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#1 Lucas Johnson on Sat May 12, 2018 9:11 pm

Name: Lucas Johnson
Apparent Age: 43
True Age: 56 (no spiritual effect, he just takes good care of himself)
Sex: Male
Personality: Lucas Johnson proudly displays the Distinguished Intelligence Cross along with his other medals and awards in his secure basement vault.   Officially, he is on early retirement after a near death experience that left him a little touched in the head.  A tendency to talk to himself when no one is around, or sitting alone at a table and doing mission planning for high-fantasy missions as if he was running a tabletop role-playing game by himself.  Unofficially, Mr. Johnson has seen the other side, and is an unofficial team lead of the Central Intelligence Agency’s unofficial After-Life Office (ALO) black program.  What looks like madness to a normal human is talking to a roaming ghost as he walks down the street, or plotting heists in soul society with his agents in the various realms.

While his initial goal was protection of the United States from spiritual threats, Mr. Johnson’s goal has expanded to protecting the mortal realm in general from spiritual incursion.  To this end, Mr. Johnson has managed to find everything from Shinigami to Quincy willing to work towards this effort.  There are rumors that he has even managed to convince an Arrancar to be an asset.  Most of his assets are turned with a soft touch; offering to make sure their remaining mortal family is well taken care of, large donations in their name to certain organizations, things like that.  Once they start working with the ALO against their own faction, very little continuing encouragement is needed, as detection would generally mean their own execution.  That being said, he does everything to make sure his assets are happy, and ideally they also align with the goal of protecting the mortal realm (where they all either came from or currently reside).

Lucas Johnson is calm and calculating, but a straight shooter (in both senses of the word) and a good man to have on your side.  An expert at fieldcraft, he also watches out for his people, and is a firm believer of ‘no man left behind.’ Married to his work, Lucas does not have much of a personal life, and no real ‘friends’ outside of work.  Lucas Johnson does not relish combat or killing, despite the body count left behind by both the ritual and in the normal course of his old career.  There is some guilt about the body count (primarily due to the ritual; most of the people that were taken out as part of work as an agent had it coming), and Mr. Johnson would much rather talk his way out of a fight than shoot his way out.  He will also attempt to negotiate as long as possible before a fight happens, as it will put him in a better position offensively and give him a better idea of the mentality of his opponent.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 183 lbs
Physical Traits: Lucas Johnson is not an imposing figure when he doesn’t want to be..  He slouches most of the time, making himself appear shorter than he is, and can generally blend into the surroundings without much effort.  Lucas barely speaks louder than he needs to in order to be heard by the person he’s talking to, and even when it seems like he’s not paying attention, he’s hearing every word.  Interestingly, he’s mastered managing to look both aloof and keenly aware of his surroundings.  He shaves both his head and his face every morning; though he’s recently started tending a goatee that he thinks looks pretty slick.  

At a minimum, Mr. Johnson is generally dressed in business casual (slacks and a blazer), but usually goes for a suit, though he’s not a fan of ties.  Lucas has an athletic build; he’s not bulging with muscles by any means, but there is very little body fat hiding under his lightly tanned skin.  Under his clothes (past the 9mm he always keeps on him) his body is adorned with tattoos representing numerous mortal mysticism traditions, ranging from Norse runes to Taoist symbols.  Despite years of fieldwork, there is a surprisingly few scars on the man, a testament to his skill.

When he needs to take command of a situation, it is like a switch has been flipped.  Mr. Johnson stops slouching, revealing a fairly tall man that holds himself with confidence and authority.  His normally quiet voice becomes firm and commanding.  Lucas Johnson is a man who has seen it all, stared death in the face, and faces terror with courage.


General Fighting Style: Ideally, avoiding it or having someone else do it for him.  If forced to fight, Lucas usually plays the long game while draining his opponent's reiatsu until he can beat them.
Strengths: Analysis, the long-game, rematches.
Weaknesses: Long ramp-up time, starts off weaker, no blur.

