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#1 [Open] Worst Place for A Vacation on Thu May 10, 2018 9:47 am

Janus Jekyll was currently the most interesting thing to avoid looking at in the shopping center. She was currently browsing the women's blouse section for a new shirt. Mainly because the button on her last one had finally worn out after two years. She was not overly tall or short, her vibrantly colored hair was down halfway on her back today, and she had on slacks and a t-shirt bearing the legend "Guns don't kill people, Monsters do." If you asked her, it was ironic and beautiful which was just about the most information she would give out. She sighed with a slightly annoyed tone as she felt the material and realized, if she had an incident in this shirt, it was going to give the people watching quite the show.

Janus gave up and walked to the section marked for sweatshirts. She had two of them, both triple XL in her backpack for the rare occasion that she ended up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Which, for Janus happened more often than she would have liked, but it gave that insufferable annoyance of a being in her right pocket something to do. Janus used a very practiced movement to pull the small glowing vial out of her pocket and just stared at it for a moment. As if she half expected the vial to suddenly become sentient and attack something, which wasn't that far off the truth.

Eventually, after someone made a comment about how cool the vial looked, she managed to pocket it and go back to looking at extremely large sweatshirts that would be better served on the other gal. She shrugged to herself and took a few lazy steps over to the nearest woman working a checkout stand and asked politely what the best place for food nearby was. She figured, while on vacation, asking the locals would be better than simply doing whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Janus was really not in the mood to listen to a ton of stuff at the moment but at least getting food would be covered in a few hours.

Janus slowly wandered outside, her body language akin to that of a modern day surf bum as she hummed some song that couldn't really be described as anything that make real sense. She took a look at her watch and saw the message that it always had on the home screen before pulling out her phone and smiling. It has been 121 days without incident. It stated as if to remind Janus of how unbelievably lucky she had been. That was the reason she was travelling, she was giving herself a break to think about things that weren't nearly as bad. So, as she wandered along, she found a small candy shop and decided to head in and grab a few chocolates to enjoy the day with. Stress free environments really were the best, plus it meant that no matter what, she wouldn't wake up with half the city broken. So she went to the park and watched the sun begin to fade slowly up over the hill that overlooked it from her perch on a bench and wondered what kind of mischief she could get into tonight. Unfortunately, fate, it would seem had a different idea for the young Doctor Jekyll's future.

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