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#1 Blood and No Guts on Sat May 12, 2018 2:19 am

Blood was on his mind thinking how could be that stupid joining them when his goals aren't even close. Everyday the humans find new and deadly ways of self destruction getting one step closer towards Armageddon where the real action begins. Joining Chaos was a stupid decision if they can make more powerful then at a certain point...he'll have his way. Balthazar was in the rain thinking how could he do it make the human race destroy themselves allowing sinners and all evil to erupt upon the world. Making an prophecy of destruction, Bale was thinking of many options into this."HOW CAN I MAKE THEM ALL DIE? JUST HOW??? I WANT TO MAKE THE SKIES RAIN BLOOD INSTEAD OF WATER...Killing the human fuckers won't satisfy my rage but maybe...A cult of unholy evil having humans bend to my will showing the one true path. Convincing them death will bring them closer to enlightenment...Sickening. This cult must have a name something to remember??? The Cult of Azure will do nicely however, I need someone innocent first"

With his human cloak, Balthazar started searching just looking for something about two hours of searching the sinner finds it. A boyfriend with evil intentions with his whore so innocent and beautiful she'll be a perfect candidate once broken to the sinner's will. The human was about to have his buddies gang up on her for some sexual reasoning, Balthazar didn't really care if they kill her then the plan is ruined.

He was pacing back and forth thinking what to do now "I can't freaking believe this the object of my plan with that manipulative breeding piece of shit. I would torture, slaughter, slicing/dicing and burn him from the fucking family jewels. Breaking their bones and hanging their tongues on some flag poles will suffice they have something of importance. SCREW THIS I WANT THEIR FUCKING BLOOD"

Balthazar jumps from the rooftops following the couple to an alley. The boyfriend's true attention becomes as the innocent female is surrounded by some unknown people this was a trap. They thought this was going to be a good time for them, Balthazar leap down into the ground looking at them. Two of them started drawing guns and shooting the bullets hurt and wounded him a little but not kill him. Looking at his blood, Balthazar was angry "My blood....I'm going to enjoy tearing your souls apart be honored though because this your last day here ON EARTH".

The two idiots dropped their guns peeing in their pants worthless scum thinking of getting laid. Balthazar shook his head ripping out an air conditioner and throwing at the one of idiots. The impact broke his ribs as the boyfriend looked in horror as his two friends started running away. He grabbed the gun off the gun thinking this can't be happening the sinner was here about to make him have a very bad day. "God's gift to women? Everyday, You freaks of nature find ways to manipulate people for personal gain. Perfect idea just not for you tonight"

Bale ripped off the guy's arm from the socket throwing it into a trash can then grabbing the dude's throat. "Look, I'm sorry we weren't going to hurt her just some college guys having a good time it's our nature for some good ass". Balthazar was smiling "A good time? Ya don't say alright then but one thing is missing about this. The meaning of a good time because things we're about to go your way yet we a have a problem sir. Wrong place and...." Bale violently grabbed a flag pole....


The boyfriend was hanging dead on a rooftop with a flagpole being up somewhere even in his mouth "...and definitely the wrong time".

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#2 Re: Blood and No Guts on Sat May 12, 2018 12:36 pm

Haru hadn't been in the committee very long before some kind of alert went out across the committee, and the silver haired Fullbringer was dispatched to look into a sinister surge of reiatsu that had been detected. While Haru's sensing may have been completely shit, but the sensors in the committee were not. And the directions that he was being given brought him to the Bloody mess in the alley. A large freak in a blue spiky armor was still standing amidst the carnage, a young woman still alive yet unconscious. "I am guessing you are the cause of this mess, meaning that I am going to have to send you back to whatever pit you crawled out of."

Without even hesitating Haru reached up to the pendant around his neck, Eight out of the ten spheres glowed before the whole necklace started to glow, pulling his hand down, a broad sword appeared in his hand, with a musical note etched into the blade. Gripping the sphere in both hands Haru rushed in full speed swinging horizontally across the large armored figures mid section.

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#3 Re: Blood and No Guts on Sat May 12, 2018 1:19 pm

The sinner's senses were active sensing someone else as here, Balthazar didn't know who this was. Having little time to act whoever this was got him good, Balthazar kicked Haru very hard in the face. The sinner was bleeding and needed time to heal this with something "You really caught me at a bad time hero asshole. Do your fucking job and save the girl already, Oh well Plan B" He crashed into a window breaking inside an apartment heading to the seventh floor hoping to close the wound. Wondering when that hero was going to follow him or not what was that sword anyway?

Feeling immense pain was something he wants to avoid having enough of it in hell, Bale was in trouble. "Come on the fucker following me?" Hiding around the other side of corridor, if Haru shows his face he'll be ready.

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#4 Re: Blood and No Guts on Sat May 12, 2018 11:54 pm

Haru shifted his body causing the kick to miss his head and blow glanced off of Haru's shoulder, but before he could move in a way that would throw the hulking armor figure off balance. Trevor had disengaged and leaped into the building, crashing through a window. The silver haired young man followed him immediately, losing sight of him as the hulking fiend darted down a corridor. Smirking Haru shifted is blade into the form known as Silfarion, his body feeling lighter as his speed increased even further, far more than something the size of Trevor should be able to keep up with, Darting around the corner at his full speed and low Haru would catch sight of Trevor once more. Darting forward with Fullbring light (Fullbringer Shunpo) enhanced with the bonus from Sifarion, Haru would lash out about eight times while passing the hulking armor, aiming to strike the torso twice in an x-shaped pattern, each thigh, each shoulder, and then the back twice as Haru would pass through him.