Ability Name: Legion Awareness
Description: Mr. Johnson has over 100,000 souls absorbed within him, and near they them can tell, when Lucas dies, their immortal souls are toast.  They've got a vested interest in keeping him alive as long as possible, so they share his senses and alert him of danger that he might not see.  His 'inner world' is a small city center he can access at will, and allows communication with the souls instantly, allowing Lucas to functionally be near-perfectly aware of all things around him.  The souls also retain files on everything and everyone that Lucas encounters, allowing him perfect recall of anything he's seen or heard.

Ability Name: Spiritual Cycling
Description: As a result of the ritual, not only does Mr. Johnson have a number of souls contained within him, but continues to passively absorbs the energy put off by spiritual creatures (not enough to weaken enemies in any way, however).  This has two major effects, it powers up Lucas the longer he fights, and as his body gets more 'in-tune' with the opponent's spiritual, he becomes more resistant to that particular opponents attacks. His souls also 'file' the information on this spiritual energy, making repeated fights against the same opponent easier in the future, unless their spiritual signature has drastically changed somehow.  This effect is also notable that when an enemy flares their reiatsu (either during a release or just trying to exert spiritual pressure for other effects) it gives Lucas a significant power spike, rather than being disabling by overwhelming reiatsu.

Ability Name: Demon Arts
Description: As a result of his network extending into soul society, Mr. Johnson has had his agents smuggle out a few scrolls of kidō.  Already talented in mortal mysticism, Lucas was able to pick up a few of the spells; the higher rank spells remain out of his reach, both in obtaining the scrolls and technique.

Ability Name: Negative Blast
Description: Mr. Johnson's main form of attack, after having absorbed the energy put off by a spiritual creature, Lucas can fire a blast of absorbed spiritual energy (similar to a cero) that is the exact opposite 'frequency' of his opponent, causing it to be much more damaging than it would otherwise be at the given power level.

Boosts:  By default, Mr. Johnson is a well trained operative and very athletic, but generally he is mortal.  However, during a fight Lucas has a raw increase in reiatsu due to his ability (2x reiatsu).

Ability Name: Legion Analysis
Description: Mr. Johnson automatically enters this stage when a nearby being enters the equivalent stage, having absorbed the massive spike of spiritual energy that is leaked when an opponent releases their power. his souls have enough experience to analyze the reiatsu signature and give Lucas a pretty good idea of what new abilities their release has given them.

Ability Name: Adaptive Resistance
Description: Whenever a spiritual attack is used on Mr. Johnson, some of the energy is absorbed and used to 'tune' his own reiatsu to be resistant to the attack.  No matter if the attack hits or misses, the next use of the ability on Lucas will be 1/2 as effective (then 1/4, then 1/8, etc.).  This effect can be recalled against repeated fights with the same opponent.

Ability Name: Regeneration
Description: Mr. Johnson has absorbed enough reiatsu in this stage that his wounds will knit together, and with enough time can even recover from what would be otherwise fatal blows.

Ability Name: Negative Snap
Description: Mr. Johnson can rapidly fire absorbed spiritual energy (similar to a bala) that is the exact opposite 'frequency' of his opponent, causing it to be much more damaging than it would otherwise be at the given power level.

Boosts: 3x Reiatsu

Ability Name: Legion Prediction
Description: Mr. Johnson automatically enters this stage when a nearby being enters the equivalent stage.  As the last stage, his souls will still give him an idea of what this release might bring, but with a prolonged fight, they have also had time to analyze his opponent's fighting style.  Lucas will have an easier time both dodging and hitting with his own attacks unless the opponent does something drastic to change up their fighting style.

Ability Name: Spiritual Drain
Description: At this stage, Mr. Johnson's passive absorption becomes more aggressive, and his opponents will notice what has been going on as his cycling is no longer sustained with just absorbing passively leaked spiritual energy.  His power increases much more quickly in this stage, while actively sapping the opponent.

