way to try and judge the spiritual sense he was feeling, for himself. The woman that had just spoken with Freylief set his senses on edge when he walked by, but at the same time he didn’t want to jump to any conclusions just yet.

“Leave the machine alone, sir,” he said passing the man that had been screwing with the drink machine. The man stopped immediately, shoving his hands into his pockets. Then he walked by a teen trying to write his name into a table with a knife. He wrenched the knife from the teen’s hand in passing. “Stop trying to carve into the tables. I’ve seen you do it three times, one more and I’m kicking you out.” The punk leaned back, folding his hands and scoffing with a turn of his head. He served cupcakes and cakes and pies and other pastries to the guests, all the while continuing to probe his surroundings with his senses. He would find the source of this disturbance, and hoped that it wasn’t antagonistic.

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#5 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Thu May 24, 2018 12:52 am

It was exciting to see all these people flooding in the droves, she half wondered if the streets were now going to be packed. The one thing that almost made her leave her station, was seeing people standing near the Odin statue taking pictures and the small kids trying to draw on it or climb. The blonde let out a huff and turned her gaze to a lime green haired customer coming up to her wooden counter. Freyleif kept herself from squinting at the woman and trying to understand the words coming out that spoke in smooth Japanese.

“Here you go,” Freyleif replied taking out a menu from underneath the counter and handing it to the woman with a bright smile.

Just then Raphael had emerged from the crowd then tapped her on the shoulder, at first it had made her double take on what he whispered to her then gave him a smile and a nod in reply. Hiring him was the best thing; he even went out of his way to help not only sit behind a computer screen but to come down and help with tables made her feel a lot more weight being shredded off.

“Let me know if you like to try a sample,” Freyleif spoke back to Clara trying not to let her eyes wander in watching Raph thinking there might be a disaster. It seemed he was holding his own and were quite stern on the man messing with the machinery and the punk boy who was cutting up her nice tables with a knife. She kept a bit of her energy suppressed but with all the tension of the crowd some of it would spark out.

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#6 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Thu May 24, 2018 3:51 am

It wasn’t until the smiling teen behind the counter reached down to grab a menu that she noticed it, the soft thrum of power emanating from the blonde, a spark of electricity that seemed to course through her mind, sending shivers of anticipation down the witch’s spine. This girl wasn’t just an ordinary waitress- she was special, special in the same way Clara was (or close to it). She was Aware, or at the very least sensitive to the spiritual side of reality, and that fact set the green-haired woman on edge. Shifting back just a hair as the waitress handed her the menu, the sorceress glanced around the store, taking stock of those who were inside, senses (limited though they were) spreading out as she tried to pinpoint any other Aware people who might be in the bakery.

...Damn it. There was another one nearby, weaker than the girl, but still dangerous in its own right. She couldn’t tell exactly where, but that didn’t matter- its presence was enough to make the woman’s skin crawl with paranoia, her golden gaze sharp despite the smile she kept plastered on her face. Grimm, get ready for a fight.

Oh? The book replied, it’s metallic voice echoing through her thoughts with simulated curiosity. Do you believe these children belong to The Fools?

The witch paused, gaze glancing over the menu as she thought about what the book had asked, her silence speaking volumes before she, finally, responded. I don’t know. It was certainly possible that this was all just a big coincidence, that she was overreacting, jumping to conclusions without the proper evidence. It was possible… but she hadn’t survived as long as she had by ignoring her instincts. And right now, her instincts were screaming that this was a trap. But let’s not take any chances.

Lowering her menu with a smile, the green-haired woman stepped just a little closer to the counter, voice soft and smooth as she leaned in towards the blonde, words echoing through the space between them in perfect German. “So tell me- what brings a Saint like yourself here?”

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#7 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Thu May 24, 2018 12:01 pm

He was scolding a group of children for trying to draw on the walls with crayon and trying, desperately, to find their parents when he suddenly realized something: It had stopped. The spiritual energy that he’d been feeling, that he’d been trying to find for a while now, even as he’d gone through the store, was static. He’d been feeling Frey’s, mostly likely due to the stress that she’d been under from the amount of people, but the whole time he’d been suppressing his as much as possible. If it had been a hollow, or arrancar, he didn’t want people getting hurt.

Frey had handed the green-haired woman at the counter a menu, and she seemed to be perusing with gusto, before suddenly leaning a bit closer and speaking what sounded like German. Damn, he hadn’t bothered learning any german, and now he was cursing himself a bit for it. She seemed to be older than Raphael, which meant she was definitely older than Frey. A bit more shapely, perhaps, but there was something about her that rubbed Raph the wrong way, and he did his best to pay as little attention to her as possible.

Unfortunately, he was a bit too engrossed in trying to watch the interactions of the two women that he didn’t notice a man getting too close. He looked back just in time to see him, but not in enough to avoid the collision, and as they did, the cake the man was carrying splatted into Raphael’s face. In seconds the man was apologizing and asking if Raph was alright, to which, he responded with Japanese that he was fine. He just needed to get this cake off of his face, before he wanted to eat it himself. This elicited some laughter from the people in the room, before Raphael apologized to the gentleman that he’d run into and said he’d get him some more cake.

He walked up to Frey with a big grin, explained he was going to grab the gentleman another cake and wiped his own face off with a wash cloth quickly. He’d have to get his clothes dried too. A slight inconvenience, but nothing that he couldn’t live with. Still he wondered what in the world the sensation that he kept feeling belonged to. It didn’t matter. He’d protect Frey, like he’d been hired for.

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#8 Re: Just An Ordinary Day [Clara, Frey on Fri May 25, 2018 3:08 am

Emerald eyes moved towards Raph as he dealt with the annoying kids. You would think they would be more respectable around these parts but kids were kids in any culture. Freyleif held in a breath as the green haired woman looked over the menu, she tried keeping her spiritual energy inside but the noise, all the chattering, and laughter, was becoming more than she could handle.

Deep breathes. She would have to keep reminding herself and this was just something she would have to deal with until things dispersed, it was a new shop after all. Freyleif kept up her smile and awaited if the woman needed anything, except she lowered the menu then started speaking in German. The blonde’s smile quickly vanished as she paused in thought. German. Of all things. She got the words ‘Saint’ and furrowed her brow, it was obvious by the intent of the inquiry she was asking about Quincy.

Before she could process a response, Raph had stepped over mentioning that he had to get another cake for a man and wipe his face off over an accident. Frey gave a quick thanks before turning her attention to Clara.

“Saint? I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean,” she replied with a slight tilt of her head, speaking in Icelandic even if she knew a bit of German. “I recently moved here to set up a shop- why do you ask?” sure she was a foreigner, and it rubbed off on her on the wrong way why someone would ask why she was here like it was some bad omen.

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