"So What exactly are you, you monster" Haru would say after attempting his strike. Should the blow land and not be enough to put the hulking suit of armor out of commission, then Haru would start to take this a bit more seriously.

Techniques Used:
Ability Name: Silfarion
Description: Silfarion is a blue single edged sword. While in this form Haru's weight seemingly drops increasing his agility by x2 on top of his released boosts (bringing total agility boost to x6). In this form the 10 Commandments can also fire off blades of compressed air that will strike with the force of a hado 20, and cut like a zanpakuto edge. Can not be held for more than 5 consecutive posts, after that it goes on a 2 post cooldown reverting back to Eisenmeteor.

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#5 Re: Blood and No Guts on Sun May 13, 2018 1:02 am

"Where are you??? I have a demonic vacation gift to give you just come up those stairs" Thinking of how he wanted to rip the human's heart out. However, Bale has problems against people of great speed hoping they would stand still and accept death. It just wishful thinking...Why now of all times??? He killed a pervert who was harassing college girls, business ladies and shinigami females about to do his girlfriend too in a very sick way.

"Ow fuck.....where is he?"

Everything seemed alright whoever the idiot was gone it was all over, Bale was certain that the threat was over. He didn't hear anybody coming up the stairs but someone was coming getting his weapon ready however it was just the maid. Lowering his defenses, Bale started to calm down looking at his wound think some magic powder and some peroxide would work. Bashing into someone bedroom should work then the sinner stops the same scent it was him again but how. Balthazar turned around being attacked again the hell was that where did he come?? Speedsters the sinner hates them using some orgy HIV speed force hating them all. Being badly injured and now the warrior was waiting for something having a plan of action. Not a good day to be a sinner right now.....

"My name is Balthazar RaVakko, I wanted to find some action but found a pervert who was hurting his girl. He wanted to have to a good time and like any evil sinner the perv should've been careful what he wished for. But his new girlfriend the flag pole up his ass is showing him a good time already by means of flag blowjob. Now you, Whoever you are ya got me pretty good BUT NOT ENOUGH" The sinner summoned energy with his claw hand and released a violent energy slash tearing up the floorboards like a tremor.

Bale was in pain but started rushing at Haru with his ranzig ability grabbing Haru by the face. "Mother nature needs a wake up but we have a volunteer enjoy your diet hero" He slammed Haru into a brick wall breaking down the entire chimney as the human fell down into the very basement. Balthazar was hurt falling to one knee "Fucking speeders....I hate them...Owwww. I got to get out of here quickly"

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#6 Re: Blood and No Guts on Sun May 13, 2018 1:23 pm

Tearing up the floorboards didn't do much against an opponent who could literally run on air, or move fast enough to sprint down the wall, either way Haru batted the energy slashes away before they could cut into him, or any further down the hall, though he was saved the effort of having to rush in courtesy of this Balthazar who flashed forward after introducing himself, and seeming rather pleased about the mess he made. Either way, aside from the charge, Balthazar's movements could have been made in molasses for how slow they seemed, ducking under the attempt to grab his face Haru's stepped in, his sword changing shape again, from it's blue single edged form to an orange long sword in appearance as he went to slash the monster across his clawed arm.

This form of the Ten Commandments however didn't cut... No it exploded, rather nastily one might add. Should the slash to the arm work, Haru would follow it up with a downward stroke to the left of Balthazar's head, striking roughly where the beasts collarbone should be.

Techniques Used:

Ability Name: Explosion
Description: This thinner orange blade, looks like a short sword, and does not have a proper cutting edge however it creates a hado 40 level explosion upon impact with anything. Haru can also choose to charge his attack into a hado 80 level explosion, though doing so will revert the sword back to Eisenmeteor, and prevent him from swapping back to Explosion for 3 posts.

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#7 Re: Blood and No Guts on Sun May 13, 2018 10:17 pm

"This isn't good...."

Balthazar thought about using a sneak attack, He didn't realize how much pain that he's in right now. But it too little too late the attack cut off at half of his face. "Shit...." This was unexpected indeed, He was dead as his body was burning an then without warning. The sinner was back in hell again enough was enough something else needed to be done. Wasn't a sinner supposed to be stronger and powerful? "He was powerful and I didn't realize that this evil will be the end of me. This is the problem it corrupting me, If I get out right now it would be pointless and someone else MORE POWERFUL would kill me again. I do need to get stronger alone.....I'm not ready for fighting" He was mad but then again their was a weakness those needed to go.

Thinking it will always hold him down unless the sinner evolves or removes them. It wasn't enough meaning the sinner wasn't strong enough or evolve this fight proves it his power wasn't ready. "Not strong enough at all for a fight yet. It insulting just maybe becoming more then a sinner isn't bad at all. But, I'm not ready...."

He thought long about this setback this sinner's evil personality needed to be controlled.

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#8 Re: Blood and No Guts on Thu May 17, 2018 10:36 am

As Haru's blade connected, it's explosion was more than enough to take the monster's arm, leaving a smoking bloody stump in it's wake. Without even missing a beat the silver haired fullbringer followed the strike up with a downward blow to the monster's collar bone. The explosion of that strike taking a chunk out of the creatures torso and destroying half of his head. Bal's form began dissolving almost immediately, there wasn't much else for haru to do at that point but just for good measure he struck each of his remaining limbs and once more across the midsection. Each blow tore Bal's body apart with a vicious explosion, expediting his vanishing.

Once Haru was satisfied that this hulking beast was not going to be a problem anymore he called in a clean up squad for the mess in the alley, and the repair crew to fix the damage done to the building. His work here was done, all that was left was ... Ugh filing the paperwork. Shrugging he decided that it would still be there later. No need to rush.

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