Ability Name: Permanently Linked
Description:  If Mr. Johnson has absorbed enough spiritual energy from a being to reach his Hyper-Mode, he becomes linked to the creature. This being serves as a two-way link between Lucas and the creature.  No matter where they go, Lucas can well as speak mentally with the creature.  For Lucas, it just becomes another voice in his head, yet another resident of the city (in Lucas's 'inner world' this effect manifests as a another citizen he can talk to).  Indeed, the communication will generally be only when Lucas wants it, since he is adapt at tuning out the voices when they try to talk to him; it may be more distracting on the other side to suddenly have a voice in their head.

Ability Name: Negative Assault
Description: Mr. Johnson can rapidly fire absorbed spiritual energy (similar to a gran rey cero) that is the exact opposite 'frequency' of his opponent, causing it to be much more damaging than it would otherwise be at the given power level.

Boosts: 4x reiatsu.


History: Lucas Johnson didn't have a particularly eventful early childhood.  He did well in school, and played a few varsity sports after he got over his brief Goth phase.  Lucas went to college at Georgetown and started working on a degree in Foreign Relations.  During this time he also really began pursuing his side interest in mysticism; he started learning foreign languages just so he could travel to various temples and converse in their native languages.

Lucas was recruited by and joined the CIA shortly after graduation, where he believed he could make use of both his language skills and his foreign relations degree.  Lucas was an exemplary agent, and made a bit of a name for himself during his early career.  At some point, Lucas was sent to a small town in Japan that had reports strange activities with no reasonable earthly explanation.  His eccentricities and interest in mysticism had him tapped to head out to Karakura town for investigation.

While he was not spiritually aware, he was able to find people that were, and extract information from them.  Multiple reports from multiple sources confirmed the same things, stories of masked beasts, and robed figures that fought them.  Only a few people could see them.  Lucas reported back and was assigned to Japan for the next few years to investigate.  

It took time and research, but eventually Lucas managed to piece together a relatively accurate picture of the afterlife and all of the spiritual factions that existed.  The Company made some efforts to validate his claims, and soon after stood up the After-Life Office black ops program.  In addition to his research, Lucas felt that he may be able to develop a ritual that would enable someone to see the spirits.  Seeing the value, the ALO granted permission to pursue this line of research, Lucas spent the next few years of his career developing ‘The Ritual.”

It was over a decade ago when Lucas completed The Ritual, explained to his superiors in the ALO how he thought it would work.  He was granted permission to gather the materials and perform it.  It took about a month to gather all the materials and set up, and Lucas performed The Ritual.  He fell into a coma immediately, and came out of it a little over 3 months later, able to not only see spirits, but manifest some minor spiritual effects.  He also heard thousands of voices in his head.

It turns out the ritual had, in fact, infused him with enough reiatsu to not only see spirits, but actually fight spiritual creatures if he needed to.  The energy hadn’t come from thin air, however; he absorbed the souls of 101,000 spirits as they were moving from one plane of existence to another, functionally removing them from the cycle.  They were all unwilling guests in his body, but they were stuck together.  Mr. Johnson spent about a year in CIA holding as he sorted out what had happened and managed to slowly tame the voices yelling in his head.  He spent the year building up the chaos of his ‘inner world’ into a city where the souls could have a relatively good ‘life’.  There were people from all walks of life, young and old, some were passing from the spiritual realm back to mortal rebirth, and some that had just died and were going the other way.

Mr. Johnson explained the situation to his supervisors, and was asked to officially ‘retire.’  Unofficially, Mr. Johnson remains the ALO’s primary tie between the spiritual and the mortal world, and has spent time developing assets in both.

Side Notes: The ALO gives Lucas near-unlimited funding, and some of the data and tech stolen from the other factions has given their R&D department some nice toys to develop.  In particular, Mr. Johnson’s home has been painted in a specially created reiatsu dampener, masking the presence of any spiritual beings within.

