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#1 [Private] Looking for More {Rena} on Mon May 14, 2018 7:43 am


Anastasia didn't feel right being back here something was missing and it was really frightening her. The thought of coming back here brought back memories of her daughter and how she wanted to protect her. Another espada killed her daughter she didn't do anything wrong at all still because of some power struggle the big oaf didn't like her or was under orders from someone. Wolfgang was too much to deal with attracting shinigami with his presence and also his very spiritual pressure still another person to talk too. "Where's Oprah Winfrey when you need her? Harpo Entertainment didn't really have to end her show. Even I would prefer Maury because Dr. Katz has been gone for years now.....Wolfgang was something but this pain. I want more friends to talk to"

She was quietly thinking about what she could do "Who wants to walk with Eli....Oh I would like another good friend" Hoping to find another arrancar person to start a chat with...
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