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#1 [Open] Hunting a Witch on Wed May 23, 2018 2:18 am


Balthazar was calmly thinking of how to become a stronger warrior a lot of options to think of. One stood out hearing reports of witchcraft really interesting perhaps some witch was involved of some missing persons. He was a member of Chaos, Bale should investigate what's going on then report back to his superiors. It was raining somehow God's tears we're washing away the pain the sinner was feeling right now. How Trevor Rengouki died was the reason that the sinner didn't trust people yet being part of some organization they've proven to be useful. But he wonders when one of them will betray him for some personal gain only time will tell when their true intentions will be shown.

News reports talked about the recent missing person it was a college sophomore gone for two days. Hopefully, He'll find out more information somewhere but where should the sinner start? "What is this? Interesting, A woman with weird energies inside her interesting indeed. Hmmm, Picking her next victim bu seducing them maybe she'll get lucky. This might be the person responsible for all this"

He started following the couple quietly so they won't notice "Where are you taking him?"
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