Roleplay Sample:
Lucas tented his fingers as he looked across the plastic table at the teenager, who was already wolfing down the Big Mac that Lucas had bought him.  He had some faint spiritual energy, which was already far more than the standard mortal and incredibly rare in it's own right.   With time or training he might even develop some abilities; that thought was for the future, though.  At the moment the young man was living on the street, kicked out by his family because they couldn’t deal with a ‘crazy’ son who claimed to see ghosts.  Lucas had met the teenager purely by happenstance; the ALO agent had been biking through the park when he saw the youth yelling at a ghost to leave him alone.  


Mr. Johnson pulled up the bike next to the homeless teenager and briefly talked to the spirit.  He gave the wayward ghost an address where he knew the shinigami assigned to the district would find it and send it to the proper afterlife.  Before he even turned back to the kid, he knew the youth would be staring at him in shock and amazement.  He was.

“You…you can see 'em too?”

Lucas nodded at the teenager, “What’s your name, son?”

The homeless boy hesitated for just a moment, “W-Will.”

Mr. Johnson held out his hand, “You can call me Lucas.  Why don’t we get you something to eat?”


Under the florescent lights of the McDonalds, Lucas Johnson watched Will finish his burger.

Will dabbed at some ketchup in his stubble as he spoke through a full mouth, “I’ve seen 'em since I was little; my parents thought I was crazy."

Mr. Johnson nodded slightly, "Masked creatures, robed people running around with swords, ghosts.  You have to admit if someone can't see it, it sounds crazy."

A hollow laugh from the dirty teenager, "I couldn't just ignore 'em, I saw 'em all the time!  Once I even saved one of those robed folk by warning 'im about a masked beast!"

"The robed folk are called Shinigami, it's a Japanese word that translates to death god.  The masked creatures are called Hollows."

The boy ate a few fries to cover his shock and collect his thoughts, "How do ya know that?"

Lucas took note of the misdirection, Good instincts, bought some time to think about what I just said; asked a reasonable follow-up question.  He waved his hand dismissively, "Years of research; where's your family?  You can't even be 20."

Will looked sullen for a moment, "They kicked me out about six months ago when I turned eighteen.  I finished high school and even got accepted into a few colleges before they dropped that one on me."  Another mirthless laugh, "Opened up a present and it was a suitcase.  Not like they let me take much anyway."

Lucas frowned, "That's terrible, where were you going to go to college?"

The teenager shook his head sadly, "Accepted to Georgetown and College Park, my folks made too much money to qualify for any financial aid.  ROTC wouldn't take me because of my history of 'psychological problems.'"

The CIA already had an arrangement with Georgetown, and this kid had the potential to be a good asset for the ALO. "Is that something you'd like to do?  Serve your country?"

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#2 Re: Lucas Johnson on Sat May 12, 2018 11:18 pm

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
Soooo.. Whose Site History and Rules did you use when you wrote this? This is so out of place it's bordering on uncanny.

You know what? Even before that? Who are you even?


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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#3 Re: Lucas Johnson on Sun May 13, 2018 1:35 am

Hi, I'm Lucas.

On your other point, is there a consolidated site history somewhere?  I couldn't even find a rough history overview anywhere, and it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the forum guide, but if that somewhere and I missed it, I'd love to look over it.  

If you could point me to any particular rule that I violated, I would be happy to make changes.  I did notice that draining or absorption was a limited rule per this thread, which is why there's no active draining effect until hyper mode, which I assume I will not be starting with, since my understanding is the actual starting tier of the character is up to the mods.
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#4 Re: Lucas Johnson on Sun May 13, 2018 10:37 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
For starters, just referring to your history, you're referring to an organization that is very much like the Committee (however yours does not exist.) As far as an actual site history goes? We don't really have one. You could ask questions and I can fill you in and that's about it.

As far as your kit goes, It's essentially a "I take less damage from spam and deal more damage by spamming" kit, which to be honest with you... well. That's pretty weak. Most characters don't use the same 3 attacks. I suppose it's usable, but why?

The energy regen effect/absorption would cap off at 25% of your reiryoku pool.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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