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#1 WIP [name pending] on Tue May 22, 2018 3:14 am


   Name: [What is your character's name?]
   Alias: White Rabbit
   Real Age: 1029
   Phys. Age: 40's
   Gender: Personality:
"Memories are like bubbles: they flitter about against the wind and glisten against the sunlight. With a little prick it vanishes. How ominous!”

The world is constant, [name] remains the flower: static and beautiful. His emotions are open and expressive that one could argue that his personality is timeless. He never had the safe space where he can recollect and nurture his fragile feelings. The personality was weathered, battered, ripped apart and pressed from his younger years, but he finally gave way. When the seasons change and felt the immense crush of life weighing down on him, like the loss of his dear loved ones. [name] wilts his joyful, love life demeanour, and sunk into the world of indifference and professionalism. But even so, if one could just be lucky to catch a glimpse of his youth.

[name] is a blunt and cold gentleman, a flower who refused to bloom out of fear of loss. He like to hide his true feelings and personality in the wave of professionalism. Even so, he is also a conflicted man. He yearned for a feeling of fatherhood, raising a child to become a being that he can be proud of, but the only thing that stops him from doing so was fear of losing.

He hates losing: from gambling to best friends. He had casted his slice of life as a young free spirited pretty boy away. He was a loser back then, but he was okay with it, after all he saw them as materials, but not anymore. The anguish feeling of losing his friends and the responsibility as a Shinigami made his realise that victory is always a must.

He considers himself as a strategist rather than a fighter, though he was known to be a competent swordsman and Hakuda user, he values his seniority and experience by training others on swordplay and vital things that the academy failed to teach them. He would shy away from combat as much as spiritually possible but if push comes to a shove, he will fight at his full strength, at his best to maintain good example towards his comrade. However, over the past few centuries, he had been exploring more into Bakudo and

Beneath all his indifference and bluntness. He values his free time in reading books and relish unravelling his comrades. If he sees something is missing and no one is covering it, he will become the master of the desired skills, just as he is the master of his own destiny - no matter how long it will take him. In short; he craves activity. The devil makes work for idle thumbs, as the idiom goes, and he swears by it.

He likes being an authority figure - and it shows as one of the longest serving captain of seventh squad - the feeling of responsibility made him feel valued on top of being respected. He maintains the air of composure and remained vigilant with his words. That does not mean that he is not outspoken. He picks his battle and for the most part, use his opponent words against them.

Despite his seniority and his high stature, he is considered not well known, people were often surprised how long he had been as a captain. There was a rare case where he would be spotted walking into other division headquarters. He kept himself to himself and to the division. He is a disciplinarian and demands the best out of his own soldiers. In return, he keeps them busy and if they performed well as a division, rewards them greatly. If they performed poorly, he will punish them and quite dearly.    


   Height: 6'0
   Weight: 152 lbs
   Physical Traits:

Considered to be one of the most beautiful man in his younger years, Araki matured into a stoic middle-aged man who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders. Even with age and lacking make up, he comes across as a charming man. The warm complexion and alluring blue eyes, women would often wonder how radiant he would be if he would smile which remains a mystery. However, they would often leave pleased with the brief interaction they have with him.

At a above average height of six foot, Araki holds a prim and proper posture. The stressing lifestyle of being one of Shingami’s strongest left his body scarce with fat. Although he is not overly muscular, the Seireitei issued Shihakusho formed neatly onto his body and with the white haori with Seventh division symbol emblazoned on his back, he approaches the world with a commanding presence. His form was often the first and only thing that people were fixated on rather than his face.

His hair has shown signs of age, but his spirited, grey hair still glistens against the sunlight. He let his hair grow shoulder length and left it as that. It was messy, and bangs were often clumped at the middle of his forehead. Although a paradox in some cases, he does take great care of his hair, but never far enough to groom and fixate it into a neat presentable style. However, he has often been seen tying his hair back in special cases such as Captain’s meeting. Revealing a small slash scar where his clump of bangs gathered.

His uniform is plain, untouched but with a single change other than his haori was the black glove. There was a reason behind his interesting wear. The hands became horribly disfigured from the two wars. These war wounds spread all over his body, a large patch of burn across his back, a large piercing with an exit wound at the lower right abdomen. His body is a mural of war but chose to elegantly conceal it with his well-prepared uniform.

Araki’s voice was soothing, like a gentle calm stream, not deep enough to be empowered but not to soft to feel complacent. It was rare to raise his voice, preferring sharp and discouraging gaze, allowing his silence to engulf the verbal discord.


   General Fighting Style:  He is a reactive fighter, using everything at his disposal as a response rather than to strike first. Araki, as a young Shinigami relied heavily with his Zanjustu skill, mainly Iai-do, but it is no longer the case. As his swordsmanship waned, he displayed a sharper knowledge of Kidou and Hakuda, capable of unleashing at the highest of level. Hakuda was another skill he trained on. Knowing fully well that it requires little need to focus on its cutting, he uses his hand to hand combat as to divert oncoming attack, counterstrike with open palm and takedown with devastating results. He does resort to closed fists, but fearing potential injuries, he save those particular attack as his finishing strike. Being of a strategic mind, he is observant towards his opponent posture and their use of their reiastu with their attack.

Despite his experience with Zanjustu as a youngster, it is now considered as his weakest method of attacking due to his persistent wounds shying him away from refining his attacks. Shunpo was another as it does not cater to his method of fighting. Although he had been known to use it outside of combat in a sense of urgency it is rarer for him to use it in combat. Speed, well, he is not a sprinter, nor he is fast. He can run long distance, but no matter how hard he trained on his movement, he could never go faster than he was before, only longer.

   Strengths: Kidou [Forbidden level rank and below], Hakuda [Master when it comes to diverting one’s attack, countering and takedown], Durability [Able to keep fighting with grave wounds], Reiyoku [even he was astounded by how much he can give]

   Weaknesses: Shunpo [skilled, but uncreative] Zanjustu [persistent injury leads to poor cutting prowess], Speed [he is not cut out for fast movement], Strength [He no longer have the killing prowess in these hands of his, but at his best of his strength can still deliver severely painful results].    
  Ability Name: Recall

  Ability Description: A skill reserved for someone who holds sheer willpower and knowledge of Kidou. The ability to not allow the charged air to settle. Even with the ability to cast one powerful kidou

"Allows him to bypass Kidou cool down and cast immediately. This ability has a five post cooldown. Doing recall does not make him immune to the negative effects of casting higher and forbidden level effects."

   Sealed Appearance: [What does your Zanpakuto look like sealed]
   Zanpakutou Name: [What is the name of your Zanpakutou?]
   Call Out Command: [What do you have to say to activate your shikai]

   Appearance: [What does your shikai look like]
   Abilities: [What powers do you gain]
   Boosts: [In this release, you get a 2x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

   New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name? Ex: Tensa Zangetsu, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, etc.]
   Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
   Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
   Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

   New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
   Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
   Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
   Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

   History: [History goes here.]
   Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
   Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]
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