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#1 [Private] Thievery and Manslaughter (Kade) on Sat May 19, 2018 11:02 am

In truth, I'd missed the outer world. The emptiness of Hell always felt worse than prisons and cages after a month or so, and I'd been in for several. As was tradition, I'd don my favorite mask. my feline face would easily come off as a cute child walking between busy buildings. This time I left without my friend... what was his fucking name again? Luca? Yeah... that guy. He was usually my go to for thieving, because he was properly equipped for it. But me? Yeah no. I was more in your face. I loved Tokyo, if for no other reason than the fact that the night life was gorgeous and full of fools.

I entered in a store I'd been in before. I know, taboo for thieves, but the last time I was here, the footage was fried and the guy was replaced because he was permanently paralyzed. So as was tradition, I slipped a couple popsicles. I didn't need to be stealthy here because a tiny blast of electrical energy was enough to disarm the cameras. I approached the counter, barely measuring up to it. I'd put the popsicles on it, saying in a higher pitched voice than my normal, "I'm sorry... I don't have any money. Can I still have these?" I knew the line wouldn't work. I'd done this many times. I watched as the man behind the counter tried to stifle his frustration.

He stared for a moment, slowly realizing I wasn't going anywhere. He broke eye contact on seeing my face crumple into sadness. He then walked outward, around the counter, and began to attempt to nudge me out of the store. His mistake. I kicked my speed up a notch and was behind him. I grabbed his wrist, twisting and pulling it tightly, bringing him to his knees. "I love to watch them suffer before I end their lives. Did you know you would be next?" My voice had dropped into my normal tone, though charged with bloodlust. I charged up electricity in my right arm, crackling crimson making its way down my arm. I thrust it against of the back of his neck, both busting his spine and permanently destroying his nervous system. Humans were so weak and pathetic, though they had their 'fun' uses.

I let his lifeless body drop to the ground before I kicked his head for shits and giggles. I then took my prize. Ice cream. It was no longer resting on the counter, but in my hand, where it belonged. I then left the scene to a partially destroyed residence, one that had long been my go-to place. It was the place I went to when I wanted to be alone, and yet fate had strange ways of keeping that alone time from me. I felt memories of life being pried from me across several instances as a presence stepped near. My small body crackled to life, ready to deal with the intruder.

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#2 Re: [Private] Thievery and Manslaughter (Kade) on Sat May 19, 2018 11:54 am

After a month of meditation, Balthazar decided to return somewhere quiet "I need something but what....Death and Violence helps me relax but where shall I go to find my victims". He was thinking what could do bide his time ripping off someone flesh would be good or kicking a dog's head off would be better. A small parakeet was cold and alone, Balthazar picked it up holding it to ease it pain. Then killing it without a moment notice and throws it dead body at a crow. "Not enough death....Small not enough"

It was sickening just looking at them human beings just having a good time living their lives some believing in God. Balthazar was high on a rooftop looking for someone to destroy or someone to manipulate and destroy their family. Finding the right asshole would be difficult but killing him and turning the victim's wife into his personal succubus was a good idea. Only problem was finding the right candidate for killing, Balthazar was scanning the air nothing but a kid over there but what was this. Whoever that kid was she had sinner's energy within her what was she doing because the sinner sense her perhaps using her charms against humans. The evil sinner didn't care much it was her business anyway until her rage kicked in she maybe stronger then him but she looked like a kid. Evil always finds a way the former human should know that but this girl the sins emitting for her was purely evil what was this child? "A child.....Satan knows how to find the evil to so many unknown places. This ought to be interesting another sinner in the world."

She loves blood and death, Balthazar started tracking her but then stops as she was waiting for something this might be a trap. Perhaps sinners should work together who knows what she was capable of perhaps killing him. "Oh, What do we have here? Someone other than me who likes manipulating the human race and when the time is right. Killing them without any mercy watching them beg for the sweet release. But who are you? I wonder..." This kid was ready to attack she wasn't playing what power this way for a second, Balthazar was impressed. "No Mercy, No Peace just your instincts and rage at your enemy.....A sinner's evil at work"

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